Anthony: a Man in Search of a Last Name

Hello awesome readers! Sorry for the radio silence of late. I and most of the authors have had so-called “real life” trying to kick us around. Fear not, for Tammy has returned with an article so awesome, I couldn’t come up with a better title for it. She takes a look at one of my FAVORITE (favourite for all you Canadians) characters, Anthony. 

Anthony: a Man in Search of a Last Name

That’s right y’all, my focus for this article is not my favorite post-apocalyptic gang leader.

Now, pick your jaws off the floor and follow along while I chat you up about the character played by my favorite actor on the show….

I can hear it now…


Colin’s not your favorite?


Well, I’m not saying that Colin isn’t awesome (cause he is), he’s just not my favorite actor. No harm in that and really when it comes to comparing Mpho and Colin, it’s kind of like picking your favorite kid. So my compromise? Colin has my favorite character, Mpho is my favorite actor (and Twitter buddy, we follow each other, although I resisted the temptation to pump him for information for this article).

I feel a little like Solomon sometimes with those two.

But you are probably wondering why I’m spending so much time on this and not talking about Anthony…

Well, that’s sort of the problem. We just don’t know that much about Anthony. As the title of the article hints, we don’t even know what his last name is.

So while Pope is the dark yet somehow shiny and distracting anti-hero and Ben is the awesome leader of the Skitter Resistance and Tom and Weaver are the rugged leaders of our rag-tag group of heroes; Anthony sort of gets the short end of the deal.

I really think he deserves better treatment than that.

So, what do us as viewers really know about Anthony?

Well, not a whole heck of a lot. In preparation for this article I re-read the comics, and watched all of both seasons and what we know about him before the invasion pretty much can be summed up as this. Boston PD.

That’s it. He was one of Boston’s finest. We know he lost his family in the attacks from the prequel comic books, and that’s about it.

So unfortunately we are going to have to go on some speculation here (dangerous territory ahead, batten down the hatches).

So, what sort of man is our Anthony? What do we know from watching him during the course of these last two seasons? Well, for one, he has a strong sense of right and wrong. He really, really doesn’t like Pope, for obvious reasons, as they are on two different ends of the moral compass and the whole Click thing.

He also is fiercely loyal. Not to Tom, or Weaver, but to the 2nd Mass (and humanity) as a whole. He’s not in the prequel comics that much, except for a few scouting missions where him, Click and Dai are introduced. He’s willing to go out on patrol after patrol to find supplies in these comics and during the first season. In the comics that bridge the gap between season 1 and 2 we don’t see much of him, but we do know that he’s still in the fight to protect the 2nd. He’s even the one that gave the Berserkers their name. In the second season premier, he actually seems to be tolerant of Pope to the point that the first raid in the opening scenes has him fighting right next to Pope. In season 2 he’s willing not only to walk away from the 2nd Mass with Pope to “keep an eye on him” and protect those he leaves behind, but is also willing to go up against Tom and Weaver as the more logical voice of reason saying in a more eloquent way the Pope that perhaps Tom’s time on the ship has affected him adversely.

Of course, as he was on the Boston PD he’s a very good shot, and is during the early days of the resistance one of the most effective fighters (with Dai) in the 2nd Mass. He continues to be usefully over and over again throughout time period that spans the two seasons of the show.

We also know that Anthony can be compassionate, not in that ruffling Matt’s hair; snuggling their girlfriend kind of way that the Masons are, but Pope mentions in the blog of his adventures away from the 2nd that Anthony did put an injured, feral dog out of his misery. That’s compassion that he might not be able to show to the rest of the survivors. I’m sure the loss of his family makes him more distant towards people, but when he sees suffering, he does was it necessary to alleviate it.

So, what can we assume about Anthony from this about it life before the aliens? Well, first off, he was one of the “good guys”, a good cop that cared about the people he was dedicated to serve and protect. He’s transferred those feelings to the survivors. Second, he had (and has) a very strong character. While others are looting and making deals with the aliens he’s not lost his sense of right and wrong. Third, he was probably close to his family and friends, and is very, very hurt by the lost, so much that he does not talk about his life before the invasion.

But there is so much more that we can learn about this man, and this is what I would really love to see the writers do next season (especially if we are in for some down time in Charlestown).

