Falling Skies/Blackbird/General Update

Hey best readers in the world! First off let me apologize profusely for the lack of updates. I won’t go into another tirade about how there has been no Falling Skies news to report. I’ll simply leave it at there has been none at this time. Hopefully we should hear about the release date for the Season 2 DVDs soon, and it will most likely be within two weeks of the premiere of Season 2, though I  hope that it will be sooner than that. Right now I would place my bets on a similar premiere date for Season 3 as there was for Season 2, if you shoot for somewhere around Father’s Day in June you shouldn’t be far off.

This weekend the staff photographer for my new venture, The Road Less Traveled, Ben and myself head up to New York City to do cast/crew interviews for an independent horror movie named “Summit”, I am pretty excited about that.

I had another Canadian film starring a certain actor from Falling Skies I was hoping to work with and help spread news about, but for now anyway that hasn’t panned out. I hold out hope that will change in the future. A big part of my new venture is increasing awareness of Canadian film and that is always made easier when you have a recognizable face from something like Falling Skies at the helm.

Right now I have no new information about the release date for BLACKBIRD that I can share. I can’t get anymore specific than “sometime in April probably” as SOON as I am allowed to share any information I will. 

As of now, no further interviews about BLACKBIRD are scheduled and I wouldn’t hold my breath for any Falling Skies interviews for quite a while. 

Thanks so much for your loyalty and continued readership during this dry period! You really are the best!

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on February 25, 2013.

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