Blackbird Sweeps the Atlantic Film Festival! @bbblackbirdfilm @agency71 @marc_almon

Holy smokes! Blackbird dominated at the Atlantic Film Festival, and rightly so. Best Atlantic Screenwriter, Best Atlantic Director, and $1500 Michael Weird Award went to Jason Buxton. Blackbird also won Best Feature Film! Congratulations to everybody involved!

For those who are asking, we are hard at work getting you release dates for your specific locations. Right now I have official confirmation of late November for Canada (if there is a specific date set, I have not yet been informed, so I won’t post rumors), and US release is still slated for Spring 2013. For those of you in other countries, you will get good news for after the theatrical run, stay tuned.

I have pre-good news for those of you who may be saying “This Blog isn’t even about Falling Skies anymore!” It’s true that I have focused on Blackbird because it stars one of the best actors from Falling Skies and it is just a darn good movie. Also news for S3 has thin on the ground, and the other authors have all been very busy. I have a new venture coming up that will help manage this deluge of other projects on what DOES have FS in the name. No details yet but I should make the announcement soon.

Once again, congratulations to Jason Buxton, Marc Almon, David Miller, Connor Jessup, Alexia Fast, Alex Ozerov, Michael Buie, all the folks at Story Engine and Agency71 and so many others! Good luck at Cinefest Sudbury this weekend, where I am sure Blackbird will continue its garnering of awards!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on September 20, 2012.

One Response to “Blackbird Sweeps the Atlantic Film Festival! @bbblackbirdfilm @agency71 @marc_almon”

  1. Update: working with our theatre booker/ distribution manager right now to get the dates confirmed. It will take a couple of weeks to get the dates locked in, but expect Blackbird to be playing in Canadian theatres last week of November, and first couple of weeks of December!!

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