Falling Skies: Forgotten Heroes or Strangers in the Night?


Hope everybody had a great weekend! To kick off the week, Justin Mathai comes in to give a look at all those Falling Skies people who made you go “Who was that again?”

Who the Hell Were They?

It has been far, far too long since my last post on here. I blame a heady mixture of school, show choir, reviewing for threeifbyspace, and also that plague on humanity known as physics. In any event, this isn’t an update on my dismal life. Reflecting (and re-watching season 1) got me thinking about some of the most unknown, obscure, and otherwise insignificant characters introduced on this show. I mean really, some of these people appeared, had some sort of role in two or three episodes, and then inexplicably vanished. So while most of us complain(ed) about how underused Anthony and Dai were (and I was left alone lamenting the fact that Lourdes had little screen time) there are some characters that had it worse. So without further ado, a countdown of the most obscure Falling Skies characters…IN THE WORLD!

Sarah: Let’s start with one of the more memorable of the forgettable ones (oxymoron). Sarah was pregnant in season 1, lamenting that she always had bad timing (ahem, ANNE!). In the earlier episodes of season 1, Maggie sort of befriends her. There’s a bit of a sub-arc in which the 2nd Mass Ladies’ Tea and Social Club, consisting of Anne, Lourdes, and a few others, throw her a baby shower. Then she disappears for a bit and returns to deliver a baby girl with the help of Captain Weaver. The last time we see Sarah, she is evacuated with the others before the purported suicide mission to blow the alien space tower to hell. Then…what? Where was she in season 2? Did she die? Did the baby die? Did she just strike out on her own? There was no explanation; she just vanished without a trace. Maybe she was a ghost the whole time… To be a hundred percent honest, I didn’t even remember her name until I re-watched the episodes. Not even a semi significant arc could save her from forgettable-ness.

Mr. Greene: Aside from sounding like a character in the board game Clue, Mr. Greene was by all accounts a terrible but unmemorable human being. In cooperating with Terry Clayton to trade small children for protection, he guaranteed protection for himself and essentially said ‘screw you’ to the rest of humanity. All while maintaining a cordial personality and enjoying the good life of not running for your life. It all came crashing down, of course, during the Sanctuary episodes, but what became of him? Who the hell knows? I actually had to struggle to come up with this guy’s name, too. He also has a daughter, which brings me to my next point.

Tess Greene: Who was she? Some loose girl with eyes for Hal (like every other female character on the show). Was she anything other than that? Well a fairly one-dimensional body to take up screen time with her flirtatious lines that send Lourdes into a passive-aggressive rage. What became of her? Again, we don’t know. Weaver demanded that she and the rest of her 3rd Mass group stay out on their own and stop dealing with the skitters but they are never heard from again, nor revisited. Hopefully she died.

Aunt Kate: Didn’t Uncle Scott have a wife at some point? Yes. Yes he did. That would be Aunt Kate. She gets about six lines throughout the entire thing, she’s an innocuous old lady, and that’s about it. Uncle Scott is the winner of most unceremonious death but Aunt Kate gets the award for hilariously unreferenced. We can probably assume she also died alongside Scott but we don’t know. Anne won’t say. Which is weird since Kate was sort of her aunt…

Lieutenant Danner: Winner of the most pointless character (in a long line of pointless characters). He showed up for one episode, stuck around, inexplicably vanished. In his brief appearance, he was able to convince the entire viewing audience that he was, in fact, an a-hole with a superiority complex and he served mostly as Weaver’s lapdog. One would imagine that he would have a minor role in season 2 but nope. We get no resolution as to what became of him. Not even a casual “Uncle Scott threw himself in front of a mech” reference. I didn’t even remember him until the end of season 2 when I briefly wondered where ‘that guy’ went. I had to Google his name.

Bonnie Garcia: Okay, even hardcore fans are probably wondering who this was. I’ll tell ya! After Tom’s captivity aboard the alien mothership, he is released along with a bunch of captives. One of them is from Vermont and her name is Bonnie Garcia. Five seconds later…BAM! She’s dead. The end. What was the point now?

The girl on the motorcycle: So hilariously unimportant they never even bothered to name her. Her mom’s dead and some creep tried to rob her. Tom killed said creep and she loaned him her motorcycle in exchange. Then she rides off into the mountains and I was sure we’d see her again but we never did. Does anyone even remember what she looked like?

The kids that got rescued alongside Ben: Wait? There were kids that were rescued alongside Ben? YES! They appear for all of ten minutes in one episode and one of them dies. They’re casually referenced later when we learn their spikes were going away but then what happened? We don’t even know their names for crying out loud! There was so much potential to make them memorable characters but instead I find myself forgetting that Ben was with others when Hal saved him.

Those infirmary robbers: I don’t remember their names off the top of my head and I don’t care enough to look them up. Yeah. That’s how forgettable they are. The son was named Eli, I remember that much. The parents hold up the clinic, give Anne a split lip when she tries to fight back, and then flee. Terry Clayton catches them and confiscates the stuff they took before sending them packing. The son got traded to skitters later but all-in-all they matter very, very little.

So there you have it: a partial list of the most forgettable characters on Falling Skies. Were there any that were so irrelevant/pointless that I forgot to mention them? Leave a comment and remind the world!

Justin is a Contributing Author here at THE Falling Skies Blog, often defends the weaker characters, and is correct, he alone mourns the lack of Lourdes screen time.

More of Justin’s stuff can be found at: http://justinmathai.wordpress.com/ and he can be followed on twitter at @JustoMathai


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One Response to “Falling Skies: Forgotten Heroes or Strangers in the Night?”

  1. Exceellent article. Just want to add Klick, Anthony’s friend who died by Pope’s arrow in the first couple episodes. He seemed important when introduced, but his death was quick and painless.

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