Season 3 and Beyond!


Contributing Author Beth returns give us some more insight on which directions the show might be going in!

Predictions: S3 and Beyond

So, I did a prediction post several months back and predicted four plot points. I was, unfortunately, right about one: the pregnancy. That’s what sucks about being psychic: you already know when your favorite shows will pee the bed and so you have all kinds of time to sit around dreading it. Curse this power!

Still, my predictions have a 25% accuracy rate, which is more than I can say for any other phony psychic, so I’m thinking of starting a cult. It’s very inclusive—all races, genders, and nationalities welcome. All you need to do is turn all your valuables over to me and you’re in like Flynn. No Kool-Aid or anything. Just call me Prophetess Beth and wave at me as I drive by your grass hut in my favorite Cadillac. But on to the predictions:

Prophecy #1: Maggie’s cancer returns.

I predicted this for S3 last time and I’m sticking to it. I don’t know if this will be an S3 plot or not, but I smell it looming up ahead somewhere. I would normally say, “Oh, that’s desperate and boring and beneath a quality show like FS”, but since the Cliché That Dare Not Speak Its Name was dropped on us I have no more faith.

Maggie has so much potential, but so far she hasn’t been developed outside of slobbering all over a teenage boy during alien attacks and acting all remote and broody about deep, dark secrets that are neither deep nor particularly dark. So she had cancer. Who cares? She made a huge speech about it to Hal in S1 and then stalked away all emo (bonus emo points for flipping her hood up to cover her face and further show us how very emo she was), but it doesn’t mean anything to the series at all. Unless it does, unless they’re planning to give us time to forget about it and then smack Mags with the cancer stick later down the line as a “shock”. This gives Hal a chance to play Knight in Shining Denim and lead the effort to save her, thus showing her once and for all that he’s The One.

Yeah, I already hear the groans and yawns from everyone, but they can actually do this well and give both Drew Roy and Sarah Carter a chance to shine by doing the unexpected and killing Maggie off. Life’s not fair and people die under the best of circumstances, but during the apocalypse all bets are off. We haven’t seen anyone die of natural causes so far which is really bogus. Diabetics, epileptics, and cardiac patients have all long since run out of medication and should be dropping like flies. The flu should have hit by now and hit hard. Not that they should take up valuable screen time showing it; just that there should be at least some lip service given to it.

As I said, though, I have no more faith, so I’m betting that if they do take a stroll down Cancer Lane it’s going to be highly predictable and geared toward the giggly teenage crowd who eat angst like Raisin Bran: lots of Hal turmoil and deathbed declarations to make the little girls sigh and just enough death tease so that they get a chill but not enough to actually threaten them. Then someone suggests that the

Skitters may have a cure and Sir Hal rides to the rescue at the last minute with Dr. Skitter’s Miracle Cancer Tonic. Yeah.

Prophecy #2: Serious attempt on a major character’s life.

Smart money is on Ben or Tom. They’ve both made some serious enemies both with the aliens and within the group. Pope told Charleston Dear Leader that if anyone brings Tom down it will be him and he didn’t look like he was thinking “j/k LOL”. He’s no fan of our favorite razorback, either, and he has plenty of company. Karen is another possibility. Tom iced her boss and Ben made a rude gesture at Team Overlord in favor of the humans, so she’s probably a little irritable right now. Seriously, someone needs to spike her morning beverage with Midol before she, well, kills someone.

Prophecy # 3: Eye Booger-infected Hal will seriously harm or actually kill someone.

Of course, if he kills someone it will probably be a background character like a Berserker or Random Charlesyawn Citizen #4 and not Ben or Tom, but still it would open Hal up to all kinds of possible character development in the form of guilt and PTSD. This would be the best possible thing for the character: strip away all that arrogance and the remainder of the horny teenage boy and send him into the darkness for a while. Maybe then he’ll understand Ben a little better.

It would be supremely awesome if he kills Lourdes; in fact, I might think about taking the pins out of the voodoo dolls I have of each of the Falling Skies writers if they make that happen.

In closing, I shall leave you with my prediction for 12/21/12: stock up on squash and Fresca. No, the world is not ending. Don’t be thick. I just like squash and Fresca and always have them for my Meatless Monday dinners. If Prophetess Beth drops by it would be nice of you to have plenty on hand.

 BethTX is  a Contributing Author here on the Falling Skies Blog, just as sarcastic as me (not an easy accomplishment), and mentioned Ben just enough times to get this published!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on December 19, 2012.

4 Responses to “Season 3 and Beyond!”

  1. LOL! That’s all I got. Just sitting here shaking my head and laughing. LOVE this post. And may I add I’m glad that you didn’t predict Pope’s death. Because I have a feeling that the force is strong with you and that many of your predictions will come true. :-/

    • No Pope’s death! Just no. I think (hope) Pope is biding his time until he can make another move to complicate life for the 2nd Mass in general and Tom specifically.

      Pope is the turd in the 2nd Mass punchbowl and he’s that much more entertaining for it. Eventually, whether he lives or dies in the series will probably come down to whether or not he decides to assimilate. If not, it will come down to an epic Pope vs. Tom showdown and, sorry Pope, Tom’s the lead character.

      • Yes, I think you’re right. It will come down to Pope vs Tom. I don’t want him to assimilate, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him become a little more of a team player. More human vs aliens, less Pope vs Tom. At least for a while. But I doubt that will happen. Sigh…….

  2. Agree 100%. Every other character is so one-sidedly good that Pope stands out with his opportunistic ways. I like that. Now, in real life, if I were in that situation I would have put a bullet in Pope’s head a long time ago, but as a viewer I enjoy knowing that he could pull some serious junk at any time and cause no end to trouble.

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