Follow Up With Alex Ozerov of BLACKBIRD

Ozerov and Me

Alex and I after our interview -Greg
Photo Credit: Ben Boyd, Road Less Traveled Staff Photographer

While I was in Toronto late November, meeting with some production companies, I got the chance to sit down and catch up with Alex Ozerov, who plays Trevor in “Blackbird”, about what he has been up to lately. And the answer is: quite a lot.

Alex, who had a commanding performance in “Blackbird”, giving a scary authenticity to the role of Trevor, spring boarded from there to land various roles.

Earlier in November, he filmed a short principal role in the police drama “Rookie Blue.” The show, a Canadian production, is a hit in both Canada and the States, so this is a big stepping stone for the young Russian émigré to Canada.

Ozerov Suburban Goth

With undertones similar to “Blackbird” (the official description calls it “a dark coming of age comedy for outcasts everywhere.”), Alex also starred in a film called “Suburban Goth” where he plays a character named Tyler, the titular Goth kid. Tyler lives a pretty care free existence. He is living rent-free in his parents’ basement, where he is content to practice with his heavy metal band when he is suddenly thrust into “real life”. Forced to either move out or work at his father’s company, Tyler becomes the center of conflict and must reconcile who he is as an individual and as a member of a family. Fun side note, “Suburban Goth” had a screening in the TIFF Bell Lightbox 3, the same theatre “Blackbird” premiered in.

Ozerov Perfect Storm

Alex also jumps into his first time playing a real person. Playing a young Russian soldier in World War II, named Sergei, in History Channel’s docudrama “Perfect Storm”.

Ozerov also plays role in several short films, including two from the Canadian Film Centre.

In “Flammable”, the story of a middle-aged man named Richard, who finds himself caught in a world that is crumbling under the weight of growing anger and violence, Alex plays of the role of…Alex. Character name, not playing himself.

Ozerov also portrays Eric in the short film “Hierarchy”, described on the Internet Movie Database as the story of “A young man…forced to live on the street and meets a group of homeless men. One of them is a liar, one is a thief and one is violent. The events that led him where he is now are explained through the young man’s dreams and thoughts. Before he realizes that he has misplaced his trust, he is deceived by the group whose actions echo a past betrayal. Once again, he is betrayed through lies, theft and violence.”

Alex continues to have great praise for the Alza Acting Studio which he has been attending since he was 15 years old. When asked if you ever graduate from the studio he had this to say: the way they teach there, there is no “senior year” or “graduation”. Acting is a continual process. So you continue that. You are always changing; your craft also needs to change. They teach you so many different methods and ways of acting. Sometimes you have guest speakers, or you have regular instructors, but every day you learn something new.

There you have it folk; a quick check in with Alex Ozerov. I said in my previous interview with him to keep an eye on him, that he was going places, and thus far this is proving to be true. A true talent, Alex is nowhere near done in this industry, and I expect to see more great things from him!

Check out my previous interview with Alex, and my interview with cast mates Connor Jessup and Wayne Burns!


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