Lourdes: What’s Next? (It’s Not Ben)


We’ve been getting a lot of search traffic, both positive and negative, about Lourdes lately. So, I asked our resident apologist Justin to return and discuss her a little.

Return of the Apologist: What’s Next for Resident ‘Good Girl’ Lourdes?

Hey everyone! No doubt to your complete and total horror I am back yet again. Apparently the site’s been getting a fair amount of Lourdes search traffic which makes me very happy and probably ticks more than a few others off. In any event, aside from the inevitable ‘will Lourdes get together with Ben’ questions (which I’ll go into detail about in a minute) many…okay maybe a few…are probably wondering what’s next for her character. Since TNT is content to completely shut out most alternative forms of media, my info is scarce at best, but I’ll do what I do best: theorize from a writer’s point of view!

We didn’t see much of Lourdes in the final episodes of season 2. Somewhere along the line she has a sudden and inexplicable change of heart, going from all dark, fatalistic Lourdes back to upbeat, happy, positive Lourdes. Now as an upbeat, positive person myself, I liked that but the writer in me was quite disappointed in the sudden change. So. Much. Lost. Potential. In any event, we also know that she started working in the Charleston clinic and knew or figured out early on that Anne was pregnant. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months as the fan base (particularly on this blog) moan and gripe, YES Anne is pregnant. There was also a brief scene when Ben triumphantly returns, during which we see Lourdes stand in solidarity with the beloved middle Mason and his creepy-crawly rebel skitter pals. So yeah, not much hints where the character is headed into season 3.

Some people have suggested that the writers will dust off the old ‘pair up the leftovers’ plot device. Lourdes just lost her dreadlocked boyfriend Jamil to a bunch of body snatchers/crawlies and Ben has not yet had a love interest, so logic dictates they MUST be together. No. Just no. Ben is perfectly happy as the lone-wolf outcast that he is. And it does well for his character. Plus, why would 19 year old Lourdes get cozy with 15 year old Ben [He is actually 16 -Greg]? The writers were pushing it with the Maggie-Hal age gap, this would just be too far. TOO FAR MAN! Furthermore, the limited info available on season 3 indicates we may see a certain character named Denny (yeesh, didn’t her parents know any boy’s names?) who may or may not be a love interest for Ben, a tank girl, or an alien asskicker depending on who you believe. In other words, LOURDES AND BEN ARE NOT AND NEVER WILL BE AN ITEM! THE END.

Now that that’s settled, what CAN we expect you ask. Well if the track record is any indication, Lourdes will again be a background extra with a pretty face and one or two dramatic close-ups every three episodes. Rumor has it she may speak once or twice but this as yet unconfirmed. I’m joking. The big news is that Moon Bloodgood (who recently gave birth to a baby girl, congratulations to her) let it slip that Anne is not present past episode 7 of the third season. We don’t know why, but without their main medic available it may be Lourdes’ time to shine. As the only other trained medic with the 2nd Mass, it would certainly make sense that she would step up to a more substantial role in the absence of Dr. Glass. As I writer, this is the route I would personally take. It would allow greater character development as Lourdes struggles to step into such a large role. Her naturally timid character would be a fish out of water. She could make a costly mistake, break down, and eventually toughen up to become a greater character than ever before. But that’s just the route I would take. Who knows? Maybe they’ll throw in a new random expendable red-shirt to be boyfriend number 2.

So there you have it, my return to the site is marked by speculation and the reassurance that BEN AND LOURDES CANNOT EVER BE AN ITEM! What do YOU think is in Lourdes’ future. Drop a comment. Greg loves those. Try not to be too inflammatory in your statements about my favorite gal, though, because I do in fact read comments and I may become all defensive. And you won’t like me when I’m defensive. Thanks for reading and keep the resistance strong! (Yeah I ripped Greg’s line off, but he technically ripped it from Wil Wheaton so there)

Justin is a Contributing Author here at THE Falling Skies Blog, often defends the weaker characters, and I am glad he cut off the Ben/Lourdes pairing as that is some of our search traffic.

More of Justin’s stuff can be found at: http://justinmathai.wordpress.com/ and he can be followed on twitter at @JustoMathai

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on January 16, 2013.

4 Responses to “Lourdes: What’s Next? (It’s Not Ben)”

  1. Personally I like Lourdes. Lots of potential there. I hate that they squandered so much of it in the Jamal story line. And I agree about Ben. He is a lone wolf, and way too young for Lourdes.

    I want to see more about Lourdes struggle to fit into the 2nd Mass and more about her faith. I know the assumption is that she has lost her faith, but it’s just that, an assumption. I want to know more of her story.

    And that’s my usual rant, give me more. 🙂

    Great post!

  2. Lourdes is one of my favourite characters, and I hope she gets more screen time in season 3!

  3. Nice to hear that Ben and Lourdes will Never be an item. I like Ben Mason the way he is.

  4. What I would do with Lourdes is build up the character a little bit before the birth take place and right at the end of middle season, just about when Glass should give birth, kill her in a dramatic way. Maybe Tom telling her to hide in a car when they are attacked and a Mech blowing the car to pieces. This would make Tom responsible for her death and for the risk of both Glass and the baby dying at child birth. Only then would her dull character worth the time on screen and bring it some sympathy.

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