Season 3 Premiere: Make or Break?

Ben Knife

Kind of a short review, but it’ll do for now.

So, Sunday night it finally happened: Falling Skies returned for Season 3 and so we are back for new content on this blog. All of our favorite (and least favorite) characters returned for wacky hijinks in the apocalypse. Yes, all of them, I am convinced zombie Jimmy and zombie Dai are partying somewhere in Pope Town.

I have to say for the most part I was pleasantly surprised by how much I really enjoyed most of the premiere. After all the doom saying I’ve been doing, most things seemed to go well. Granted the season is only 1/5 of the way through, so there is plenty of time for them to mess everything up.

Let’s get some of the complaints out of the way first. I remain tired of seeing Anne is any way shape or form. I don’t care about her or her baby, in any way. The baby is made slightly more interesting by being some kind of mind-screwing Damien but still falls flat and boring.

Obviously I don’t really give a crap about Charleston politics. I have to say they did tone it down somewhat. Tom is still out there fighting, seeming to leave a lot of the nuts and bolts to the now deceased Arthur Manchester. I was not enamored with the Rat King of Charleston theme; I felt it was way over the top. Bumbling scientist loses his glasses, etc.

Matt Mason has really stepped up this season. He has gone from a whiney helpless little kid who I previously diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder to a much more confident young man. Fighting on the front lines as a sapper. It is really gratifying to see Matt step up to the fight. One of the best scenes of the entire episode is Matt blowing up a house with his friends, with whom he has skipped math class. Maxim Knight’s great talent comes out in a dramatic scene where rejects Dr. Bimbo (Anne’s) attempts to mother him. Though this is later kind of ruined by a “touching” (read: boring and overly sappy) moment where he apologizes and asks if he can call Anne mom.

I actually didn’t even hate Hal (as much) this time around. The eye bug does give him a cooler and deeper dimension than the teeny bopper eye candy skirt chaser we were stuck with all season 2 long. His secret rendezvous with Karen add a level of intrigue that I was not expecting. It remains to be seen just how much control Karen has over Hal. In the first scene between them he is confessing he missed her and embracing her, while later he possess no memory of meeting her previously and freaks out before she comforts him *cough* physically. It is possible that now that Hal and Maggie are an established couple and no longer mutually stalking each other the level of annoyingness has gone down.

Thus far, even though I am still getting the flirting vibe, Ben and Denny seem to only be friends, so that is good. It remains to be seen whether they will try to “surprise” us with a new love storyline.

Main objection to the episode: Not enough Ben. Though there was a great scene where Ben and Denny debate comic books versus manga.

OK there you have it folks. The first few thoughts on the Season 3 premiere. Keep an eye out for more from myself and the rest of the authors in these parts. As always we accept guest reviews and articles, e-mail for details!

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on June 11, 2013.

6 Responses to “Season 3 Premiere: Make or Break?”

  1. Good review boss! I agree on many points, most especially the creepy baby and over the top sappy “can I call you mom” moment! Overall though, more positive thoughts than negative ones. I am looking forward to next week!

  2. I was waiting for your review. I didn’t watch it and don’t intend to for quite some time if at all. Everything you wrote is exactly what I figured would happen, but it sounds like not quite as much soap opera bee ess. Sorry, but I’m so disenchanted that I have little faith that this series will ever recover.

    “Can I call you Mom”???? Really? I mean, you’re making that up, right? You have to be; otherwise, I would suspect that the writers threw that in for a quick fix to fan complaints that the boys were apathetic to their father replacing their mother.

    Okay, so there’s a small glimmer of hope. We know that something happens to Anne around the fourth or fifth episode and she’s no longer with the group. Fingers crossed that she and the baby die. Not only is she the absolute worst character since Andrea from TWD but this would put a screeching end to that branch of the sap opera (misspelling intended). Everyone hold hands and hope Hal kills her. That would be exceptionally cool.

    Sorry again, Greg, but Ben and Denny are going to be thrown together. Don’t you know that a male and female can’t be anywhere near each other without falling “in love” on FS? “Denny” was a red flag. Fanfiction Mary Sues are always tough (but perfectly pretty) girls with boys’ names.

    Keep the reviews coming! Your likes and dislikes are so similar to mine that I always trust them.

  3. What about those awesome Tom/weaver scenes?

  4. I have a bad feeling Ben is going to be in the background for actually most of this season judging from how little he is in the previews. I guess maybe they feel last season the focus was on him (at least in terms of the Mason brothers) and they’re going to focus more on Matt and Hal this season especially since Hal now has that eyebug which makes his story more interesting than it’s ever been in the previous two seasons.

    I do like that they gave Anthony a little more to do – hopefully they continue this. Other than that, thought the premiere was good. Tom seems tailor-made to be the president. Hated how they kept mentioning how long it’s been since the Volm landed though.

    • Guest, we had a lot of the same thoughts. It makes sense to take some of the focus off Ben, but I hope he doesn’t get shoved to the background. There is so much more to learn about the rebel skitters and Ben’s story can show that.

      The constant comments about 7 months really grated on my nerves.

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