Digging for Moles

Howdy folks. This time around Contributing Author Justin swings by to give us some of his thoughts and theories on who the mole is. Right now I’m convinced it is Hal. I mean, come on, he has a freaking probe in his brain. Rather I should say I’m convinced it should be Hal, but it will probably end up being some new person like Kadar the Rat King of Uselessness. Oh man I hope it’s Denny and she is executed by firing squad soon.

Let’s Play a Game of Clue

Hey, folks. I’m back. Like a terrible disease, it seems Greg is unable to get rid of me. This is, of course, better for me than it is for you…

Anyway, now that season 3 has come around, I’m officially back into my Falling Skies fanboy mode. So far I’m loving the new season, how about you?

Anyway, it seems Charleston has a bit of a mole infestation, hmm? Now I’ve read lots of online speculation as to who the mole might be. Thus far, they’ve murdered Arthur Manchester with Volm weaponry, fallen for a decoy plan laid out by Tom and his advisors, and possibly called beamers into Charleston on a night of remembrance and celebration. Now I haven’t any idea who the mole really is, but I have my personal theories. I’ve decided that, in the spirit of speculation, though, I’m going to tackle the most likely suspects and present my ideas as to why they can and can’t be the Judas amongst the characters. Basically, it’s just more wild theories but hopefully some better thought-out wild theories. And I’ve decided to format this like the board game (and detective film) Clue. So are you guys ready to play?

I suspect…

Marina Perlata as Mrs. White

Let’s start with the obvious one, shall we? Most speculation supports the theory that Tom Mason’s aide-de-camp and newly appointed vice president is secretly betraying humanity. It’s obvious that the writers want us to think she’s the mole but I’m not so sure…

Why she could be: Marina Perlata was introduced for season 3, which means her motives are fuzzy at best. As a member of President Mason’s inner-circle, she certainly has access to a lot of information that the Espheni would find useful. And as a non-combatant , she certainly has plenty of opportunity to get secret info to the enemy. Plus, with her security clearance, she could conceivably have access to Volm technology similar to that used in Manchester’s murder.

Why she can’t be: As mentioned before, Marina is a trusted member of Tom’s inner circle. As such, she was present during the meeting where the group formulated the decoy idea. If the mole were Marina (or anyone else who sat in on that meeting), she would have known the trick and informed the Espheni accordingly. Furthermore, a scene specifically depicted the mole scanning the battle map to learn the plans. Marina would have no reason to do so, as she would already be aware of the plans.

General Bressler as Colonel Mustard

Right from the start we all hated Bressler. He’s arrogant, hard-hearted, and disturbingly warlike. But is he secretly betraying Charleston?

Why he could be: As a high-ranking military official, Bressler certainly has access to the Volm tech used to murder Arthur Manchester, and it’s no secret he had no love for the man to begin with. And as a

member of Tom’s inner circle, he has access to all of the info the Espheni could ever want, particularly in the military department.

Why he can’t be: Evidence from last season suggests Bressler has a deep-rooted hatred for the aliens. Why would he help them? Also, the same principle that applied to Marina applies to him as well. He would have no need to scan battle maps, nor would he have fallen for the trick.

Denny as Mrs. Peacock

Denny’s a fighter for Charleston and a formerly harnessed kid who was unharnessed without using the Volm machine that Anne operates, as evidenced by her spikes. But is she really free? And who knows what she’s capable of?

Why she could be: Again, suspicion falls on the new characters whose motives are unclear. Denny may have been unharnessed but who knows if she’s truly free of alien control? After all, Karen was unharnessed and she was still evil. And as a soldier, Denny probably knows how to fire Volm weapons if she could gain access to them. If the writers continue their trend of giving Ben good things in his life only to take them away and break him down further, then Denny could indeed be our Judas.

Why she can’t: Denny likely has limited opportunities to walk around stealing secrets from Charleston and she seems to be spending much of her free time with Ben anyway. Furthermore, the chances that she could take Volm weaponry from the Charleston arsenal unchallenged are very, very low.

Hal Mason as Mr. Green

Ever since Karen planted a probe in Hal to facilitate their midnight trysts, he just hasn’t been the same. He also firmly believes that he is the mole. We have no clue how much control Karen has on her former boyfriend, but is he truly a spy for her?

