Badlands: Death of Icon


Contributing Author Tamara stops by to give us her take on Badlands. We focus on the loss of Crazy Lee. I’ll admit this one hit me pretty hard. I am a big Luciana Carro fan. I was very invested in her character on Battlestar Galatica, Kat. This is a big blow.

Farewell Crazy…Say Hi to Goofy for me…

So, we are 3 episodes into the new season and I probably shouldn’t say this, but this is my favorite episode for Season 3! I was absolutely blown away by the depth of emotion involved in Crazy Lee’s passing. Luciana Carro, I am so sorry to see you leave Falling Skies, but if you had to go at least you went out in style! Unlike poor Dai who, as my friend Tom Gardiner over at Three if By Space so succinctly put it, “got the Falling Skies equivalent of taking a wrong turn at Albuquerque, walking into a wall, and mysteriously forgetting how to live.”, Crazy Lee got the better part of an episode to make her dramatic exit! Okay, so taking a piece of rebar to the brain while having a potty break may not sound impressive, but it was real and gritty and involved dialogue (already an improvement of our experience with Dai!) that was touching and believable. Watching Pope and Craz say goodbye brought me to tears, as did Tom’s visit to the hospital and his speech at the Liberty Tree. All in all, a great tribute to a courageous warrior.
Of course a large part of my enjoyment of this episode was all the time devoted to Pope. Not that he dominated the screen, there was still plenty of time given to the alien baby storyline as well as Hal and his eye worm. But for the first time ever we got a real glimpse into Pope’s heart. Pope has always been my favorite character because he is just so much fun to watch. Everyone else is running around being selfless and heroic and that is wonderful, but it can get boring. We need that one person guy that is willing to stand up and say what others are thinking and who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. In fact, he relishes it! Sneaky, conniving, and distinctly untrustworthy, Pope never fails to entertain (even while he is pissing you off!). But even so, I have been craving more depth to my most beloved character.

Season 1 Pope was something of a mystery, from his strange history with Maggie to his unexpected rescue ot Anthony in the season finale. Season 2 Pope was something of a disappointment (as were many of characters) seeming very 1 dimensional and flat, but Season 3 Pope has redeemed himself in my eyes. His concern for Matt when the bullets started flying, his care and gentleness with Crazy Lee, and his righteous anger at Tom over the whole incident were very moving. I can only hope that this is not an isolated incident and that we will be seeing more of this Pope in future episodes!

Another character who impressed me was Matt. I laughed out loud when he gave Pope, Tector, and Lee cinnamon buns and other “good stuff” after leaving Ben with only a fresh battery for the walkie! The Berserkers have obviously accepted him as a fellow member of the team, and he is certainly appreciative. Then when Lee is hurt and starts to talk of dying Matt is the one to say No, we are not leaving you out here to die “in this hole”. I think he realized the inevitable, and he could have reacted as a child (which he still is) but he chose to stay and help Pope to get her out of there and back to Charleston. This “little man” as Pope calls him stepped up in a big way and I find myself taking his character seriously as a true fighter for the first time.

My one disappointment in this episode was Lourdes. I am not a fan of Anne or her alien kid Alexis, but really, I would have thought that her friend Lourdes would have been slightly more supportive and not so quick to run to Tom and tattle. I mean, this is the world of the alien apocalypse, where harnessed kids and eye worms are the norm. Is it really so far fetched to think that a child fathered by a man known to have been tortured and hijacked by the aliens in the past might not be 100% human?? I suppose it was necessary to move the story forward, but I just want to say, Shame on you, Lourdes!

And while I am at it, shame on Tom too, for being so quick to condescend and “poo-poo” Anne’s fears. I am actually looking forward to seeing the look on his face the first time Alexis stands up in her crib or ducks under the bed while he is with her! I may not like Anne, but us crazy ladies gotta stick together!

On that note, this crazy lady is going to wrap this up. We here at The Falling Skies Blog hope you are enjoying the new season as much as we are and would love to hear from you. What is your favorite storyline this season? Who are your favorite characters and why? Please tell us what you are thinking!!

Tamara provided this bio herself:

“Tamara has been a Falling Skies fan from day one, but didn’t discover this online support group/community until after Season 2. Now she can’t get enough! She also has a blog (, writes reviews of the hit show Castle for, and most recently has been guest writing for Underground Book Reviews (.com). In her real life she is a certified pharmacy technician, a wife, and mommy and chief litter box cleaner to a herd of furry felines. You can find her on Twitter at @tamaratipton.”

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