Season 3: (Not so?) New Revelations?

Contributing Author Tamara returns to give us her reaction to the recently released looks (glances) into season 3.

Well, what can I say about the Scorched Earth trailer that hasn’t already been covered? By now (if you are like me) you have watched it a few (100) times trying to pick out the clips that are not from Season 2. Let me tell you, they are few and far between. Most of that trailer is a rewind of things we already know with just a few little hints thrown in to keep you guessing. I wonder, is this because they really want to keep us guessing, or because all the action took place last season? Let’s hope not, because I’m not sure any of us can take many more “Death March” episodes.

Anyway, as some of you may have realized from my earlier posts, I am a fan of John Pope. I know, I know, he is not a good guy. In fact most of the time he is an a$$hole. Frankly, that’s what I like about him. As Anthony pointed out in Season 2, Pope says the things that other people are thinking but won’t say aloud. He calls it as he sees it. Of course, the way he sees things is definitely skewed by his inflated sense of self importance. Pope has to be the biggest, baddest guy around. He has to be in charge. Which he is most definitely not in the 2nd Mass. Perhaps he thought he came close in the 3 months that Tom was gone between Seasons 1 and 2, but even that was an illusion. Weaver never trusted Pope to do anything but what he wanted, it just so happened that what he wanted most was to kill Skitters.

So, I’m watching the trailer, looking for signs of Pope and the Berserkers and I see something I really do not like, but that also intrigues me. The scene goes by quickly, but it is clearly Pope standing over a woman who has to be Crazy Lee. She is laying on a gurney and she appears to be dead. And he appears to be grieving. Here’s the thing that I do NOT like: Lee is dead??? I like Crazy Lee and I was really hoping for the chance to get to know her better in Season 3. Now it looks like we will have to add her to the ever growing list of underwritten characters that are cut down before their time. Do you think is possible they might give us a little more character development before they toss her in a hole and go off the cuddle the newest little Masonite???

Now, here is the thing that intrigues me, what has changed with Pope between Season 2 and 3 to bring on this show of emotion? After all, this is a man who got his entire band of minions killed in Season 1 and lost his brother to a bullet from Maggie’s gun and hardly batted an eye. Season 1 Pope was all about looking out for himself and killing Skitters. He was quick to adjust to situations and work, if he could figure a way to make the outcome work for him. Season 2 Pope was darker and less willing to play nice, but he was also a man with fewer dimensions to his character (this goes back to my signpost theory I wrote about a few months back). This little show of emotion intrigues me because it gives me hope that the writers give us a new and improved Pope in Season 3, one who is more than just a bad guy hanging around to throw out lines designed to point us to the next big scene.

People in real life are more than just good or bad; they are a mix of both with a lot of chaos and confusion thrown in. People are messy. I want to see more of that messiness built into all the characters I love, starting with Pope. It’s not that I want Pope to magically turn into a good guy; we have more than enough of those. But I am really hoping that his actions and choices will enlighten us as to who he really is, that by the end of this season he will have that depth and dimension and we will have a better understanding of what truly motivates him (other than self-interest, though I am willing to concede that may be his only motivation).

There is one other thing I noticed about the trailer. There isn’t much of Ben in it. Around here, being a fan of our favorite de-harnessed Masonite is a requirement, so I have to wonder, what does Season 3 hold for Ben? If we are judging by this trailer, not much. But that can’t be true, with these new aliens around the rebel Skitters should play a greater role in this season, and they need Ben to communicate (ok, so technically speaking any harnessed or de-harnessed kid will do but we know it has to be Ben, right?). There was a lot of footage of Hal in that trailer, which you would expect with the whole ear bug story line. But Ben is a valuable member of the 2nd Mass too (more so than love-struck Hal, if you want my opinion) so where was he?? Hopefully the next trailer (please say there will be a next trailer) we see will have more information about Season 3 and less of a rewind factor and we can catch a glimpse of what the future holds for Ben.

I could keep going, but it would quickly devolve into a rant about what I want to see in season 3 and what I didn’t like about Season 2 and I have already done that here. So, I will leave you with a question (or 2), what did you think of the Scorched Earth trailer? Based on it, what are you hoping to see in Season 3 that will have you tuning in on Sunday nights? Leave a comment, tell us what you are thinking (just be kind, please). We would love to hear from you, we get tired of talking to ourselves….. 🙂

Tamara provided this bio herself:

“Tamara has been a Falling Skies fan from day one, but didn’t discover this online support group/community until after Season 2. Now she can’t get enough! She also has a blog (, writes reviews of the hit show Castle for, and most recently has been guest writing for Underground Book Reviews (.com). In her real life she is a certified pharmacy technician, a wife, and mommy and chief litter box cleaner to a herd of furry felines. You can find her on Twitter at @tamaratipton.”


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One Response to “Season 3: (Not so?) New Revelations?”

  1. I think we all agree that TNT is taunting us with trailers that don’t give us much to run with. Lots of boom & bang & flashbacks, but little future episode teasers. And yes, nothing of Ben, or even Matt as Greg pointed out in FB. Great post Tamara. Really hoping S3 doesn’t disappoint us fanatics.

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