Season 3 Premiere: Baby Genius?


Contributing author Tamara stops by to give us her take on the season 3 premiere of Falling Skies.

It’s finally here, the 3rd season of Falling Skies! One week in and 2 episodes down already (I HATE that they give us only a 10 episodes season!). On the whole I enjoyed “On Thin Ice” and “Collateral Damage” very much, though I do have concerns. First and foremost, the baby. Little Alexis Denise is creepy. CREEPY. I was never a fan of this particular storyline, alien/human baby story-lines have been done. And they all follow a predictable pattern: Baby is born looking perfect, sweet and cuddly (and a girl) and completely human. Baby begins to behave strangely, growing too quickly, speaking too soon. (Yep, 2 episodes in and we are right on target). Baby is soon a little girl, a girl who has unpredictable abilities. She soon reaches adulthood and most likely falls in love (yea! another romance!) with another important member of the cast (they may have trouble with this one since Alexis is related to most of the central characters of the appropriate age). I truly hope the writers will have some new twist to this story because right now I am not impressed. I did see some chatter somewhere with speculation that Alexis’s uniqueness may be a result of Anne using the alien deharnessing device rather than because of Tom’s time as an Espheni prisoner between season’s one and two. An interesting idea, I will admit, but I don’t see it. It would take focus off of Tom and he is THE central character.

I do have one piece of advice for Anne. Do Not under any circumstances EVER look under the bed. The is nothing good under the bed. Not ever. That was such a weird scene, completely over the top.I get that Alexis is not normal, but hiding under the bed at 1 week old? Can we say “overkill”? And how do you not tell Tom about this??

Another over the top storyline that involved Anne is her relationship with Matt. Now, don’t get me wrong, I impressed with Matt’s growth. He has a larger role this season and I am excited to see where it takes us. And I enjoyed seeing him act out a bit with kids his own age. What I was not impressed with was his interaction with Anne, most especially the “can I call you Mom?” scene. Ugh, really? I think I need to go check my blood sugar on that one. We have barely seen Anne interact with any of the Mason boys outside of her role as a doctor during the last 2 seasons and now we jump straight into the “Mommy” role. It doesn’t fly for me.

I do have to admit I am not completely disappointed with Tom as president. This story may be a good one, it has potential. More than I thought it might, anyway. It will be interesting to see what they do with this reversal in the  Tom/Weaver dynamic. And may I say that I am so happy to see they killed off Mansfield. Now, can we please kill off Bressler?? I have hated him ever since he ordered that sneak attack on the rebel skitters. As for the Volm, we will have to wait and see. I do definitely think they have a plan beyond what they have shared with Tom. But are they truly evil, like the Espheni? Time will tell.

Now what about Hal, the eye bug, and Maggie? Well, I am intrigued. I actually like Hal and Maggie as a couple now that they are past the puppy love stage and the writers have matured his character (he seems to have jumped from his teens to early 20’s in the past 7 months). His sleepwalking relationship with our latest overlord, Karen, is bound to create lots of strife with Maggie. I just hope we can keep the focus on Karen’s role as overlord and not just as the super powered ex-girlfriend!

 That brings us to Ben, our beloved Ben. Aside from the potential budding romance with Denny, I see Ben’s storyline getting better and better as the season progresses. It seems he has truly grown into his role as the liaison for the rebel skitters and deharnessed kids. One of my favorite scenes with Ben is in the opening of “On Thin Ice” when Ben and Denny were being overrun by enemy skitters and their spikes turned blue (I assume in some sort of communication with the rebel skitters). Very cool! Another is the opening of “Collateral Damage” when Ben and Denny witness the death of a harnessed kid at the nuclear power plant. It really brings home how lucky they are to have been saved.

I could go on and on, after all I haven’t even mentioned Pope once! But I think I will stop here for now. All in all, I found this to be a great season opener! We have several interesting story-lines (so many more than mentioned above!) and lots of action. Charleston may turn out to be a good idea yet. Or it may be the undoing of humanity… Guess we will all have to stay tuned. Until next time! 🙂

Tamara provided this bio herself:

“Tamara has been a Falling Skies fan from day one, but didn’t discover this online support group/community until after Season 2. Now she can’t get enough! She also has a blog (, writes reviews of the hit show Castle for, and most recently has been guest writing for Underground Book Reviews (.com). In her real life she is a certified pharmacy technician, a wife, and mommy and chief litter box cleaner to a herd of furry felines. You can find her on Twitter at @tamaratipton.”

And I would like to point out that while I too hate Bresseler for betraying Ben, I am a huge fan of Matt Frewer and don’t want to see him go.

And our new catchphrase for Season 3: Join the Harnessed!


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