Season 3: What’s Coming?

Hey guys! Let me start off by apologizing profusely for the continued radio silence. If you follow us on Twitter, you know I am starting a new website, about independent film projects. But anyway this week I was in Toronto, Ontario, meeting with some production companies and some investors. Add to that authors’ busy lives and the lack of updates from TNT, beyond “It’s gonna be good.” and you get a lot of nothing.

Elizabeth returns to give us some more more theories about what may be coming down the pipeline in Season 3.

Howdy y’all,

Sorry about the silence. Falling Skies is filming the season finale of season three, the cast should be done by December 19th, according to what I have been reading on Twitter, this is all I can tell you.

Today Ashley Shields-Muir tweeted “We [are] shooting unbelievable shots on #FallingSkies today. They [are] so unbelievable, that [you] probably wouldn’t believe me, so my lips are sealed!”

On December 2 Colin Cunningham tweeted “The season has been SO complex. Big twists. Killer VFX. And the actors are really knocking it out of the park. So proud to be a part of it.” and “I’ll tell ya. The [writers] could have [very] easily just sat back and done the easy thing. A [battle] here, a [Skitter] there. But [instead] they went [nuts].”

What I’m about to write, will be pulled out of thin air, because there is really nothing to share… It’s SOOO sad, it really is. I will say this though, I’m hoping after they finish up the season three finale, and after the Holidays are over, we will start hearing some news, or see some pictures, or videos to get us ready for season three of Falling Skies. To any Falling Skies cast members, writers, or producers reading this article… *Gets on knees, and makes puppy dog eyes, and pouts* Please, oh please, can we read something, or see something about season three. I’m dying here, and y’all have me on my knees. Will I have to cry next? I don’t think y’all want to see me cry, but maybe I will have to cry to get what I want. I don’t think y’all want me to die either, so I think y’all should share, or show something to us.

So…they are doing things so unbelievable, that if they told us we wouldn’t believe them, so that means Anne does die! Does this mean Dai, and Jimmy comes back? Before any Anne fans come and kill me, I will leave Anne’s life in the writers’ hands, and not my own.

I’m thinking since The Walking Dead didn’t do a half zombie / half human baby, that Falling Skies will break out of their comfort shells, and take a shot at having the baby Anne is carrying be a human-alien hybrid, or maybe full alien. Now how did this happen is the question, and I will answer this for y’all. It’s not Tom’s baby, and if it is, the aliens must have done something to Tom’s DNA on the ship, and Tom looks normal, healthy, and fine to me, so I don’t think the writers could play that up, unless in the next comic, or during the season premiere we see Tom having some changes, maybe Tom will get super powers like Ben, that would be so cool.

Maybe after that explosion in Molon Labe, some crawlies crawled in, and since Anne is a female, they used Anne as a HOST, but if that happens then Anne would explode baby crawlies. I think that would be totally cool, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

I think the eye bugger that was in Tom’s eye, and is now in Hal’s brain can control minds, get information, and be some kind of tracking device, but I also believe the eye buggers can get you pregnant. So I believe one night while Tom was REALLY tired, he accidently fell asleep next to Anne, and one crawled out… and I’ll stop there, and keep this G rated for our younger views. I think the writers could pull off that Tom had some sleeper bugs in his body.

I believe in the season three finale, the baby, or half human-alien hybrid, or full alien baby will make an appearance, the question is will it be a baby, or child? Maybe a child that can grow up quickly, kind of like Bella’s and Edward’s baby in Breaking Dawn Part II. I don’t know if Anne will show back up, but from what I read in the previous interview that Moon Bloodgood did I think she gets taken away and won’t be back until season four, that’s IF she comes back, but maybe she will come back during the season three finale. Maybe they will do something to Anne if they take her away.

I also think in the season three finale Karen will be back and will cause some kind of chaos. I think the Overlord that is in the west may show up too. If Hal doesn’t have his brain surgery, by the time Anne gets taken away by the aliens, I could see Hal turning on the 2nd Mass with Karen, and the west coast Overlord, or a Skitter and Mech army coming after them. Maybe the baby will be bad and cause some kind of chaos too.

This new alien I don’t know if I trust it or not, I really do look forward to seeing an alien riding on a horse, and of course Tom Mason *Winks* but that is because I’m a Southern Belle, and I’m a sucker when it comes to scenes with my favorite character’s and animals.  I don’t trust anything from outer space, so I won’t trust the new alien until after the season finale, but maybe the new alien will help the humans, and when the new alien gets what it wants, maybe it turns on the humans, and locks them all up in a neutral zone. As a history nerd, and since it was talked about during season two, I would like to see one, if it’s not the 2nd Mass, or people of Charleston, then make it another unit.

I hope another alien doesn’t show up, and I would really hate if Tom has to be called to go onto the ship to save Anne, and not his baby. I think for the season three finale they need to go out with an action pack bang that will leave all the fans in total shock and speechless. Maybe they aliens attack Charleston, and blow it up, and we have to wait until season four to see who survives. Ok maybe nothing too shocking, because I would die waiting for season four. I would just like an awesome ending, and not a copy of the season one, or season two finale. Do something different, please.

I just wanted to end with that I don’t hate Anne; I think she is important because she is the Doctor for the 2nd Mass, and I’m very thankful that she saved Tom Mason when he was shot by friendly fire. I just dislike that the writers’ have developed Tom’s character wrong, or threw in a soap opera-love story in the middle or it all that was not ready to happen. I kind of view it as un-realistic too.

Elizabeth is Contributing Author on The Falling Skies Blog, a Tom Mason fanatic, and I hope she knows that if we hadn’t desperately needed updates, I would never have allowed a Twilight reference in any article ever.

She can be reached and and should be followed on at @7sweetprincess7

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on December 3, 2012.

6 Responses to “Season 3: What’s Coming?”

  1. God I feel old. Is anyone else aware that the alien hybrid baby thing has been done (badly) in the 80’s on a show called “V” (which was briefly redone a couple of years ago, but got canceled). So, I hope they don’t take up that old story line, but I am not looking forward to a baby. Maybe if there is a baby they could let Pope babysit and he might accidentally “lose” the kid or something…Nah, he probably likes kids. Especially screaming masonettes…… Anyway! I do like this article Elizabeth. Good Job!

    Hey Greg, what do you have against Twilight? I mean other than the movies being really, really bad?? I enjoyed the books (well the first one and the last one anyway) but after the first movie, I tuned out.

    Okay, this old lady has to go to bed now….. 🙂

  2. Maybe Anne and the baby dies, or the baby dies. But the only way to keep Falling Skies from going through another soap-opera throw in the middle with this baby, is to make it some kind of alien-human hybrid, or alien baby… Why did they write this in? This storyline upsets me so much! I think they are trying to kill me. 😛 The books are good. 🙂

  3. We should all write a fan fiction together while we wait for news, we can write in what we want to happen and be covered. 🙂 Maybe change some storylines, and kill some characters off we don’t like, or write back characters who have died.

    • oooohhhhh, that might be fun. I have been playing around with a few ideas for an article, but nothing seems to be just right. I may have to give this idea some thought. But for now I have to go to work…..real life is calling. :-/

  4. Dear Santa,
    All I want for Christmas is a dead Anne. I’ve been good this year (well, no worse than usual) and I think I deserve my one wish to come true.
    Thank you!

    Really, I agree with Tamara: the alien altered baby thing is seriously played out. The only way to redeem the show for me is to kill Anne and the baby. No more soap opera, period.

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