Why he could be: Um, BRAIN WORMS! If Karen could control Hal’s body enough to make him walk to a secluded place in the middle of the woods and have a romp in the hay with her, she could conceivably force him to steal battle plans without him being able to stop her. Plus, with the most recent episode “At All Costs” we clearly see a Jekyll and Hyde thing brewing inside Hal. What if he is the mole and the twisted, Karen-infected part of him enjoys it? And if he was the mole, as the son of the president he could conceivable pull rank to get access to things he normally wouldn’t have access to, namely Volm weaponry.

Why he can’t: Hal isn’t exactly mobile during his waking hours. It would be hard for him to sneak around on those crutches of his. Of course, this could be averted if Karen takes control of him, but then wouldn’t people notice that he’s walking normally when he’s supposedly crippled? Also, it seems Karen is only completely in control of him while he’s sleeping, and she seems to be using him for “other” purposes then. Lastly, Hal can remember what he does while Karen controls him (even though he initially thought them to be vivid dreams), so why wouldn’t he remember selling out Charleston. So while the writers are again setting us up to believe Hal is the mole (even going so far as to have him believe it himself), I think it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors concealing the true traitor.

Jeanne Weaver as Miss Scarlet

Jeanne is the wildcard of the group here, and my personal favorite for the identity of the mole. We know that she was with Diego and the other kids when they were taken by the Espheni, and that she alone escaped. Until the 2nd Mass turned up in Charleston a few months later, her whereabouts were unknown. A lot can happen in a couple of months…

Why she could be: It seems highly unlikely that she would be the only member of the group of kids under her and Diego’s watch to escape. Unless the aliens wanted her too. She may have been captured and implanted with some sort of eye-worm (think Tom from last season) and become an unwitting sleeper agent. Or she may have bargained for her life with the Espheni, unaware that her father and his group would ever arrive in Charleston and in far too deep by the time he did. As a non-combatant, Jeanne has plenty of opportunity to sneak around unnoticed, and she does indeed have little camera time, so her daily whereabouts are unaccounted for. And based on that conversation with her dad, she does seem pretty pessimistic about humanity’s future. She may have just figured, ‘screw it, we’re all doomed anyway so I may as well end this faster and avoid unnecessary suffering’ and turned her back on Charleston. Further evidence that her role will be expanded this season? Laci J. Mailey is billed as a starring actress. What better way to expand Jeanne’s role than to have her betray the colony?

Why she can’t: While Jeanne may have the opportunity to steal secrets, she hardly has the clearance to do so. Any attempts to gain information on her part would likely be viewed with great suspicion and her ability to access Volm technology is limited. Further, she and her dad Weaver seem pretty close. Could she really betray her Papa Bear?

Dr. Roger Kadar as Professor Plum

Roger Kadar lives in solitude below Charleston, amongst rats and electricity. Our knowledge of him is limited at best, but if he lives like a Mole Person could he also be the mole?

Why he could be: The reclusive, agoraphobic Dr. Kadar spends all his time in solitude belowground. He could theoretically sneak around, steal secrets, and communicate with the aliens without anyone being the wiser.

Why he can’t: The relusive, agoraphobic Dr. Kadar spends all his time in solitude belowground. How would he sneak around unnoticed, steal secrets unnoticed, or even come into contact with the aliens to begin working for them in the first place?

Special mentions: Assorted theories from around the interwebs. Some are reasonable and some…aren’t.


Why she could be: As a member of Charleston’s medical staff, Lourdes has a high chance of being exposed to freaky Espheni tech that could mess with her state of mind. And if you recall angry, fatalistic

Lourdes from last season, she may still harbor resentment for her present situation, and she may feel there’s nothing left to live for (see my justification for Jeanne being a suspect above).

Why she can’t: Arthur Manchester was murdered while Anne was in labor. Lourdes was present for the duration of Anne’s labor in order to deliver the baby. It’s kind of tough to kill a guy while also being between your boss and closest friend’s legs delivering her child. Her alibi seems pretty airtight to me.

Alexis Denise Glass-Mason

Why she could be: She’s evil and part alien. And uber-creepy for a three week old.

Why she can’t be: She spent the first episode inside Anne’s womb. Hard to murder a guy while in your mother’s uterus, isn’t it?

The Volm:

Why they could be: They have the technology and they’re mysterious and unregulated, with somewhat unlimited access to Charleston and a presence in the military strategy meetings. No telling what they’re up to in their own little compound, especially with that purported super weapon they’re building.

Why they can’t: They seem to need human help to build their super weapon. Why would they want to kill off their worker bees? And if they were discovered to be treacherous, it would essentially be signing their own death certificates. Seems too risky this early on in their relationship with the humans.

