The Previously-Harnessed: Uncertain Future Ahead?


This actually the second time we’ve had an article written based off a dream. Dawn returns to discuss some possibilities for what the future hold!

What do these New Aliens Have to Offer?

I have always had a vivid imagination, and this carries over into nightly dreams. I dream every night; and awaken from some dreams so affected by them that they become the baseline for the novels I write.

So, as I am an obsessed – er – great fan of Falling Skies, to me it comes to no surprise that I occasionally dream about the show. And last weekend, I had a dream that prompted me to pose a question to some fellow fans on Facebook.

In my dream, I was crouching in a circle with a few other deharnessed kids, including Ben. We were discussing a recent offer from the new aliens to our group: that they had the ability to not only remove the harness spikes, but also reverse the changes going on within our bodies. The benefits, they claimed, were the obvious: we would return to being fully human. But, it also meant losing much of what we had to offer the human resistance: the superpowers that the harnesses had originally instilled within us, not to mention the communication we were able to have with our rebel Skitters.

It was a cold day, as our breath was visible, but we were all dressed in t-shirts and light jackets with rifles and other weapons slung about – I would say we were acting scouts for the rebellion. I was absently rubbing at a patch of scaly green skin that encircled my neck and spread out over my shoulders, which had originated from the three spikes that remained near my hairline. As I listened to the other kids discuss the pros and cons of what these aliens had to offer, my spikes glowed faintly; I knew this from a slight warmth along my spine. I could also “feel” my Skitter in the back of my head – not controlling me, but listening in on our conversation. I could also see that the girl next to me – who still looked mostly human, with scaling just beginning to creep up her neck – also had glowing spikes, and as she was not part of my original group, I knew she also had a Skitter listening to what we were saying.

Of course, I awoke before any type of decision had been made, and though I tried vainly to return to sleep – as it was Sunday, and for once I had that option – instead my brain kept racing about the dream and what it would mean for the 2nd Mass. And so I posted my question on Facebook: If the new aliens posed this offer to the deharnessed kids – would they, especially Ben, take them up on the offer?

This began a lively debate between me and my friends. I tried posted the question to Connor Jessup on Twitter, but sadly never got a response.

Now, yesterday, Three If By Space posted a “sneak peak” on an upcoming commercial from TNT. Robert was able to take some screen shots from the video – as several things flashed by so fast, it was hard to fully comprehend – and in one shot, a kid who could be Diego appears to be in a chamber, with what looks like an electric current of some kind radiating at or from his back:


Robert expounded on my original question: “With the new alien race having arrived, are they stretching out a helping hand and healing the previously harnessed of the ‘process’? Is this a way Ben might be able to be normal again? The bolts of electricity appear to be going to the spine of the person in the scene, pointing to some connection to the harnesses…Or, on the other hand, this could be a ruse by the new alien race to assert control over these previously harnessed kids to use for their own reasons. It is also possible that this is a chamber belonging to the overlords and may serve to force a rapid transformation of the child without the use of the harness. With the new aliens having arrived their table table has clearly moved up.”

It certainly appears that the fate of the harnessed and deharnessed will (hopefully) be a main focus of the upcoming season, something that Season 2 drifted away from. It would certainly help answer one of the questions that troubled Tom and the others when they met up with Jenny in “Death March,” on how the human race would deal with deharnessed children slowly turning into something “other” due to what the original alien race did to them.

I personally believe that – not only as a dream deharnessed kid, but my own opinion – we need these deharnessed kids to stay “as is” to have communication with with Rebel Skitters. Call it a “necessary evil” if you will – for who knows what INTERNAL changes are also going on to these kids, the more they are used by the Skitters even after being deharnessed – but they provide a valuable defensive and offensive tool for the humans. Something that I hope the other humans can come to appreciate; I really wonder what would happen if Ben, the other deharnessed kids, and the remaining Rebel Skitters would do if they found out who it was that attempted their mass destruction in “A More Perfect Union.”

Speaking of Ben; I also believe he would choose to remain “as is.” I really believe that, by the end of Season 2, he had found his niche and also a certain inner peace with himself. He had found a purpose as a “go-between” that aided his family, the 2nd Mass, and Charleston. Instead of being viewed with suspicion as the only “coat-hanger” in the group, he now had other deharnessed kids he could relate with, as well as being a vital mouthpiece for the rebel Skitters. We all saw how quickly Karen managed to win him over in “Homecoming,” even after Ben first believed and tried to convince the others that she wasn’t what she seemed. Obviously, Ben wanted to find someone he could commiserate with over the changes occurring to his body, going so far as to abandon his suspicion of Karen entirely and run off with her. Now that he is with a group that is truly focused on aiding the humans and overthrowing the alien force, Ben has a way to be with his family, while also having that support from similar minds that he needed, especially after Jimmy’s death. I believe that impacted Ben far more deeply than Rick’s death did, because of how many people he felt blamed him for Jimmy’s demise.

As always, we will have to wait and see where the cards fall, as we creep closer to the 2-month mark of having our favourite (like that, Greg?) show return. As of right now, we don’t even know how the new aliens will be able to communicate with the 2nd Mass and the Charleston group. And so we wait, still musing, still dreaming up our own storylines to come. I can only hope the show lives up to our expectations and delivers what it has promised to do. Until then, feel free to comment and let us know what YOU would do if YOU were a deharnessed kid, and had the option to have the harness spikes and their effects reversed.

 Dawn provided this bio for herself:

Dawn discovered Falling Skies when Season 2 was nearly over, and spent a hellish amount of time catching up (sleep? Work? Okay, she did draw the line at food…). While browsing the internet for anything Falling Skies, she discovered Twitter and the many fans that hang out there, and the rest is history. Dawn can be followed on Twitter at @dawnmarie0301.

Keep the Resistance Strong!


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One Response to “The Previously-Harnessed: Uncertain Future Ahead?”

  1. I agree, I think perhaps Ben has found peace with himself and how his abilities can be used to help mankind in this battle. I am hoping the new season will give us more information about these kids and step up their involvement with the 2nd Mass.

    Personally, if I were one of the deharnessed kids I think I wouldn’t want to give up all the gifts that I have become so accustomed to. Superpowers are cool!!

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