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Our first post of the new year comes from Guest Writer Tamara T. She has her own list of demands for season 3.

Hi everyone! The last time I visited here I told you about my love of this incredible show and my 2 favorite characters, Tom & Pope. And then I proceeded to complain. Sorry for that….well, not really. See, this is what happens when there is too much time between seasons and too much silence in the air. I start really thinking about the show and picking apart all the things that I think could be improved upon. So, I’m back with another list. Feel free to get your tar and feathers ready now.

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite doctor/bimbo, Anne. I like Anne in general. I don’t even mind the fact of her falling for Tom too much (sorry Elizabeth) but I am not a fan of the way the relationship was handled by the writers. I pretty much covered this in my diatribe about Tom in my earlier post, so I won’t spend too much time on it here. I’ll just skip right to the pregnancy. Really? A baby in the middle of an alien apocalypse? Hasn’t this been done? I realize Moon is pregnant in real life, but we all know they could have hidden it. We have seen it done. And what was Anne thinking, as a mother and as a doctor, putting herself in harm’s way on a suicide mission? This is a woman who has already lost 1 child to these aliens, why would she put her unborn child at risk? To be close to her man? I thought she was tougher/smarter than that. One of my pet peeves in any story is a strong woman who suddenly becomes a weak-kneed ninny because of a man. She is a doctor, a woman of intelligence and guts. And, let’s face it, she was not needed in the battle, but waiting in the wings in case of an emergency. After all, it wasn’t as if her presence there did Dai any good. I hope that season 3 shows us a stronger, more willful, and proud Anne. And I dearly hope they can come up with a great and unexpected twist for the baby.

Moving on….

Anthony…oh how I would love to see more about Anthony. I really like this character. He is strong, courageous, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He stands up to Pope and even for Pope when the need arises, which of course earns him points in my book. I want to know more about this man, his past, the life he lost in the invasion, and I want him to have a greater role in the 2nd Mass. Same is true for Tector, Crazy Lee, and Lyle. I realize they are not the lead characters, but they are more than window dressing. It’s just sad that we are introduced to these people and then given no other information! I am interested in them, what makes them tick, what motivates them. We learned a little about Tector towards the end of Season 2 and that was a great start. I hope we can keep that going and expand it to include all our favorites.

Then there is Maggie. Dear Maggie May. She has been a mixed bag for me. I just hate the whole Hal and Maggie thing. And her deep, dark secrets are pretty lame. I do like her though. She has shown strength and determination, and a fair amount of ruthlessness. I do wish she and Pope would fight or hug it out or something. I really want to understand what all the tension is about. I know it’s supposed to be about her rape at the hands of his brother and that other guy, but I just can’t help but think if she really blamed him, he would be dead. And he obviously isn’t holding too much of a grudge against her for his brother’s death, he wanted her to run away with him and the Berserkers. I don’t see her ditching Hal anytime soon (darn it) but I am hopeful that the writers can do something to revive her strength and vitality as a character.

How about Lourdes? I may take some grief for this, but I like her. I wasn’t a fan in the beginning, when she was a silly teenager in the Hal Mason fan club. But the writers wised up and rewrote her as slightly older and gave her some medical skills. And Jamal. I liked Jamal. I liked them as a couple. I wish we could have seen more of the progression of that relationship, instead of some others. But that was not to be. I actually cried when Jamal died. Unfortunately, I think I may have grieved longer than Lourdes. I mean she had a moment, but that’s about as long as it lasted. I expected more. Not sackcloth and ashes, but maybe a few more tears, a little more anger. She just seemed to bounce back too quickly.

Also, Lourdes is woman of faith; I would like to see more about that. We see a little of that in season 1, but it seems that when they did her rewrite, they left her faith behind with her Hal crush. Does that mean the writers associate faith with immaturity? I hope not. I would really like to see Lourdes faith explored in more detail.

You know who I never seem to read anything negative about? Weaver. I hate to spoil it, but I do have one tiny little problem. Really, it isn’t much and I probably wouldn’t even mention it if I had not just watched the Season 2 finale where Weaver blatantly defers to Tom in the scene in the brig with Bresseler. Who is in charge of the 2nd Mass? Because I thought it was Weaver…..perhaps I was wrong. Weaver needs to find his…well; you know…and step back up into his rightful position of power.

This is my only problem with Weaver. Otherwise I am perfectly happy with the progression of his character (okay, I could maybe live with a little less of the Papa Bear/Baby Bear stuff). I love that he found Jean (bears not withstanding) and his back story is superb. So, writers don’t mess it up. Give the man back his backbone and leave him be.

