Falling Skies Returns for Season 3 June 9th! Connor Jessup Birmingham Footage.


Pic from Season 2, not a screen grab from the new video.

Also released is a summer preview for TNT in general. But it includes really only about ten seconds of Falling Skies footage total, and shows us nothing we didn’t know already. Mostly shots of characters shooting guns, a mech shooting at something, and someone using what appears to be some kind of shoulder mounted rocket launcher. Oh and a shot of Tom and Anne’s surprise-to-no-one baby.

The full article and video can be accessed here.

Some interview and panel footage from Connor Jessup’s appearance at a convention in Birmingham, UK has also surfaced. Mostly yet another rehash of how Ben used to be a civilian and is now a fighter. He also praises Noah Wyle and new cast member Doug Jones (the new alien). The interview can be found here and the panel footage can be found here. Thanks to Ruth from Twitter for posting the panel footage!

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on March 21, 2013.

2 Responses to “Falling Skies Returns for Season 3 June 9th! Connor Jessup Birmingham Footage.”

  1. If its going to take so long for these season’s ok its a good show. How about getting terra nova for the off season of falling skies. Its not like the sifi channel has a lot to offer mostly b made movies and a few good shows.

  2. While I pretty much agree, SyFy has said they are no longer in the business of picking up other network’s failed shows. Plus Terra Nova was one of the most expensive shows to produce per episode ever, quite a bit out of SyFy’s budget.

    As for how long it is between seasons of Falling Skies, well, it really does take a year to make this show especially with the very high amount of CGI and post-production work this show requires.

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