Conspiracy Theory #2: Hal Mason: Not to Be Trusted?

Hey guys! So once again Elizabeth swoops in to put a little Falling Skies in our day! Her last conspiracy theory garnered quite a lot of interest, so I’ll hush up and here’s the article:

Anne the Host, Evil Hal, Bye, Bye Charleston, or friend or foe? These are just some of the crazy ideas I have going through my head.

Howdy y’all! Elizabeth is here to save the day with some crazy conspiracy theories I have going on in my head and no I didn’t dream about these, but it would have been amazing to have dreamed about them, because then I would get to see Tom Mason *Wink Wink*.

For all of those fans out there who are wishing for a happy ending for Tom and Anne, I’m sorry to break it to y’all, but Falling Skies is a an “ALIEN” TV show and I believe it would be more interesting if Anne had crawlies or an alien baby. Just having a human baby to create a happy ending for Tom and Anne just doesn’t cut it with me and I’m sure it won’t cut it for some other fans too. Remember at Comic Con (If you were there, or read somewhere, or watched the videos)? Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood both said it’s not Tom’s, so I’m guessing it is the aliens.

Now I’ll move onto something new with evil Hal and the creepy eye crawlie. I think Hal is working for the aliens. I think he will be like a sleeper agent or spy. Hal can’t be trusted. He will be like Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde; well that is what I’m picturing in my head. Whenever the 2nd Mass finds out Hal has been implanted, Hal will have to go through brain surgery. Then again, this storyline could last all season and take us into season four. I kind of hope this is not the case. Maybe Hal runs away to be with the aliens, I think Greg would like if that happened.

It looks like the 2nd Mass will be hanging around Charleston for about five episodes since the “rat king” and Tom’s assistant has only signed on for five episodes. I think Hal or Anne having her alien baby or crawlies, since Moon looks like she will be due soon, will get them kicked out of Charleston. Or maybe the 2nd Mass are the only survivors of a very bad attack, or maybe the 2nd Mass leaves because they don’t like the way of life they are living and want to be nomadic again and live on the edge, or maybe they are sent on a mission to save people from Neutral Zones. I really think a Neutral Zone should be written in, unless the 2nd Mass becomes a part of the Neutral Zone. I just find it a very interesting storyline to be covered.

I also don’t think the new alien can be trusted, even though it looks friendly. I think it will be an ally for the 2nd Mass so it can get what it wants and then turn on the 2nd Mass. I really believe this new alien wants to be the leader of Earth and it will conquer it by taking out the other Overlord, unless it just wants to control the east. Psst, if I was an alien or Queen of an alien race, I’m taking over the whole world… Just saying. If this alien continues to be an ally, I just don’t see Falling Skies lasting very long, so there has to be a twist in order to keep Falling Skies on longer than four seasons. Unless the writers plan on writing in a new alien, and if they do, it better be the mother of all aliens.

Elizabeth is Contributing Author on The Falling Skies Blog, a Tom Mason fanatic, and dog lover.

She can be reached and and should be followed on at @7sweetprincess7

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on September 22, 2012.

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