The Rebel Skitters:

Why the could be: Skitters are skitters, even in tribal war paint. It would be mighty easy to plant an Espheni-loyal Skitter among the dissenting Skitter ranks.

Why they can’t be: At least some of the Skitters have proven themselves useful to Charleston. Wouldn’t they detect and expel a Judas amongst them? And the Skitters, unlike the Volm, appear to have limited access to Charleston’s resources, meaning the likelihood of them gaining major secrets and then sharing them is small. Furthermore, it would be pretty unwise for Karen or any other Overlord to send in a Skitter who could possibly rebel against them once surrounded by his rebellious buddies, thus losing a loyal follower and their eyes on Charleston.

So there you have it, folks. Our most likely candidates broken down for all of you. As it stands now, it seems the writers want us all to think that the mole is Hal or Marina, which is why I’m highly suspicious of theories claiming they’re the ones. It seems too easy. Nonetheless, I’ve presented all of you with reasons why any of the above-named could be the spy, while also poking holes in all of my theories to prove that I’m an impartial journalist in all of this (haha, just kidding). Who do you think the mole is? Leave a comment down below so that Greg can passive-aggressively tweet about it! (Just kidding, Greg, please don’t fire me from this unpaid writing gig). Seriously though, speculate below and we’ll see who (if any of these) is the true mole soon, hopefully.

Justin is a Contributing Author here at THE Falling Skies Blog, often defends the weaker characters, and actually made me relaize the pool of suspects is wider than I thought.

More of Justin’s stuff can be found at: http://justinmathai.wordpress.com/ and he can be followed on twitter at @JustoMathai


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on June 26, 2013.

8 Responses to “Digging for Moles”

  1. I had a thought….what if it’s Tom? I mean, that would be the ultimate twist, wouldn’t it? What if he doing these things and not remembering them?? Like sleep walking or something. Okay, I doubt it’s really Tom, but what if??

    My favorite line in this post: “She spent the first episode inside Anne’s womb. Hard to murder a guy while in your mother’s uterus, isn’t it?” Though I don’t put anything past that baby. She is CREEPY.

    Great read! 🙂

  2. Tamara, it’s not Tom. But what if there are more worms inside him? I hope it’s not Tom, I will be shocked! I think it is Marina or Denny. 😀

  3. I WANT so badly for it to be Pope but truthfully i’ll settle for anyone NOT named Mason or Anthony.

    But I agree Denny should be executed by firing squad regardless of whether or not she’s the mole.

  4. Nope it’s Lourdes just wait and see

  5. It’s Tom. I really think so. He was taken by the aliens and infected with a worm. Who would suspect him as a traitor? He knows all the secrets of the government, his own daughter is not human but a hybrid, and Manchester was having a meeting with someone he really trusted and knew. Maybe it isn’t even Tom but a clone. Sounds wired but it is completely possible that Tom is the mole.

  6. I am pretty convinced after this episode that it is Tom.

  7. I think it’s Jeanne or Maggie because its always, the one you least expect. Plus, we dont know where they are most of time in the episodes. Maggie use to be in the episodes more often and now we barely see her. Maybe she made a deal with enemy, to save Hal. Idk….
    It can’t be Denny because she knows where the rebellion skitters live and she hasn’t gave them up yet so I doubt it’s her.
    I don’t think it’s Marina because everyone think its her. She’s way too oblivious

  8. I dont think we should assume there is just 1 mole. The MOLE(s) may not even know they are moles The 1st look at a mole appears to be a woman by her Silhouette leading up to the shooting and the way he answered and looked at her He was expecting her. Also after the shooting Peralta was the bearer of bad news to then president Tom in the delivery room. It does look like she was the one who shot the former President but for what reason? We assume it’s because she was concerned about her being discovered as the mole but other people knew of the list of persons suspected of being the mole. Think too soon to reveal herself. During the second introduction to the mole we saw someone with a feminine hurried walk/ run with lock picking skills definitely performing espionage. This is not a good fit. I know we dont know much about the new Pres but she is black a female and once had a family but now she can pick locks too. If she is smart enough to be the new president, is she smart enough to relay those plans which she knew well in advance. She even recomended the nutty professor who told them to turn off the nuclear reactor first well in advance of troop deployment. Then she was part of the tactical meeting. So after those two meetings and the troops are deployed, she breaks into the room and scans the outline of the power plant. seems redundant. atleast we can assume the mole is not an alien unless they took feminine human form. I also think we cant assume that it was 1 of those in the pre raid briefing bc they would not have needed to scan the plant layout…….

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