Season 3: What Do We Want?

Guest Writer Dawn returns from Twitter to give us her take on pretty much everything post-season and Season 3!
Some disclaimer stuff: I personally have not attempted to schedule to any interviews via TNT, so I cannot vouch for the process or any comments on it. Remember, any and all views and opinions expressed in an article reflect only those of the author, not necessarily of myself or the Blog -Greg

Falling Skies Season 3: A Fan’s Demands (Er, Hopeful Request)

 A lot of things can go through a person’s head when they’re stuck in a hospital bed recovering from a surgery.  Particularly at 3 am when the morphine drip is a little slow with catching up to the pain.  If you’re a Falling Skies fanatic, like me, it’s no surprise then that a lot of those thoughts revolved around next season and what we can expect.

Greg posted an interesting comment on Twitter awhile back.  Last season, in order to keep interest up, the Falling Skies cast and crew posted all sorts of tidbits and fun facts about production between Seasons 1 and 2.  This time around, with a solid fan base behind them, the usual communication vehicles are horribly silent.  From what I’m hearing on Twitter – and correct me if I’m wrong – even those folks that have been fans since Day 1 and have webpages/blogs specifically to laud the show and encourage followers, are being shot down on interview requests. 

I can’t help but wonder what, exactly, the Falling Skies/TNT production staffs are thinking.  They are taking a huge risk in assuming the interest will stay strong, considering the length between seasons and the relative newness of this show.  By refusing – or ignoring – interview requests from those folks that have provided free publicity since the very beginning, they add the greater risk of losing those outlets as well.  I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to post “No updates,” on those fan websites, but as someone who has to read it over and over again, it’s beyond aggravating. 

So I’ve taken it upon myself to decide what we’re going to see in Season 3.  I can only speculate that it must be so uber-top-secret, so shocking, that this is their way of guaranteeing that absolutely nothing leaks out beforehand.  I expect nothing less than absolute greatness from next season, to explain why things are so silent.  And, since I have a wild imagination and plenty of time on my hands at the moment, here is what I would consider “greatness” for

Season 3:


  • An expanded season.  Even if TNT only adds 2 or 4 additional episodes, it would go a long way toward making fans happy.  Plus, I’m sure Greg Beeman is tired of being asked “Why is the season so short?” on his blog.
  • An expanded timeframe for 2ND Watch, and let’s put it on TNT after the episode, please.  I understand the lure of making it strictly an online experience; if only to draw fans onto the website, but I’d much rather watch the interviews on a screen bigger than my laptop or iPhone.  And this would guarantee at least a half-hour interview, instead of the 10 or 15 minutes we were given last year.
    • On a more personal note, I REALLY hope the questions that Wil Wheaton pulls off Twitter or the audience asks are better next season.  I’m not sure how the questions were selected, but a lot of them fell flat.  I mean, seriously, how many times do we have to ask about where Maggie and Hal’s relationship is going?

Now, let’s focus on some of the characters themselves.  Season 1 did a wonderful job of fleshing out most of the main characters, but I found Season 2 sadly lacking in character development, except in the case of Ben.  I can only hope that we see some of this happen next season:

Tom Mason: I’d like to see more of Tom’s historical roots reappear next season.  I know he had a lot happen to him in S2 to change him up, but I personally liked the subtle reminders of his past life, and how he could incorporate those teachings in the present day.

Anne Glass: I will probably hear a lot of screaming after this prediction, but here goes…I am thinking we will see the end of Anne in S3.  This will give Lourdes a chance to step forward and give her character a much-needed nudge into the spotlight.  And I really think there is more than meets the eye (bug) on Anne’s pregnancy; therefore, for her to die while birthing an alien would open up the show to all kinds of new storylines. 

Hal Mason: Loved him in S1, got annoyed with him in S2.  Obviously, the fact that he’s now carrying around his own alien bug(s) at the moment could mean a complete change of character for him, and I actually hope that happens; let’s turn Hal into this brooding, almost puppet-like guy who has no idea how to tease and flirt.  I know Tom’s bug didn’t cause any suspicions until it made its squirming exit, but Hal’s bug came direct from Karen, so we can hope it has some kind of influence over him to make things interesting.

