New Season 3 Trailers

Last night TNT premiered three new Season 3 trailers. Well OK, they actually released two new ones. They claim it is three, but one of them consists entirely of Season 2 footage.

Thankfully the ones entitled “Earth Rises” and “Earth Rising” are chock-full of new footage. Here are some highlights that stood out to me.

We get a glance at humanity working alongside the New Aliens. At the same time we also see what the New Aliens unmasked and unarmored, wearing some kind of paramilitary-style gear, fighting right alongside Tom on horseback as Skitters pour down a canyon towards the 2nd Mass. You may remember that in the “Scorched Earth” extended trailer previously released, a New Alien is trussed up to a chair being guarded by human soldiers, seemingly a prisoner. So, which scene comes first? Are we initially hostile towards the Aliens (Welcome to Earth, we’re gonna beat you up now!) and then come to use them as allies, or are we originally allies and then take them prisoner when their true intentions are revealed? A clue may be that the Alien prisoner previously seen is wearing his armor seen in the Season 2 finale. 

New Alien


Skitter Attack

In the same vein of the New Aliens, we hear in a voice over Weaver displaying his usual compassion and tolerance, stating “This is a human war! We’re collaborating with the enemy!” Every should remember how Weaver was consistently unconvinced of the existence and intentions of the Skitter Rebellion, only voicing his belief in it in solidarity with Tom against General Bressler in the Season 2 finale. We also hear Maggie stating “We’ve survived by doing things none of us thought possible.”

Another scene in particular that stands out is a young boy appearing to be tortured on a table. I am almost 100% convinced this is Ben. Now, we all know I get way too emotionally invested in fictional characters, so I have to be honest I get a visceral reaction of anger towards seeing one of my favorite characters treated in this way. If he’s not being tortured, could this be a look at the New Aliens helping him overcome the harness effects, with it simply being a painful process? Another theory I don’t hold is that this Hal on the table. If it is, could this be the scifi version of shock therapy? Helping him break the control of the eyebug?

Ben Tortured


We get a glimpse at Karen and someone who appears to be Hal sharing some *cough* private time in the woods together, which lends credence to the Evil Hal theory. While they are “together” Karen’s spine, which is strangely sans-harness, glows brightly. Possibly as a nod to Battlestar Galatica, where Number 6’s spine would glow while spending time with a man. Remember a lot of Falling Skies actors were also on Battlestar Galatica. But what does the absence of the harness mean? Possibly nothing, as we know Karen remained (perhaps willingly) under the control of the Overlords even unharnessed in “Homecoming” and the opening scene of “Molon Labe”.

Is it possible that humans have discovered a way, possibly with the help of the new aliens, to restore the funtionality of some modern technology? We see a few scenes of humans flying aircraft. Now the cockpit of these craft look like they could be a few generations behind the most modern aircraft, but I am not an aviation expert so I cannot say for sure. They are in a dogfight with some blurry crafts, most likely beamers. There appear to be bright flashes of laser weapons but whether these are coming from the human aircraft (could the New Aliens have provided some upgrades?) is not readily clear. Perhaps the President of the United States, whom we learned a few months ago would make an appearance, has discovered some way of restoring technology, there are some smart people who are supposed to be with him in NORAD or whatever bunker he has been in.


We also get a glimpse at the vaunted “Mega Mech” which appears to be man or slightly-larger sized.

Mega Mech


We also see Ben being his usual badass self. Knifing Skitters and never bothering to take names. No word yet if he chews bubblegum while doing this, or if he is out.

Ben Knife

So there you have it. My quick take on these new revelations. The clips can be viewed here (it will automatically play the old extended trailer, so make sure to click on the new ones) and Robert Prentice of Three if By Space’s thought can be viewed here. What are your thoughts? 

Keep the Resistance Strong!



~ by The Falling Skies Blog on April 19, 2013.

6 Responses to “New Season 3 Trailers”

  1. Thank you so much for these images. I live in Germany and I can’t watch these clips. 😦

  2. Have you tried downloading “HotSpotShield”? It can allow you to use an American IP address to view clips from the US sometimes.

    • Thanks for the tip. Might try that. Hopefully TNT will publish these clips on youtube for the whole wide world to see soon.

  3. This is so not cool!! I can’t see the trailers from China mainland! TOT

  4. Thanks for posting the new trailers. I really enjoyed season 2 and am pretty pumped to have this show back for the summer.

  5. I was at Awesome Con DC today

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