Season 3: A Blast From the Past?

Contributing Author Elizabeth stops by to give us some reactions to recently released S3 photos!

Season Three: Is still a Dream and Not Even a Reality Yet:

Howdy y’all,

I just wanted to write this article, because some news was released. Yay! But, I still don’t want silence; I would like some more news, pictures, and maybe some videos to come out after the holidays, or during the New Year. I’m not asking to know everything about season three; I don’t want to know everything, because I want to be surprised too. I just don’t want to be left in the dark. I’m sure other fans don’t want to be, or feel like this either. Psst… even some Noah Wyle stuff would hold me over.

A fan tweeted and posted on instagramà

“#ER’s Noah Wyle & I on set at #FallingSkies season 3 finale shoot. Spoilers no beard #yvrshoots”


As Noah Wyle’s number one fan, why did you tweet, or post a picture like that on instagram? I freaked out! I thought Tom Mason lost his mind and shaved his beard off. Tom Mason has to keep his beard, I’m so use to it, and I see Tom Mason with a beard, and not beardless, but I’m not the only one, because some Noah Wyle/Tom Mason fans are the same way. So I HOPE and I don’t believe Tom Mason will have an appearance change. PLEASE, NO! From what I have seen and heard on Twitter Noah is probably done shooting all of his scenes, and this was just a reshoot for a dream sequence à


According to YurShoots: “Noah Wyle’s Tom Mason had no beard or scruffy clothing. And Will Patton’s Captain Dan Weaver looked more like a homeless lunatic than the military leader of 2nd Mass. And what’s with all the well-dressed people carrying bags of Christmas shopping, coming and going in a cafe decorated with wreaths? It turns out today was a reshoot of a dream sequence. So it provides few clues about what drama will unfold in the third season set to air next summer on TNT in the U.S.”

After seeing and reading this it looks like we will have a dream or flashback scene or maybe more than just one in season three. I actually don’t mind having a few, I would like to have these dream or flashback scenes of each character’s past to see where they were at before the invasion, especially for those characters who don’t get very many developments since we don’t know a lot about them. I’m hoping since they are doing this for Tom and Weaver, they will also do it for the others.

Before the invasion we see Professor Mason beardless going to get coffee or maybe he is gift shopping. We see a homeless Weave; since Weaver did go through a divorce and sometimes Veterans do end up homeless, this does kind of make since to why Weaver looks homeless.

I believe this dream sequence will explain to us that Weaver and Tom have met before in the past, before the invasion, I’m guessing in season three Weaver and Tom will be even closer than in season two. Since it looks like it is Christmas time, it makes me wonder if in season three we will get to see a Christmas scene. Truthfully I would like to see some family bonding, just a little, nothing to soap operably. During this post-apocalyptic alien war, family is important.

I look forward to seeing the dream scene. Yes, because Tom Mason is in it, but I would love to see Tom’s life before the invasion, and the same with the other characters. I still have HOPE in this season. Hurry up summer 2013! I want to see season three! I’m dying here!

To end this–I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday’s!

Elizabeth is Contributing Author on The Falling Skies Blog, a Tom Mason fanatic, and I wasn’t sure why she reacted so strongly to a beardless Tom Mason until I realized how upset I would be if they put skitter lizard skin all over Ben’s face.

She can be reached and and should be followed on at @7sweetprincess7

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on December 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “Season 3: A Blast From the Past?”

  1. I’ve come to love the beard, too, not just because it looks good on him, but because without it he looks about 30 and wayyyy too young to have teenage sons!

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