Season 3: Have We Actually Learned Anything?


One of our newest Contributing Authors Dawn stopped by to give her own reactions to the recently released “information” on Season 3.

“It” is Coming…Additional Musings on the Season 3 Teaser Trailer

Hello everyone! Dawn here, to add her own thoughts on the (in her opinion) totally inconsequential trailer that TNT put out for Season 3 of Falling Skies. Honestly, what is TNT DOING in their spare time? We can all hope they are hard at work making sure that Season 3 kicks ass, but still – would it kill them to let a few more tidbits surface about what to expect? One of the things that were mentioned at the end of Season 2 was the casting of some new characters – for example, Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. Roger Kadar, and Gloria Reuben as Marina Perlata. Am I the only one that noticed that the few quickly flashed “teasers” for Season 3 didn’t include any footage with these actors? What about the Berserkers? We do see a shot of Tom on horseback (Elizabeth, have you stopped drooling yet?) and Maggie running from some ape-like alien – or, for all we know, some actual ape that has been taken over (harnessed?) by the aliens (hey, stranger things have happened) – either way, Maggie sure doesn’t look thrilled with what’s coming at her.

The teaser trailer included a LOT of footage from Season 2. In fact, it seems like this wasn’t so much a teaser about what’s ahead, but a reminder of where we left off. To me, there seemed to be a strong focus on the harnessed. We see a flashback of Jenny, in all her crustiness, and a shot of Karen as she holds a harness out to Ben while rolling her neck, in apparent happiness to be reconnected to her own little glowing spinal alien. There is also a scene from Episode 204: “Young Bloods,” of the harness sliding down the chute, as well as Tom beating the crap out of one of them. We get to see the crawlies again (shudder) and Karen reminds Tom that humans will never win.

TNT splits the trailer out into several “unanswered questions,” and here is a brief recap, with some of my own thoughts leaking through:

The Overlord Plan

At the end of Season 2, it was made clear that the Overlords were building weapons pointing skyward. Heather Regnier openly admits that it is because they are fighting a war with aliens from a different universe. She goes on to say that, “Whatever enemy that gun is pointed at, informs what our war is with the Overlords.” Remi Aubuchon then states, “Maybe this isn’t about us – maybe this is about something else that is going on.” This is something alluded to first in episode 207, “Molon Lobe,” when the Overlord (speaking through Ben) tells Tom that they will leave once their “task” is done – making it seem like Earth was just chosen to be the site of the battle, and hey, why not pick up a few slaves & get rid of the remainder of the pesky population while they’re at it? Then, of course, in episode 210, “A More Perfect Union,” we get to see (and destroy) one of the weapons not meant for humans. Remi goes on to say, “Is something worse coming?” Gee, I wonder…

Evil Hal

I have to pause for a moment & chuckle at that title. After all, wasn’t it this blog that first started calling Hal that? I mean, sure, the bug in the eye/ear moment certainly hinted that the Hal we saw in Season 2 was going to change (thank GOD) but our group – I think – was the first to start spouting off about “Evil Hal.” David Weddle basically reiterates the questions we’ve already wondered about – how will the “device,” as they call it, affect Hal? It can’t be good (duh) and nobody knows about it (double duh). TNT doesn’t give any hint as to how Hal’s “device” is going to change him, instead showing us the footage from last season where he leers at himself in the mirror, but here’s hoping that at least some of our predictions come true about what he does while under the influence of the Overlords.

Anne is Pregnant

Here is another moment where I have to wonder if the Blog & other Falling Skies fan sites have managed to affect how TNT is going to portray Anne’s pregnancy. After all of the whining – err, suggesting – we fans made at the end of Season 2 about how “cliché,” “been there, hated that,” etc. the pregnancy spin in shows has become, perhaps TNT altered how this pregnancy would be handled. Heather Regnier points out that Karen is able to sense the pregnancy, and that this implies that it might not be normal. Remi reiterates this, and David Weddle reminds us that Tom himself wondered if something else might not have been done to him while he was held captive on the spaceship. Elizabeth, I think your dreams might be answered, and this baby could be the end of Anne…I, personally, found myself thinking about that monkey-like thing bouncing toward Maggie, and wondering if that might be the “bundle of joy” letting us know that it’s more like a “bundle of killer alien.”

New Alien

As if we didn’t have enough to deal with, at the end of Season 2 we got to watch all of these pods plummet down to Earth, and have one land right in front of the 2nd Mass. The alien that steps out retracts his face guard/helmet, and seems amused at all of the humans pointing guns at him. Of course, the usual questions are being asked of yet another alien invasion: What do they want? Are they good or bad aliens? Doug Jones, as we all know, is playing the part of one of these new aliens – and I believe he Tweeted something awhile back about riding while in costume – which leads us to tentatively assume these aliens will be sympathetic toward us humans and our fight against the other alien race. For all we know, they are the ones that suggest the humans start using horses. But you have to wonder – what made them decide to come to Earth NOW? When the 2nd Mass blew up that weapon, was it just the beacon the new race needed to find a place to land? And where have they been all this time while the Overlords have enjoyed killing off the human race and turning its children into harnessed slaves?

I know TNT is promising that this season will answer all kinds of questions from Season 2, but I admit that I’m a tad skeptical in that regard. I think they threw so much at us – new alien race, pregnancy, possessed Hal, unknown factors about Tom’s time on the spaceship, rebel Skitters – just to name a few – that they are biting off more than they can chew. Especially when they are still sticking to a 10-episode schedule. I can only hope that the integrity of the show doesn’t crumble, and that some of the key aspects that drew us in the first place aren’t tossed to the wayside.

We will just have to wait and see, as we have been doing since the last episode drew to a close last June. Less than 3 months to go, folks! Here’s hoping it was worth the wait and the Operational Silence.

Dawn provided this bio for herself:

Dawn discovered Falling Skies when Season 2 was nearly over, and spent a hellish amount of time catching up (sleep? Work? Okay, she did draw the line at food…). While browsing the internet for anything Falling Skies, she discovered Twitter and the many fans that hang out there, and the rest is history. Dawn can be followed on Twitter at @dawnmarie0301.

Keep the Resistance Strong!


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  1. No, I’m still drooling… 😉 hehe. My dreams better come true, or I’m killing Anne myself… with my remote. I act like it is a gun… Pow Pow. Don’t worry y’all no person will actually be harmed… just a fictional character. 😛 lol

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