Conspiracy Theory #3: Anne On the Way Out?

News on Season 3 has been thin on the ground, with a few exceptions. Elizabeth returns to respond to a recent interview by Moon Bloodgood!

I was right! Anne the Host, and Anne Gone! Holy Cow! *Does happy dance*

Howdy y’all! The blog has been quiet about Falling Skies lately… Sorry about that, there really hasn’t been any season three news, updates, or even pictures being released yet. It’s been very quiet, and as a Falling Skies fan it is killing me; I just have to know what is going on, and everything about Tom Mason. Yesterday I was searching the internet, and I did find an interview from Moon Bloodgood about season three and Anne. If you haven’t read it already, you can read it HERE. Now I’m going to sum up the interview and probably add some predictions.

So at the end of season two we all know that Anne is pregnant *Coughs* with alien child *Coughs*. As I have said many times, it is not Tom Mason’s; Tom is not the baby’s Daddy. We all know Moon is pregnant in real life, and according to the interview Anne will only be in seven episodes of season three, since she is due sometime in December (filming for season three ends in December), and she is probably taking maturity leave.

So Anne will be gone by episode seven, and by gone, I mean she could have been taken by the aliens, or Moon could be hiding that her character Anne gets killed off. So you all can decide how Anne will be gone. Maxim Knight did post on Facebook when he added some behind the scene pictures of him on set that he just got done shooting some very dramatic scenes… so it makes me wonder if Anne is just gone and will come back, or is she really gone and never coming back. Moon did say she may be back not in season three, but in season four, but that is a maybe. Moon could be hiding that her character got killed off… or she really does return. I don’t know, we won’t know until episode seven with what happens.

After reading this interview it looks like Anne will be carrying an alien baby! Well that is the vibe I’m getting. So my Anne the Host article is coming true. But then again this baby could be human, and the aliens want the baby for whatever reasons; you all can decide if it is an alien or human baby.

Moon also reviles there will be a new character in season three that we do not know about, she said it will be a real game changer. So is this character human or an alien? I guess we will have to find out in season three.

Since so many fans were upset about the pregnancy storyline, it makes me wonder if something will happen to Anne. Writing in an alien baby, I just don’t know how that will impact the fans of the show. The writers know what they are doing… I hope. I hope they don’t let us down in season three.

Elizabeth is Contributing Author on The Falling Skies Blog, a Tom Mason fanatic, and no, that wasn’t NEARLY enough Ben references, but it’s been a slow week.

She can be reached and and should be followed on at @7sweetprincess7

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~ by The Falling Skies Blog on October 21, 2012.

5 Responses to “Conspiracy Theory #3: Anne On the Way Out?”

  1. Thank you for such an insight! I hope Anne is gone. Our luck thou, she is takin by the aliens like Tom mason was, then released at season 4 premier when she is no longer pregnant. Who knows, they will find her with her memory wiped, doesn’t know she was pregnant and shockingly no baby in sight. That would be one way to change her entire character. We shall see.

  2. Interesting article but I really don’t see how Tom CAN NOT be the father, as far as we’ve seen Anne hasn’t “been” with anyone else and I don’t remember her being abducted by aliens at any point. Besides Karen already said in the finale that Tom was the father.

    My guess is Tom IS the father but that when he was himself an alien prisoner they did something to him which could quite possibly make the baby less than 100% human. Sio it will in fact be a human/alien hybrid ala Max and Tess’ baby on ROSWELL or perhaps closer to the star child on the original V.

    Also MOON said in the interview that she would be back but not for Season 3 so unless TNT Cancel it (WHICH THEY’D BETTER NOT) Anne will return in Season 4, of that there can be no doubt.

  3. I could see that happening too Chris. I can also see the child being an alien/ human hybrid too Matthew. I know Tom is the father, I just like to say he is not the father because I hate the whole pregnancy storyline they came up with. Lets hope the storyline doesn’t let us down in season three.

  4. I also say Tom is not the baby’s father, because I’m a huge Tom lover. Just in case y’all haven’t notice yet. But anyone can die on Falling Skies, and they made that very clear with killing of characters we love, so who knows, Anne may be killed off, even though she probably wont.

  5. From your mouth to the writers’ ears, but I’m not optiminstic. They’ve relied too heavily on the soap opera crap to let it go now. Still, I’ll gladly admit I was wrong if Dr. Chewtoy dies!

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