Season 3: What’s Next for Humanity?


Elizabeth returns to give us some reactions to the recently released trailer.

Howdy y’all! FINALLY we get some kind of news and trailer for season three of Falling Skies. If you haven’t seen the new video for season three you can watch it hereà I’m HOPING since it is March we will receive some more news, updates, and maybe start seeing some trailers on the internet and on our T.V’s to get fans excited and ready, as well as collect new fans, or remind old fans hey season three is coming. With shows that have a yearly hiatus you can lose fans and fans can forget, so I think it is very important to share some kind of news, updates, pictures and get un-spoiling trailers out there. I really would hate for Falling Skies to get canceled due to a BIG mistake of waiting too long to get fans back or to add more fans. Let’s hope Falling Skies NEVER gets canceled! Anyways… I know this was shared on February 26th (I have been busy with school), but I decided to do a prediction article on what could happen in season three.

Why are they here? What do they want? What will happen next? Those are very good and important questions I would love to see the writers answer since they asked them.

Since we do not know the Overlord’s plan it makes me wonder if the new alien race that appeared at the end in the season two finale is really an ally or not. I’m not going to trust anything from outer space until I see this new alien is on the Second Mass’s side. Since the weapon was not made for humans and it was pointing up, I have concluded it was for the new alien that has arrived.

I think the Overlord picked Earth to be the place where it and the new alien race can have a war. Throughout history countries have gone to other countries to fight wars to protect their country and their civilians, but also to conquer and expand their country. Maybe the Overlord wanted to conquer Earth and now the new alien wants to conquer Earth as well. Throughout history countries have gone to war with each other to take over the country they want.

The Falling Skies writers and producers love to use history, so I’m thinking either a war or conquering plants is what is going to happen. I also believe there are more of the new alien race and also more Overlords than just one or two out there. I believe something really bad is about to happen and there will be a major battle involving the enemy and this new alien and the Second Mass and other human survivors. I think this new alien is using the humans to help fight and kill the common enemy they have and the new alien will then turn on any surviving humans.

Now I will move on to Hal and his creepy brain bug that went into his brain. According to Drew Roy in an interview he said Hal will have a disability. That doesn’t tell me much, but seeing the new footage with Hal in it at the end of the video he seems to be fine, like nothing happened to him. But around the Second Mass, family and friends he may be acting like his self. I think Hal is possibly EVIL and working with the Overlord or Karen in some way. Maybe it is just a tracker so Karen can find the Second Mass at all times. Maybe it is a way for Karen and the Overlord to get information. When I see and read more on Hal in season three maybe I can predict better, but right now I don’t trust Hal.

Now I will move on to something I wish that never happened: Anne’s pregnancy. As I have said many times I really do believe Anne is having an alien or half alien/half human child. In the video to me the writers have hinted the pregnancy is not going to be normal. If Karen didn’t do something to her on the ship and Crawlies didn’t crawl inside her and make her a host, then the aliens must have done something more to Tom. I guess the aliens have altered Tom’s DNA in some way in order to produce a half alien baby. It is very hard to understand. Truthfully it makes no sense to me.

If we look at the new footage for season three Tom is still wearing that black pea coat, which makes me think not a lot of time has passed. Moon was about five or six months pregnant when she began filming for season three, so I thought they would have moved six months ahead. I was hoping to see some spring or summer, but I’m guessing the aliens have done something to weather to make it cold all the time, or not very much time has passed. Maybe I’m wrong, we will see in the comic how much time has passed. If much time has not past I think whatever is growing inside Anne is growing at twice the pace of a normal pregnancy, unless Tom is feeding Anne lots of Choco-Pies (Moon- Pies) and it is making her fat. I just don’t think that is the case. What is growing inside Anne is not human. Also the alien or whatever it is jumping around at Maggie looked somewhat human to me, yet alien. Maybe that is what Anne gives birth too. Maybe it is another new alien. Maybe it is a new alien weapon like the Crawlies. We shall all see in season three.

Elizabeth is Contributing Author on The Falling Skies Blog, a Tom Mason fanatic, and will not rest until Anne’s baby is an alien.

She can be reached and and should be followed on at @7sweetprincess7

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One Response to “Season 3: What’s Next for Humanity?”

  1. A lot of ifs, isn’t there? What if these new aliens are more like the Autobots from Transformers? Clearly the Overlord[s] is not there to make friends, otherwise they wouldn’t be harnessing kids and fighting with everyone else. There is a Skitter rebellion going on and we still don’t know much about the Overlord, the Skitters or what any of them were up to prior to coming to Earth. Is this new alien race more a humanitarian and peacekeeping armada that tracked the Overlord[s] to Earth? Seems plausible consider the weapon was pointed up.

    It also makes sense for the Overlord[s] to try and manipulate the 2nd mass in any way it can. Clearly, human children are beneficial to their plan, hence the harnesses. Previously harnessed Ben, at least up to this point, has proven to be a thorn in their side. Karen attempted to manipulate him, to no avail. The obvious alternative to Ben is Hal.

    As far as Anne and her pregnancy goes, its not as if we ever see Tom and Anne bumping uglies. Is it possible that whatever was implanted into Tom might have something to do with an abnormal pregnancy?

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