Season 2 DVD Release Date and Season 3 Teaser


Earlier today Three if By Space announced the release date for the Season 2 DVDs. They will be released June 4th 2013. The bonus features will include:

• A Season 3 preview
• “One Page at a Time”: Writing the 2nd American Revolution
• “The Skitter Evolution”
• A Fan’s Perspective: Touring the set of Falling Skies
• Audio commentaries for four episodes
• Behind the Scenes featurette
• Falling Skies trading card from Rittenhouse

The Falling Skies YouTube channel also released a new Unanswered Questions video, which also includes a very small amount of Season 3 footage at the end of the video. This video can be found here

My personal thoughts on all this? I am super excited to finally have a release date for the DVDs. I am also disappointed that it is so far away and so close to the Season 3 premiere date. Doing this so close to each other does make financial sense, they can combine the commercials and advertising for both S3 and the DVDs into one campaign. This is VERY standard practice. But it also makes me feel like they let down fans when shows do this. Your fans wants to watch your shows, they want to catch up on the previous season, and not a week and half before the new season starts. Television and films have to walk a tightrope between being a business and being an art form, and I think they often err too far on the side of being a business. Treat your fans well, and you will be rewarded I promise.

I am also sad to see that only four episodes will have commentary. I’ll reserve further judgment until we learn which episodes and who does the commentary. I am really hoping that some of the commentary are by cast members. One of my favorite DVD sets ever is Season 3 of Heroes, every single episode had a cast/crew commentary and it really elevated the fan and viewing experience.

Keep the Resistance Strong! 


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on February 26, 2013.

One Response to “Season 2 DVD Release Date and Season 3 Teaser”

  1. A Falling Skies trading card from Rittenhouse? That’s something new, isn’t it?

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