Conspiracy Theory #4: Hal Mason, Walking External Hard Drive?

Today we have a guest writer. I recently started interacting with Dawn on Twitter, and she has some great stuff to say about Falling Skies. She brings us some more theories on Hal Mason and Season 3!

I Spy, With Mine Own Eye (Bug)…

Ever since the producers put the kibosh on the onset pics Luciana Carro and Mpho Koaho were posting on Twitter, the gossip grapevine has been irritatingly silent about Falling Skies Season 3. We’ve received a few teasers, some mentions of new characters, but mostly the entire cast has been practicing Operational Silence and we’ve heard nary a peep (damn them). This, of course, means that those of us who are huge Falling Skies fans (ahem obsessed ahem) are left to our own musings, and can run wild with our own speculations and insights on what Season 3 will bring.

The other night, when I was attempting to sleep, I found myself musing on those eye bugs that we were introduced to in Episode 202. I formed my own hypothesis on what their purpose is, and then ran wildly with it. Of course, that meant that I didn’t fall asleep for quite a long time, but that’s what morning coffee is for J

I’ve come to the conclusion that the eye bugs are like little bitty zip drives with the ability to transmit the data wirelessly to its “owner.” Think about it. Of all of the Overlord minions that we’ve been introduced to, they have been the most understated and had the least screen time, but I truly think these little bugs hold the key to all sorts of mind-boggling wickedness. Mechs are the big bad bots capable of instilling fear with just their mechanical groans and thudding feet. Skitters are everywhere, determined to harness our kids and wreak havoc whenever and wherever they can. And those creepy crawlies? After watching them burst out of Jamil, I for one feel an extra burst of “eek” whenever I see a harmless spider on the wall.

But those eye bugs…they apparently can sneak into us with no one the wiser. I believe they can sneak out just as easily, as proven by the one that took a trip from Hal’s eye to his ear in Episode 210. I think that the eye bug that Anne removed from Tom was deliberately “caught.” When Tom was in the spaceship, I think the eye bug was placed in him by Red Eye, per instructions by the Overlord. Then, when Tom returned to the Second Mass, Red Eye called his eye bug home. Who is to say that it couldn’t have slipped out while Tom was sleeping? I think Red Eye followed Tom’s route back to the Second Mass via the eye bug. Once he knew that Tom was back where he needed him to be, he had the eye bug make its bloody escape, so that the Second Mass would know about this additional danger from the aliens.

Of course, very little was said about that eye bug. Anne plopped it in a jar, there was some talk about how icky it was, and then it managed to melt a hole in its jar, grow wings, and fly away. Even when Lourdes makes the Great Escape discovery, we hear nothing more about the bug. Greg Beeman, in his blog, admitted that there was originally some script outlines written to address the eye bug’s vanishing act, but they never came to fruition. I think this was done on purpose. Sneak in a potential new threat, sneak it out with little fanfare…then, BOOM! Bring it back for the season finale so we have months to chew over exactly what the little sucker(s) is/are doing to Hal.

Based on what little information we’ve been told about these little eye bugs, here are my thoughts on how they will affect Season 3:

I believe, as I mentioned earlier, that these eye bugs are like little data transmitters. As such, I think that each Skitter has their own little eye bug collection that stores information for the Overlords. These bugs can go back and forth between the Skitters and the Overlords, or between Skitters and humans…gathering, storing, providing information as needed. For all we know, it was these eye bugs that handled the pre-invasion Intel. We have so many funky bugs on this planet – I, for one, would have barely thought about it if I saw an eye bug in flight. Probably would have thought I was seeing a dragonfly.

So, if Skitters have these bugs: it would make sense that Karen, as another harnessed slave to the Overlords, had her share of them as well. She passes a couple to Hal. I believe that Hal will act normally, for all intents and purposes totally unaware that he is now a bug carrier. The Evil Hal look we got at the end of Episode 210 was the writers’ way of reintroducing the eye bugs to us, and perhaps showing that these eye bugs have the ability to take control of their host (basically, Karen exuded her influence over Hal). I think that after Evil Hal blinked a few times, he became normal Hal, and left the room to go see what’s up with the rest of the unit, unknowingly sending back information to Karen – who is likely on her way to find another Overlord to link up with. Until then, Karen will be able to keep track of the goings on of Charleston via Hal.

Elizabeth will likely enjoy this next part to my theory, since she’s so anti-Anne-pregnancy. Let’s say that Tom still has an eye bug or two within him. At some point, he transfers one to Anne (everyone, keep your minds out of the gutter; let’s keep it clean & say they were asleep & the bug went out Tom’s eye and into Anne’s…). This might explain how Karen was able to tell that Anne was pregnant. What if Anne’s baby is housing its own eye bug or two, and that was able to be communicated to Karen? Imagine if the baby was born, fully under control of the Overlords via the eye bug transmitters. How would Tom and Anne respond if their baby acted very un-baby-like? What other doors of intrigue might this throw open – the talk alone on who could or could not be “infected” would probably send Weaver searching frantically for another bottle of Glenlivet.

For those of you saying, “Wait, if Tom had any eye bugs left in him, they were linked with Red Eye. He was no longer controlled by the Overlords, so shouldn’t his eye bugs also be silent?” Well, yes, maybe…while he was still alive. But we all know what happened when Ben and Uncle Scott jammed the Mech signals in Episode 110 – the Mechs retreated. Without Red Eye to divert them, the eye bugs likely homed back in to the main frequency.

I could go on and on about this theory of mine, but figure it’s time to stop rambling and see what the masses think. I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s puzzled over the eye bugs and drawn their own conclusions. I can only hope that Season 3 will expound on them – until then, I’m making up my own stories to keep the resistance strong.

Dawn provided this bio for herself:
Dawn discovered Falling Skies when Season 2 was nearly over, and spent a hellish amount of time catching up (sleep? Work? Okay, she did draw the line at food…). While browsing the internet for anything Falling Skies, she discovered Twitter and the many fans that hang out there, and the rest is history. 

Dawn can be followed on Twitter at @dawnmarie0301.

Keep the Resistance Strong!


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One Response to “Conspiracy Theory #4: Hal Mason, Walking External Hard Drive?”

  1. The theories here make some sense I think. I’ve long believed that Tom’s eye bug was put there by RED EYE deliberately to track him back to the 2nd Mass but I think he did that of his own free will as part of the rebellion with no instructions from the OVERLORDS. He needed to know where Tom was so he could keep an eye on him and perhaps involve him in the skitter rebellion – Maybe that was the act that outed RED EYE as the rebel leader and put him on the run because if you think about it he WAS on the ship and in the presence of Karen and the OVERLORD so he obviously was trusted then, maybe the eye bug in Tom was his last act before they discovered his deception?

    I don’t think Tom has any “spare” bugs however so I would disagree with you there but you could be right, there’s only one way to tell I guess.

    As for Hal and his eye bug my theories about that have already been documented courtesy of Tom’s article on TiBS a while back and that is the theory I’m sticking with until I see otherwise.

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