Badlands: Family Conflict?


Hello best readers in the world! Let me start by apologizing for the lack of updates after the most recent episode. Life has taken some crazy twists and turns lately and I have let that affect my work on the blog. Also I am having trouble with my laptop. 

But, Contributing Author Elizabeth stops by to give us her take on Sunday’s episode!

A House Divided Will Fall- Badlands Review

Howdy y’all! I don’t remember the last time I did an article for The Falling Skies Blog, but I know it has been a while. I was busy with University, homework, and life. I apologies for not being very active as a writer. After watching Badlands I felt a strong urge to write my take on this review. I love history and Abraham Lincoln, so I hope when others read this, they may see the connection as well, and not think I’m crazy. Here is my review below:

I don’t know if other fans have noticed, but I have noticed as a historian, well in my eyes as a historian, others could disagree is Falling Skies has switched a little from their American Revolution ways to Civil War (even though I noticed during the season three premiere when Bad Skitters were throwing dead harness children into a pile reminded me of World War II with the Holocaust.)

I didn’t name my article “A House Divided Will Fall” because I think Tom Mason may rise up and tell all of Charleston to secede from the Union like in Charleston South Carolina’s past history, because we know the real President named Benjamin Hathaway is alive and he will appear in “At All Costs” according to the previews they have shown for next week’s episode. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love that Tom Mason is the President of eighteen blocks, and I do think it is a good ideal for him (and me along with him, even if the others don’t join, I will) to succeed because I prefer Tom Mason over President Hathaway as President. As a Tom fanatic, I’m a big supporter in his Presidency. To get back on subject, I will explain below why my article is named “A House Divided Will Fall”


In Badlands we saw family against family, friend against friend, foe against foe, and girlfriend against boyfriend. Which was very common during the Civil War. Family and friends fought against each other for the caused they strongly believed in, along with foe against foe.

I’ll start with family: Anne confined in Tom that something was wrong with Alexis (I knew all along this baby was alien… if only she came out green with six legs I would have been a little happier about this storyline.) Tom believes Anne is going crazy, since Alexis only shows what the writers has named “advancements” toward her “Mama”. Alexis special “advancements” has led to her family (parents) turning on each other. Now, we can’t give Tom all the blame because I’m blaming all of this on Lourdes since she ran to tattle tell to Tom what Anne told her. Lourdes who is Anne’s friend turned on her and told Tom she believed Anne was going crazy, well she didn’t use those words, she said she believed Anne was suffering from Psychosis or Post Pardon Depression.

Now moving on to foe: We all know Pope hates Tom and all Mason’s, even though I think he is developing a softer side towards Matt, since Matt is hanging out a lot with the Berserkers. Pope expressed his feelings toward Tom after Tom was saying good bye to Crazy Lee. We will later see in “Search and Recover” a lot more of foe against foe going at each other.

Finally, moving on to relationships: We saw Hal and Maggie go at it when Hal was going to tell his Dad and all of Charleston what is going on with him, and that he believed he was possibly the mole (I don’t believe Hal is the mole, I think it is Marina or Denny as of right now, this will possibly change.) Maggie explained if he did this he was signing his own death certificate. After Maggie through Hal into their bedroom wall it resolved the issue… maybe, for now.

Another big reason I saw the Civil War was during Tom Mason’s speech when presenting the Liberty Tree, as in other scenes involving Tom. I see Tom Mason as Abraham Lincoln, yes, it may be because of the suit and beard, if we just add a big black top hat, we may have the full picture. Tom embodies Abraham Lincoln through his speech, as well as expressing his guilt, and remorse.

When Pope expressed his feelings of Tom sending out his Berserkers to die Tom expressed his guilt similar to what Abraham Lincoln did when he sent fathers, uncles, and sons, etc. to die fighting for our Union. He expressed his remorse to Crazy Lee, similar to how Abraham Lincoln went around to the Union hospitals, and on the battle fields where many Union soldiers laid dead. Tom did this once before Crazy Lee, he did the same for Lars.

Tom speaks with his heart, just like Abraham Lincoln did. He believes in hope in a new birth of freedom just like Abraham Lincoln did with war raging in America that seems there would be no ending. The Library Tree is a symbol of hope that maybe one day (not too soon, because I want Falling Skies to last a very long time, maybe as long as ER with 15 seasons) there will be freedom and America can rebuild and start over.


Elizabeth is Contributing Author on The Falling Skies Blog, a Tom Mason fanatic, and as a Kentuckian should know that war is actually called the War Between States…

She can be reached and and should be followed on at @7sweetprincess7


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