The New, Not So Improved, Tom Mason?

Elizabeth kicks of the first what I hope to be many (at least a few?) post S2 character revisions. So, here it is:

Can I Have The Old Tom Mason Back?

Howdy y’all! I hope everyone is doing well. I’m here to do an update on Tom Mason. You can read my previous article on him HERE

Before I talk about Tom Mason again, and instead of doing two articles I’ll just include a little about Noah Wyle in this one, since I told Greg I wanted to write about Noah too. For those who don’t know and I’m sure most of you know that Tom Mason is played by the fabulous actor Noah Wyle on Falling Skies. Noah is best known for as Dr. John Carter on E.R, Flynn Carsen from The Librarian Movies, and as Steve Jobs in Pirates of Silicon Valley. He is also creative producer of The Blank Theatre Company. If you love Noah as much as me, and you haven’t seen his other works you should check out what I listed above or you can find his complete works on his IMDB page. He is my favorite actor and I think I can be considered his number one fan since I have watched him since I was a little girl. If you want to know more about Noah, you can just ask me on Twitter.

Now onto to Tom Mason… I left off on “Molon Labe” so I will begin with “Death March” In “Death March” we all got to see a Tom who broke down. His son Matt gave him a will, just in case he didn’t make it to Charleston. He had to let his son Ben go to be with the Skitter Resistance and when the Second Mass made it to Charleston, Hal was missing, the bridge was gone, Charleston was destroyed, and what Tom hoped for his family and him, he believed was gone. We got to see Tom break down and cry on the bus. But in the end there was a Charleston and Tom’s hope came back.

In “The Price of Greatness” we got to learn more about Tom Mason’s past. Tom was reunited with an old friend, mentor and previous History Professor Arthur Manchester. I know some of you are tired of the Mason family developments but I would like to see more of Tom Mason’s past. I would like to see flashbacks of his family before the invasion and see Tom Mason lecturing as a History Professor. A girl can dream, right?! He also gives a powerful moving speech to get the people of Charleston and Mr. Manchester to agree with him with taking the fight to the aliens.

In “A More Perfect Union” Tom joins up with the Skitter Resistance and the Second Mass and him do take the fight to the Overlord. We got to see Tom Mason beat the crap out of the Overlord. If you were over at my house watching this episode with me, you would have heard me cheering on Tom to beat the crap out of that Overlord and yes I was jumping up and down like crazy person. We also got to see a desperate side to Tom after Karen tells Anne’s secret of being pregnant with Tom’s baby. I swear it’s not Tom’s baby, it’s the aliens or Anne is carrying an alien child or crawlies. She is a host! Anyways back to what I was saying… he almost spilled the beans to save Anne and his unborn child. That is very sweet of you Tom, but I’m still very jealous and hurt. You broke my heart! In the end Tom’s whole family was reunited, well in a way Hal was sleeping beauty until he woke up and looked into the mirror to show he was evil and a bugger crawled into his brain. I wonder how this will affect Tom in season three. Anyways in the very end for the cliffhanger for the season two finale we got to see Tom’s shocked face, well I think it was mixture of shocked and what the heck when the new alien showed itself.

Now time for a little rant… can I have the old Tom Mason back? *Gets own on hands and knees.* Pretty please with sugar on top! I’m talking season one Tom Mason before Anne and him hooked up. I miss the history lectures. I miss the Mason family moments and hugs and yes there was some in season two, but all I saw was Tom and Anne and Anne and Tom. Deep down inside there is the man I fell in love with… I mean character. Deep down inside Tom is still a kind-hearted, intelligent and brave family man. He is still a man who leads with intellect and I really want the old Tom Mason back!

You don’t have to kill Anne off, I’m not asking for that; can’t you just break them up? But now you can’t because you made her prego. If you get rid of the pregnancy storyline in some way, you can then break up Tom and Anne. I feel like Tom and Anne hooked up too soon, it wasn’t even a year after Tom’s wife death and Anne’s husband death. If I was Tom Mason, I wouldn’t even be interested in love or finding love because my family would be my first priority and my second would be kicking the alien’s butts off planet Earth. Love and a more children can come later after the aliens are gone. Doesn’t this make more sense for a storyline, than throwing in a soap opera in the middle when Falling Skies is getting really good? I think so!

Even if you continue on with this whole Tom and Anne relationship I will always love Tom and Falling Skies, but that doesn’t mean at home while I’m watching the scenes between them I won’t take my remote and act like it’s a laser to shoot at Anne or make the laser tare them apart, and yes I do this.

I’m looking forward to season three and seeing Tom on a horse, yes the Southern Belle, Country Girl, and Cowgirl in me is really looking forward to Tom riding on a horse. Yee Haw! I look forward to seeing what happens next to him, his character developments and overall what will be happening in season three.

Oh my God! I just confessed my love for Tom Mason… oh well; I think everyone knows I’m in love with him, so it doesn’t really matter. I know I’m not the only one who is in love with a character. I think Tammy is in love with Pope and I’m sure every fan out there has a love for one of the characters. Don’t hide it y’all! Confess your love!

Here is my one out of twelve Ben references Greg asked for… “Ben is Awesome!” I hope this will be enough to get this article posted.

Elizabeth is Contributing Author on The Falling Skies Blog, a Tom Mason fanatic, and no, that wasn’t NEARLY enough Ben references, but it’s been a slow week.

She can be reached and and should be followed on at @7sweetprincess7

Keep the Resistance Strong!



~ by The Falling Skies Blog on October 5, 2012.

5 Responses to “The New, Not So Improved, Tom Mason?”

  1. Dammit, why doesn’t WordPress have a superlike button? Anyway, agreed 100%. Tom’s character has devolved and the show suffered for it.

    The Tom/Anne gigglefest needs to end and everyone get back to business. The squealing fangirls have had their brainless fun and it’s time to go back to focusing on the conflict, action, and character development.

    And for the record, I never liked Anne, so if they want to feed her to an Overlord or something equally nasty, I’m behind it.

  2. The writers could have definitely changed Anne’s character some, I don’t care for it, however I wouldn’t go as far as to feed her to an overlord like Beth would^.

    Now a man (Noah) has to “get some” if you know what I mean, and I understand you don’t want to build tom like a “player” and get every girl out there, so the writers gave him a women. Which I would have done too, however I think this could have been a more behind the scenes, “yea they are together but not a strong story point in the show.” Not what happened, there love for each other became front page headlines in the “Falling Skies Chronicle.”

    Great post Elizabeth!

    • Overlord breakfast, Chris! I want a nice heartwarming scene with two Overlords sharpening knives. “White meat or dark, Randy?” “You know I’m a breast man, Steve—Hahahahahaha!”

      • OK, if they actually do that then fine I will allow it LOL.

        I just think she is a savable character. Have them brake up, she continues to be the “doctor” of the bunch and round goes the world…
        That just gave me a thought. If that happens then Tom will find someone else and Ann will get into a fight with Tom’s new wifey afro women saying “oh no you don’t. Don’t go there girl friend (snaps fingers back and forth)” lol. OK it’s to early, my imagination is going wild.
        Keep the Resistance Strong!

      • She’s savable…if the Overlords have enough Tupperware and a big freezer. Okay, okay, I like the idea of Tom’s sassy black wife. I love the Masons dearly, but they need some sass and someone to check Ben’s emo cutting moods. “Save the drama for your dead mama, here’s a tissue for your issue, spike boy!”

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