Ben Mason: As one of my favorite characters, I can’t find much fault with his performance to date and my predictions fall into one of those vague “keep up the good work” wishes.   I can only hope and pray that they don’t throw a love interest at him.  I wouldn’t mind seeing some interaction between him and other deharnessed kids, or even some interaction between him and still-harnessed kids; could you imagine how things would have gone if Ben had met Jenny, our crusty gal in episode 208? 

 Matt Mason: The youngest “prince” of the Second Mass stepped up in S2, but not without a few blunders of judgment (hello, Harnessing Facility).  I can honestly say I’m not that sure where his character should go next season.  I understand his need to help out, but he also seems needy for relationships with kids his own age.  Perhaps S3 can see a few more kids floating around that he can hang with, while also learning how to help out in ways that won’t require his rescue.   

John Pope: You either love him or hate him, it seems.  A lot of it has to do with his hinted-at past and his general lack of respect for authority.  I would love for S3 to reveal some of Pope’s secrets.  What exactly was his relationship with Maggie?  He certainly hints often enough that he knows all kinds of deep dark things about her.  I have to wonder – did he know about the rapes?  We all assume that he had to, but part of me wonders (wishes) that might not be the case, if only to give Pope some semblance of a heart.  I liked how he bonded a bit with Matt in S1, but S2 had Pope here, there, and everywhere, and not doing much of anything to make him better-liked.  I certainly think if he had died in S2, there wouldn’t have been nearly the outcry as there was for (sob) Dai.

Speaking of Dai.  Here is where I want to toss out my main reason for the hush-hush going on this year.  What bigger shock could TNT give us, than to have Dai return?  I mean, think of how often the poor guy was injured in S1.  Even in the between-season comic he got thrown off his motorcycle, but still managed to limp home and warn the Second Mass of the incoming Mech and Skitter cache.  For him to die being tossed into a wall by the Overlord in S2 was ridiculous.  Sure, Peter Shinkoda posts a lot of Facebook updates about where he’s going and what he’s doing, but part of me wants to believe it’s a clever rouse, to further convince us fans that he’s parted ways with the show as expected.  What better way to redeem themselves to the fans but to explain that the production silence was due to hiding the revival of Dai?    

Finally, let’s get a bit more character development for the Berserkers, particularly Crazy Lee and Anthony.   Anthony especially needs a better storyline, other than as Pope’s babysitter.  Here is a character that screams for more development, and not only because I am a fan of Mpho Koaho personally.  I think it’s time for TNT to bring some of the recurring cast to the frontlines and give us some more people to root for.  I understand the need to bring in new characters from time to time, but I think they are selling themselves short by not focusing on some great characters they already have, but don’t necessarily use to their full potential.

Well, there you have it folks.  Another ramble from yours truly, to fill in some of the dead air we have going on while we eagerly await the next season of one of our favorite shows.  I can only hope it gave you some things to think about, argue about, whatever your heart desires while we count down the months until Falling Skies returns.     

 Dawn provided this bio for herself:

Dawn discovered Falling Skies when Season 2 was nearly over, and spent a hellish amount of time catching up (sleep? Work? Okay, she did draw the line at food…). While browsing the internet for anything Falling Skies, she discovered Twitter and the many fans that hang out there, and the rest is history. 

Dawn can be followed on Twitter at @dawnmarie0301.

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11 Responses to “Season 3: What Do We Want?”

  1. Yes, I want history Tom back, or old Tom back, he kind of disappeared in season two because of the whole Tom and Anne relationship/soap opera they were trying to push. I love you Dawn! Bye bye Anne! Mahaha! hehe. 😀

  2. Agree with everything you said. I love Ben (nods to Greg) and want to see as much of him as I can, but the other characters deserve some development, too. In fact, I believe most of the other characters took a step back in development with all the soap opera nonsense that went on between Tom and Anne and Maggie and Hal.

    The best thing, maybe the only thing, that would get the show and the characters back on track would be for Anne and Maggie to die. Anne…meh, was never much of anything but “the doctor” anyway. No big loss. Maggie I like and it would suck to lose her, but it would end all the giggly junk and push Hal back to the soldier he was in S1. In fact, I’d like to see EyeBug Hal kill Maggie and Anne. Change up the character, take him to a different mindset when he comes back to himself and realizes what he’s done.

