The (Not So?) Deep, Dark Secret of Maggie


I’ve wanted to put up an article like this for a long time. We’ve had a lot of search engine traffic asking about the “Dark Secret” that Maggie revealed in “Death March” but, as Justin will explain, we haven’t really examined it in detail. Until today.

Hello, everyone! I’m back again to pollute your computer screens (and minds) with more of my inane writings! In any event, we all watched as Maggie revealed her dirty secrets to Hal in the pickup en route to Charleston during ‘Death March.’ And since then, none of us have properly reported on it. So for the curious, those looking to recap, and all other assorted readers, I have taken on the proud duty of airing Maggie’s dirty laundry to you all! And I narrated it in my best Valley Girl speak, so feel free to read it that way. We are gossiping after all.

“Did you hear about that Maggie girl? I head she was a junkie!” Yes, yes, that was merely phase one of Maggie’s confession on the road, where the truck became the confessional and Hal became the priest. She confessed that she got hooked on drugs at the tender age of sixteen after her bout with cancer left her hairless, frail, and ostracized. Now this may not be such a ‘dirty’ secret to most. Like most of you, I have experience in high school. In fact, I’m still living it! And most of us (if not all) probably knew (or know) one or two (usually very rich) tools who thought it was just ‘so much fun’ to get high. So this was probably not much of a shock to Hal either. I mean, does it shatter the idealistic image he had of Goldilocks? Absolutely. But nonetheless not very intriguing or surprising. Maggie admitted to smoking pot before anyway. Moving on…

“Oh my God! I heard she slept with a junkie!” Guilty as charged. After being discharged, our broken songbird felt the need to run away from it all. Can’t really fault her for it, though, as teenagers are mean and I don’t find it hard to believe they would have tormented her for her frail appearance, lack of hair, and other chemo side-effects. Maggie confesses to Hal that she got involved with another junkie who got her into (presumably) heroin and other inject-able drugs. She admits she lived with him for some time and presumably ‘had relations’ with him, too. Now is this surprising? Not really, not to us. We knew she was a high-risk character from the get-go. But for Hal this had to be somewhat disappointing if not devastating. Again, this carefully pieced-together worldview has fallen apart because he’s clean-cut and she’s…not. But still, he had to have known about promiscuity. He’s a high school student for crying out loud! So while disappointing, it’s still not too surprising.

“And then I heard she got, like, arrested or something!” Phase three of Maggie’s tell-all reveals that she was arrested. Because she was broke and addicted to drugs, she and her druggie boyfriend started breaking into houses and stealing money from them. They would then use this money for…you guessed it…more drugs! Of course, that all fell apart when they got busted. Maggie was sent to Framingham Correctional Facility, which is an actual women’s prison in Massachusetts. Props to the writers for looking that up on Wikipedia. Again, no shock for a viewer. She was with Pope’s band of ‘degenerates’ when we met her so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume she was arrested once in her life (at least). For Hal, this was again probably not too shocking for the same reason. Although he seems content to view her as a damsel in distress, so it may have once more ruined his idealistic image of her.

“But seriously, you’re not gonna believe what I heard. I heard…that she was pregnant!” This was the real ‘bombshell’(if you could call it that) of Maggie and Hal’s slumber party pillow talk. Maggie confessed that she entered Framingham at three months pregnant and delivered a baby boy.

The boy was then taken from her and she never saw him again. She remembers his ‘beautiful eyes.’ This inevitably raises the question of who the father is. Well we aren’t sure, really, we just know that she had a baby. So viewers were no doubt underwhelmed by this. We all wanted some horrific story of murder, tragedy, or perhaps psychotic killing sprees mixed with necrophilia and cannibalism. THAT would have been a deep dark secret. But the baby thing? As most readers aptly put it: ‘meh.’ Still, it was significant in the sense that it broke Hal down beyond speech. So now, she’s not the gorgeous, blonde, ass-kicking girl but rather the junkie, ex-con, not-a-virgin girl. In terms of character development, the secret(s)were heavy stuff to digest. For most audience members who had pretty much figured it out ahead of time, it was simply a ‘we know’ moment. So THAT was some juicy gossip! What did you think? Agree with my points? Disagree? COMMENT! We would love to hear it!

Justin is a Contributing Author here at THE Falling Skies Blog, often defends the weaker characters, and does a scary good valley girl impression.

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7 Responses to “The (Not So?) Deep, Dark Secret of Maggie”

  1. At the risk of starting something….

    I had thought that maybe, maaaaaaybeeeee the daddy is you know who….

    Cause Pope does have sort of pretty green eyes.

    And that would explain why he knew her “deep, dark secret”.

    Ok, enough fan girl stuff for now.

    Very good consolidation of how I was feeling Justin and my thoughts pretty much mirrors yours (without the first hand experience mind you). Back when I was in school (in the Dark Ages) it was a very big deal if you were doing drugs and got pregnant, but nowadays? Nah, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

    Except for Hal getting a doze of real life right in his face, which I guess was sort of the point. Hal had been living in a bubble, with being a jock and one of the pretty people/popular kids. Seeing how things are for other people outside his circle might throw him a bit, but this is hardly a deep dark secret.

    Not something I would want to bring up on a first date either, but as you say meh.

  2. Once again, Tammy is reading my mind…….I wondered if the baby might be Pope’s. Now THAT might be a deal breaker for poor Hal. If it isn’t his, then how does Pope know soooo much about Maggie. Because it is very obvious she hates him, why would she share so much of her past with someone she doesn’t trust??

    Another thing that bugs me is that at the end of the episode Hal has this moment with his family where he seems to be including Maggie almost as if to say “we are good”. I don’t remember the dialogue but I swear I recall that there was a definite moment when it seemed they were past the “worst” of it. A little look, a small smile……Then in the next episode she is all pissed and he is back to being freaked out by her revelations. I was so confused…….

  3. You pretty much said it all. Drugs, in with the wrong crowd, and an unplanned pregnancy. Woooooo. I’m not sure how this translates into shocking in 2012. If this were 1950, maybe, but Hal’s reaction seems to indicate that he was raised Amish. Nothing about the Hal/Maggie relationship makes sense, but that capped it off.

  4. Hey now Beth, I’m not THAT old. 😛

    But yes, Hal does act like he’s been living under a rock.

    I guess we’ll just have to see what happens next year.

    Is it next year yet?

    • LOL-poor Tammy! I fully admit to being an old fart (a grounchy old one, too) and there were drugs, sex, and crime when I was Hal’s age. As my mom was fond of saying, “You didn’t invent sex, you know.” Funny…I thought I did.

      • We didn’t invent sex????? Dang! I thought for sure …….oh well, momma knows best.

      • I refuse to believe that any previous generation invented sex, because the alternative will throw me off my dinner for the next week…..


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