Season 3: Don’t Give Up Hope?

Contributing Author Elizabeth returns to give us her take on what questions Season 3 should answer!

I still have hope that season three will not be a total let down.

Sorry I haven’t posted an article since the season finale of Falling Skies, but I’m back to taking classes and have homework and exams to study for. Since I have a four day weekend off, I have taken the time to write my predictions and what I would like to see happen in season three.

So is the new alien ally or enemy? I think the new alien was an enemy to the Overlords and I think the new alien will first be an ally to the 2nd Mass and defeat anymore of the Overlords or gets what it wants and then it will turn enemy on the 2nd Mass. I feel if they continue with this ally storyline, season three will be the end of all seasons or they may just add more aliens. Aren’t there enough aliens to deal with? If they add a new alien, it better be the mother of all aliens behind this invasion.

I’m interested in seeing where this eye bug goes with Hal, since Tom was also bugged, but he never turned evil. I want to know more about these eye bugs and what they do to you. I also want to know what the Red Eye Skitter said to Ben before dying. I think Red Eye was telling Ben his wishes; “Ben, please take over and lead the Skitter resistance.” I would love to see Ben as leader of the Skitter resistance and I want to see the Skitter resistance continue. I felt like after they killed off Red Eye in the season finale they were ending the resistance right there, I hope that is not the case.

As far as this pregnancy storyline is going, and as you all know I do not agree with it. If it is an alien baby or if something is wrong with the baby, it would be an interesting storyline, if it is a human baby, I feel like it is a total let down. If the baby is supposedly normal and we soon realize there is something wrong with this baby throughout the seasons that would be interesting too. I still really hope they don’t do this storyline.

Three new faces so far we will see during season three. Gloria Reuben and Robert Sean Leonard will be doing five episodes. Gloria Reuben will be playing Tom Mason assistant, which means Tom, did take up Manchester’s offer and has agreed to be president of Charleston. As a Tom fanatic, I will love seeing Tom Mason as president, but I also hate the fact that the 2nd Mass will be stuck in Charleston for half the season, I prefer the 2nd Mass to be on the road. Robert Sean Leonard will be playing a scientist and he works the electricity for Charleston. We will all understand how Charleston has electricity and hot water.

It’s interesting how Gloria and Robert are both from Noah Wyle’s past, Gloria and Noah use to act on the TV show E.R together and Robert and Noah acted in the movie Swing Kids together. As Noah Wyle’s number one fan I have heard from his fan website that I am on that he is now a producer for Falling Skies and he has a say in the storylines and I’m sure he has a say in who will be joining the cast. Noah, I hope you pick some really awesome storylines for this season, right now season three doesn’t scream awesome, but then again they have only started filming.

If you have seen the picture Sarah Carter Tweeted, it kind of looks like the Wild West. I feel like we may have another Cowboys and Aliens movie. I don’t mind them using horses for travel, but I do not want to see the wild west happening, even though I’m a cowgirl at heart, I just feel it wouldn’t look or work well with Falling Skies.

Also if you have seen the tweet from Luciana Carro about episode 302 she said she “Balled her eyes out.” Were they sad tears or happy tears? Will someone die in this episode? Will Anne miscarry or have a stillborn in this episode? I know I seem like a bad person or evil, but I am not a bad or evil person and I’m not wishing for that to happen, but a miscarriage or stillborn could happen if they do not want to continue the storyline. Is someone getting married? Or something happy is going to happen? Will Anne give birth to the baby in this episode? I’m thinking it is too soon for a baby to be born in the season. I hope they do not make that episode a soap opera episode.

For season three I would like to see a Neutral Zone that the Overlord told Tom about; the 2nd Mass doesn’t have to be a part of it, another group can. I just feel like this would answer some questions on the Neutral Zone, since Charleston was not one and it would be an interesting storyline to see happen. I would also like to see the Skitter Resistance to continue and I want the writers to move away from all the soap opera storylines they are doing, there is too much of it and I’m getting tired of it. I want to see more action and fighting! In a real life alien invasion we wouldn’t even have time to love, so it is a really unrealistic thing to see. And why haven’t Tom’s children rebelled out again Anne and him being together or started trouble or said anything? If I was Tom’s child, I would. I also would like to see character arc’s developed for some characters, like Tammy said. Anthony and Crazy Lee along with some of the others need developments, and this should not happen all in one episode.

As we continue to learn more about season three I will be back again with more predictions and what I hope to see in season three.

 Elizabeth is Contributing Author on The Falling Skies Blog, a Tom Mason fanatic, and dog lover.

She can be reached and and should be followed on at @7sweetprincess7


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