  3. Oh, I agree with you on all points! Well, except there is one thing I don’t get. Did I miss something about Dai that made him so great? Because from where I a sitting, it seems we barely heard anything from him. He was background, like most of our under utilized cast. Sometimes I think (when I am really bored and pissed at TNT for the long silence) they should rename the show “Tom Mason and the Masonettes” since it feels like it’s all about Tom and his boys, all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tom, Hall, Ben, & Matt. But there is a whole cast of characters, like Dai, that I would love to get to know better.

    Sorry for the rant. Great job on the article Dawn! Thanks for filling the void that TNT has left in our lives! LOL!

  4. Hey now! I actually like that title. I’m just playing. You are right Tamara, Falling Skies writers, and producers really need to develop the characters they have placed in the back. I don’t really blame the characters that are developed, it’s the writers, and producers who are focusing it around them. Tom, Ben, and Weaver etc, are very important characters, but so are the others, and I really want to know more about the under developed characters past, and see them more. From what I have been seeing on Twitter, it looks like we may see more Anthony, Crazy Lee, and Tector this upcoming season. I really wish they would have developed Dai, before killing him off. 😦 I really hope, he comes back, I like to think he really isn’t dead. If they do any more Tom developments they will have to break up Anne and Tom, since they developed Tom the wrong way. I wanted to learn more about Tom’s past, and family’s past before the invasion, more about Rebecca, I wanted to see him talk more about history, and helping the Second Mass with his knowledge. This relationship/soap opera they have created for him, was too fast, too pushed onto us (well on me it was pushed on :P) , and was just not right for his character. Now we have this alien baby that will cause more trouble for his character developments in season three and future seasons, maybe, it may work out. Why did they do this to me?! 😛 lol They did this for the fangirls, and yes I’m a Tom Mason fangirl, but this is not what I wanted at all. Oh no, look I’m ranting. I need to stop before I get out of control lol. Great job Dawn! Sorry about my own little rant… I just couldn’t control myself. When it comes to Tom, and what they have done to him, I just explode!

  5. Just to add, every time I see this picture, I can’t help but laugh. I love it! 😀

  6. No Captain Weaver? I personally think he’s one of the best characters but he clearly doesn’t exist in your world.

    • Thanks for the comments so far :). Kudz, I know I didn’t mention Captain Weaver…hence the wording of “some” characters. I love Weaver & can’t say I have a thing he needs to change…love how his emotions are leaking thru with Jeanne, love how he’s changed from his civilian/fighter stance to one big “Second Mass” unit.

      Tamara – Dai to me was always the silent serious soul of the group. Not much to say, but always willing to step up and pull his weight. And his aim at alien structures & air crafts was dead-on, and his comments afterward always made me grin :). Dunno, just plan liked him & had a tantrum at my TV at his demise.

      Beth – now there’s a wicked plot twist!!! Evil Hal killing & then having to face what he’s done when he’s debugged – my oh my. I like 🙂

      Elizabeth – knew you’d like the Anne prediction LOL. Totally understand the rant 🙂

  7. Hey everyone – thanks for the comments so far 🙂

    Kudz – Captain Weaver definitely exists in my world – but my article mentioned it was about “some” character expectations, and in my opinion, Captain Weaver doesn’t need to change anything. I love how his emotional side is leaking through with Jeanne, and how he has shifted from thinking “civilians/fighters” to one main “Second Mass” group. He’s as hard-headed as always, but we’re starting to see a few other layers under that gruff exterior.

    Tamara – I just always liked Dai, he was this strong, silent guy in the background, but he was always willing to step forward and do his part when needed. Plus his aim was excellent when it came to taking down alien aircraft or structures, and his comments after he did so were pretty funny IMO. I dunno, there was just something about him that made me throw a tantrum at my TV at his demise.

    Beth – LOVE that potential plot of yours! Evil Hal killing, and then being debugged and having to face what he did?? Ohh, what an episode that would be! I’d like to keep Maggie around, personally, but let’s get away from her “deep dark past” and move forward please.

    Elizabeth – knew you’d like my plans for Anne LOL. Agree w/ your “rant” – we definitely need to pull back from the romantic stuff, and focus on what this series is all about – dealing with an alien invasion & how we as humans are trying to survive while also kicking alien a$$.

  8. Okay, WordPress is messing with me. It appeared to wipe out my first response, so I redid it and…look…both there! Oh well. Good times 🙂

  9. It’s there twice because I had to approve the first one. Then it automatically approved the second one. -Greg

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