I suppose I should mention the Mason boys, Hal, Ben, and Matt. Or the Masonettes, (which my spell checker keeps trying to turn into “majorettes”) as I like to call them! Of the 3, Ben is my favorite (and not just because I want to get published on this blog!). Ben has the harnessed kid super powers going for him, which is completely cool. And he is just a well-balanced character. I like the struggle within him to be accepted within the 2nd Mass and still use his new abilities for good. I was disappointed that more time wasn’t given to his time away from the 2nd Mass or his experiences with the rebels. More time needs to spent on Ben, less time spent on Hal and Maggie and their “love story”.

Speaking of Hal, I am not a huge fan of the “bug in the eye crawling out and into the ear” scene. It felt like it was dumbed down to make sure we got the point. (Hal is evil now, see???) This is one of those less is more moments when a great shot of blood coming from his eye or ear and an evil smile, or even a bug swimming through his eye with the smile would have worked better, at least for me. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with this now though, and how it might affect his romance with Maggie. Is it wrong to hope that it kills the relationship??

That leaves us with Matt. There is a lot of potential there, now that Matt is growing up. I am hopeful that he will become more of a serious presence in the 2nd Mass. Learning to shoot was a great start, and helping the Berserkers on patrol was a fun scene. Those and the scenes in season 1 with Pope were my favorites so far with Matt. Well, and those sweet moments with his dad, before Tom became obsessed with a certain doctor (sigh).

Now, I have to admit I feel kind of bad complaining about these characters because it feels like I’m tearing down the actors who play them. I swear I’m not. I’ve said it before; I think this is the best cast out there! There is not a mediocre actor in the bunch, they are all top notch. I really think the biggest problem here is trying to cram too much story into too short a season. Too much ends up on the cutting room floor (do they even have cutting rooms anymore?). I have read it over and over; this is the decision of the network. Hey network people, can you fix that please?? Because you are killing this show!!  

One last thing, while I’m complaining/sharing. Can we please get the heck out of Charleston? The 2nd Mass does its best work on the road. Get them back out there. Please. And give us an interesting and unexpected twist on this new alien. I want to be surprised, not left shaking my head saying “hasn’t this been done before?”

Okay, that’s it for now. Hopefully, the network will break the silence in the new year and give me more to think about so I can stop picking apart past episodes. I am ready for summer 2013 to get here, aren’t you?!?

Tamara wanted to write her own bio (like Dawn) but suffered from insecurity and writers block. This is what she finally came up with:

I have been a Falling Skies fan from day one, but didn’t discover this online support group/community until after Season 2. Now I can’t get enough! I also write a blog called Faith and Substance, and reviews for the show Castle for You can find me on Twitter at @tamaratipton.


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on January 1, 2013.

9 Responses to “Season 3: More Of…”

  1. I didn’t like the way the Tom and Anne relationship was handled either and I don’t agree with the whole pregnancy either. Tom is mine! 😉 No need to be sorry. 🙂

  2. I agree re Weaver’s spine!!!

  3. IDK, I may be alone here, but after 2 [short!] seasons, I don’t really care too much about the characters pasts. One of my favorite shows, Jericho, did that flashback thing and IMHO, it just doesn’t matter who these people were before all hell broke lose. Tragic events change people and those changes, even when pasts are not reveled, are prominently displayed.

    Take Matt Mason for example. In season one, he was more the innocent little dude you would expect him to be, regardless of the situation. A birthday party was much more important to him, then the lurking skitter danger. During season two, we see how the events, along with his age and maturity, have changed who he was.

    • I’m with you on that. I am not a huge fan of flashbacks in general. I think they are a crutch used by lazy writers oftentimes. They can be used to great effect in some situations if they are used sparingly. I’d much rather see you can write great dialogue that allows a character to talk about themselves. -Greg

      • I agree too. I don’t need flashbacks, but I would love some background. To know some of the history of some of our lesser known characters. It is a huge part of the story to my mind. Where they came from helps to shape them and help me understand their personality. It gives context that I appreciate and invests me emotionally in the character.

      • I’d prefer the dialogue over flashbacks. Through a conversation between Ben & Hal, we learned that Ben was a “bookish science nerd.” It may just be Connor Jessup coming through the character, but Ben, clearly intelligent, has that nerdy way of speaking.

  4. Loved this entry Tamara! I don’t know how I missed reading this article, but I enjoyed your thoughts on each character & your musings on how things can go in Season 3. I really wish we knew that the folks at TNT read this blog & take our thoughts into consideration! After all, without a strong fanbase, the show would fade, and this blog is not afraid to air any & all thoughts/suggestions/rants that really should be taken into consideration by TNT. Or so my smug ego believes, LOL.

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