1) Give the poor guy a last name. Let’s face it, Anthony is one of the last people from the original cast that is still alive and still without a last name. We know the Mason’s, Anne Glass, Dan Weaver; all of these have full names. The only other people from the first season that don’t have a full name are Mags and Lourdes (although for some reason I want to say that Lourdes last name is Delgado, but that might be someone I know from somewhere else). Please, give Anthony and Mags a last name. Lourdes… yeah, I guess she can have one as well, it’s just… well, and she’s Lourdes.

2) Give Anthony some back story! Tom seems to have gotten over his wife’s passing, so since it’s been a year, maybe, just maybe Anthony can start to talk some about his life before the invasion. Maybe some ex-cop/ex-marine bonding time between him and Tector (who for the record ALSO has a full name)?

3) Give him some more screen time. I have of course lobbied here already for more air time for Anthony, Tector, and Pope. I just want to repeat it here. Especially since Dai is gone, the 2nd Mass needs a strong fighter to blow up some aliens. Let that guy by Anthony. Heck, he might even be able to help Ben with the Skitter Resistance or something. Just a little more screen time for my buddy, please writers?

4) If he leaves, follow him. This had to be one of the things that I heard the most about when Pope and Anthony left, if you didn’t read Pope’s Blog on the official website, you had no idea what was going on with them. If Pope (ok, when Pope) leave again, and if Anthony goes with him, please writers, let’s have some time following them. Nothing that might give away any surprises when they get back, just something where we know that he’s still OK.

Now, one thing that I would like not so see, at least not in this season, please dear writers, no romance for Anthony. Not yet, let Tom and Anne have their cooing and puppy-dog eyes. Let Hal and Mags finally either burn out or fade away, but please, let’s put an end throwing characters together. I’m not saying that I don’t want Anthony (and any other character) to have a life and find happiness; I just don’t think that now is the time. Give it at least another season, although maybe Tom’s new assistant might be the person to bring him out of his shell…

Oh, and please do not kill him off dear writers. We need Anthony around as a check to Pope, he can say things that Pope’s feeling way more effectively.

Anyway, there you have it, what we know about Anthony, what I think we can gather about him and what I want to see next year (besides more Pope).

Viva La Resistance, Ya’ll.

Tammy is a Contributing Author here at THE Falling Skies Blog, I believe is in love with John Pope, and has offered to make us all dolls based on the Falling Skies characters.

She can be found on Twitter, @laughing_coyote, where links to her blogs can be found in her Twitter bio.

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on October 1, 2012.

5 Responses to “Anthony: a Man in Search of a Last Name”

  1. Thank you! I understand that not every character can (or should) have equal screen time and background characters flesh out the cast, but can we get a last name and on-screen background? I see someone like Anthony (is that his first name or last?) and automatically say, “Don’t get too attached. The man is red-shirted!”

  2. Hey Beth! I just read Beeman’s blog and while you have to dig around in it, he does mention that Anthony will be having more of a role next season. I believe that our own KidCarnival asked him about it….

  3. Excellent! I figured if we yelled loudly enough they’d give us more Anthony. It’s fine if he remains somewhat in the background, but I think most of us would like to see him fleshed out.

  4. WOW! It’s like you read my mind……well, sort of. I posted a question (or 4) on Beeman’s blog and asked (repeatedly) for “more Pope”. In fact, when I reread it today I cringed a little because I sounded a bit stalker-ish. But if you feel that way too, it must be okay. Right?? We aren’t stalkers, are we?

    Anyway!! About Anthony, I couldn’t agree more. What’s up with that?!? Give the man a name, and a history. And whatever happens, don’t kill him off!! I miss Dai, but really when you think about it, we didn’t really get to know him very well. I said once (on another of Beeman’s blog posts I think) that this show has so much potential. It is so much more than the Tom Mason show, and they really need to round out the stories with the other characters. Like Pope….just sayin’ 😉

  5. Anyone with a name whose first three letters are the same as mine is TOTALLY allowed to request as much Pope as possible (Anthony too). 🙂

    We are not stalkers, we just have good taste.

    I think we will get more characters being killed off I’m sad to say, it’s all part and parcel of being in a post-alien invasion world, but yes, let’s round out the characters a bit more. Dai didn’t have a chance, we get some information in the comics, but that’s about it. It’s all 1,000-mile stares and blowing stuff up for him (Tick Tick BOOM). Anthony as one of the longest lived non-last named survivor should hopefully be treated better (Beeman says so).

    More Pope, More Anthony!

    Oh, and did I REALLY say that Ben was the awesome leader of the Skitter Rebellion? I think I need to check my Berserker screaming fan girl membership card and possibly renew it…. Greg bless his heart is starting to rub off on me….

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