A Glimmer of Hope? Stephen Collins Joins Falling Skies

Hey guys! You are in for a shock. Yes, I, Greg am writing about Falling Skies. Take a moment to recover.

It is no secret that I have VERY mixed feelings about the prospects for Season 3. Ben supposedly abandoning (yeah, I said it, abandoning) the Skitter Rebellion, a “meh” shocker of a new alien, very unconfirmed rumors that they are searching for a love interest for Ben, the guy from House’s character arc implying (I said implying, calm down) that we are going to be tied to Charleston for half a season. THE UNHOLY PREGNANCY OF ANNE GLASS THAT MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS.

And, of course, Dai being the only person in the ENTIRE HISTORY of science fiction to be killed because he got thrown kind of hard at a wall. Seriously, this is a genre where no one ever really dies. People are disintegrated, shot, burned, beheaded, and vaporized only to return an episode later with “Surprise! I’m alive! Didn’t think a little thing like being shot a dozen times would slow me down did you?”

Still, I continue to love Falling Skies. In no way am I upset that is GOING to be a third season. All of these are things that can corrected, adjusted, or just plain glossed over. I maintain hope that the Ben love interest thing is just a smokescreen. Or, it could be an art imitating life thing where some girl follows Ben around screaming his name and demanding he follow her on Twitter cause they “totally met at that thing one time.” Plus I got a boost when I interviewed Connor Jessup and he assured me that Ben continues his action hero arc.

So, in other news. I was excited to read in this article that Stephen Collins, the father on 7th Heaven, joins the cast as Benjamin Hathaway, President of the United States. The article goes on to state:

“The character is described as a confident man exuding charisma who has been forced into combat against the aliens. Stationed in Colorado, he has been sending out sniper teams all over the nation to locate survivors. He wants to meet Tom (Noah Wyle) to see how he and the 2nd Mass have been winning the war against the outer space creatures.”

I am excited about this for a lot of reasons. One, I think Collins a great actor who will do well in this role. Two, it is nice to be right when I rant about how there’s no way EVERYBODY in the entire government was killed. Most of all, this move reminds me a lot of one of my all-time favorite shows: Jeremiah. If you have not seen this show, which sadly only had two seasons, watch it now. Right now. It is a great journey into a politically complex post-apocalyptic military throw down.

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on October 4, 2012.

3 Responses to “A Glimmer of Hope? Stephen Collins Joins Falling Skies”

  1. I’m curious about the government, too. There are elaborate plans for disaster that are supposed to keep the government in some kind of working order and the powers that be safe. Of course, with communications knocked out it’s kinda moot, but it’ll be interesting to find out the plans for rebuilding.

  2. I will second you Greg, I loved Jeremiah! I am desperately looking forward to all the new characters and for the show to continue on. Keep the blog posts coming, I read them all! 😀

  3. Thanks Chris! We appreciate you taking the time to comment. We put up a lot of traffic, but it seems like we’re talking to ourselves sometimes!

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