Blackbird Wins Yet Again! Best Canadian Feature Film at VIFF! @bbblackbirdfilm @agency71

BLACKBIRD was awarded the Best Canadian Feature Film at the Vancouver International Film Festival! This is such a huge honor, but it not a surprise at all.

Thus far, and I’m doing this from memory so I may miss something, BLACKBIRD has won: Best Atlantic Screenwriter, Best Atlantic Director, and $1500 Michael Weird Award, and Best Feature at the Atlantic Film Festival. It was also selected as “Essential Viewing” for TIFF, and the Next Wave Committee, as well as winning Best First Feature at Toronto International Film Festival!

It is an amazing film, and deserves all of these accolades and more. So, congratulations to all involved!

And once again, for those who have been asking, I do not personally have any concrete updates for the BLACKBIRD release date. I won’t post rumors, as soon as I have anything official I am allowed to share, I will post it on the Blog. I am just as eager as you are to get the official dates, as I am heading back to Toronto for the theatrical release and I kind of need to buy airfare at some point.

For more perspective on Blackbirdalso check out my interviews with Alex Ozerovand Connor Jessup! Also be sure to check out my own review of Blackbird from the Toronto International Film Festival.


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on October 12, 2012.

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