Season 3: Time for Others to Shine?

To give you all a break from my posts about the awesome Blackbird, Contributing Author Tammy stops by to give us some thoughts on where Season 3 might take us!

Tammy’s Super-duper Predictions for Season 3

Is it too soon to start hoping for things to see next season? Or speculating about stuff to come?

I don’t think so.

And besides, as much as I love fan-fiction (having written some myself for other shows), one day of trying to use what’s out there for my Falling Skies fix has got me sort of depressed (4 Pope stories? Really people that’s the best you can do? And none with Anthony as a main character? Shame….).

Now, where was I?

Oh, right, things that I would like to see on next season and my way out there ideas of what the writers might stir up.

First off, as to the matter of if the new alien is a friend or a foe. I believe that Mr. John Pope will render the matter moot by shooting first and asking for ID later or at the very least being the first person to raise his gun to the new guy all threatening-like. Let’s face it folks, what are his two favorite hobby? Killing Cooties and blowing up bridges that Tom Mason is running across. He’s not really one to think first and act at an appropriate interval so he is the most likely to get the survivors “On Thin Ice”.

If this doesn’t happen, I believe that the new alien will in some way effect the whole Tom/Anne/Baby Mason plot line, at least I sincerely hope so since a good segment of the fan base that I see are a wee bit….(searching for an appropriate P.C. word)….disappointed shall we say by the pregnancy. I’m sure I’m wrong on that potential plot point as well, but if the new guy takes Anne away for her “safe keeping” for a while, then we will be able to skip at least a bit of this whole arc. I don’t think that the writers are going to alienate the Tom/Anne-shippers by completely doing something unspeakable to Baby Mason, but then again, we ARE in a post-alien apocalypse (TWD writers, are ya listening, more Daryl, less Lori).

Next up, I would like to talk about is this whole Rat King of Charleston and Tom’s assistant thing. There has been a lot of fuss about what that’s going to mean for the 2nd Mass. I really think that Remi and the rest of the creative staff of the show are going to avoid the 2nd Mass staying in place for too long. They have had plenty of opportunities to dig in at various places along the way, and something has always happened to move them on and I don’t think that things are going to change. I know that there are nervous rumblings about Robert Sean Leonard and Gloria Ruben being there for half the season, but remember, just because someone is on the show for 5 episodes, and starts in Charleston, doesn’t mean that they have to stay in Charleston.

This brings me to Charlestrap. A lovely place that I hope will sometime in the early part of the season have to be renamed Charlescrater (Still love all you North Carolinians, it’s just a plot device really, wouldn’t want you guys all ticked at me!). Maybe the new alien is a friend, and tells the assembled humans (through Ben I’m sure) that the Overlords are not only wise to the Continental Congress’s existence, but they are on their way to have their own little convention in Charleston. Better C-4 the place and scatter puny humans….

Oh and how wonderful would it be if Karen was snooping around in the bottom floors of the bunker/mall and got stuck when that happened? Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Probably not going to happen, she’s just too good of a villain, but wow, we need a break from her, and I think the only way we are going to get THAT is a more permanent solution if you catch my drift.

I really think that the writers have to start getting with the program and realize that the Masons are mostly well defined at this point and there are other interesting characters out there that could use some screen time. Weaver and even Tector are getting back stories filled in so now it is time for other characters to hit the spot light. I would love to see some more information come out about Anthony; at least give my buddy Mpho’s character a last name folks, it’s making me scared that the last awesome fighter that got killed also didn’t have a last name (Poor Dai). The rest of the Berserkers (and I guess even Lourdes) deserve some more depth too. (Greg and Elizabeth, cover your ears) It can’t all be about Tom and Ben.

Or how about running into some of the Nadlers since we don’t know what happened to Karen’s folks (What do you mean you let our perfect little Karen get harnessed and turned evil?).

And can we please find out if Pope’s wife and kids made it (this Pope fan-girl is clamoring for it)?

Greg, Elizabeth, you can uncover your ears now…

Of course it goes without saying around here, more Ben is better than less Ben and this it totally what we are most likely to see next season. Let him run the Skitter Rebellion, but let him do it ON SCREEN.

I think that if everything ends up being hunky-dory with Charlestrap, then I suppose we should learn more about What’s-Her-Name…err, Chur… Sorry, I just can’t say that.

How about learning some more about Manchester, like how the heck a Boston College History professor manages to wander down to Charleston, SC (Not WV which is at least closer, and would have saved about 150 miles of traveling) during an alien apocalypse, find the only structurally sound place left and set up house the avoid being detected by said aliens while he amasses a civvie population of over 3 thousand. WHY Manchester? Why would you go almost 1000 miles to find a place to restart civilization? I mean, I drove almost 1400 miles from L.A. to San Antonio when I graduated from college, but I had a job opportunity waiting for me…..


Could we still salvage the Charlestrap story line? Maybe The Rat King will know something about our “Fearless Leader” or “Benevolent Overlord” or whatever he’s going to call himself next that might salvage the “Manchester is a Sell-Out” ideas that we have been floating around here.

Let’s see here, what else do I want to see?

Oh, yes, I would really, really, really, really like to see the whole Hal/Mags thing ended. I like Mags, but I think that now that Hal has that icky bug thing rattling around in his noggin that perhaps she might want to reconsider her choice of beaus. And while I don’t HATE Hal (I don’t hate any character on the show except for Karen, Breseler, Manchester and Churchill), I just think that Hal needs some alone time to work out some things (like the Brain Booger).

Oh, and please, dear writers, if you’re going to send Pope and/or Anthony and/or Tector and/or (God forbid) Ben off away from the group again can we please see what happens to them while they are gone? I’m not saying that the podcasts and Pope’s blog isn’t AWESOME (and I hope to be repeated again next season), but we, the fans would like to SEE what folks are doing while they are gone.

I think that’s about it for right now. I’m sure as the late summer/fall/winter/spring (God that’s a long time) wears on and more information gets out there will be more to say.

Viva La Resistance, ya’ll

 Tammy is a Contributing Author here at THE Falling Skies Blog, I believe is in love with John Pope, and I would really like to know what she said while I had my ears covered…

She can be found on Twitter, @laughing_coyote, where links to her blogs can be found in her Twitter bio.

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on August 30, 2012.

20 Responses to “Season 3: Time for Others to Shine?”

  1. Tammy and Pope sittin’ in a tree…okay, that’s out of my system, agree with what you said. The show is only interesting when there’s suspense, so they need to keep moving away from Charlestrap. You’re right; best way to make sure it doesn’t remain open as an escape route later is to blow it the hell up.

    Of course, I would love to see Anne die a horrible death and I have hope for that. It would be the one thing most viewers wouldn’t see coming: the death of a real character. Up until now they’ve gone the soft route and killed only background characters we didn’t know anything about. It would satisfy the Tom fans with all the angst and get his character focused back on his family where it should be. That would be the one thing that would convince me to actually watch Season 3.

  2. From your fingers to the writers ears…

    But seriously, I think that the writers HAVE to do something about Charleston.

    Ooooooh, I GOT IT! Karen snatches Anne from the huge crowd scene at the top of the show and drags her down to the bowels of the mall. Tom goes to rescue her, but New Alien Dude tells him, there’s no time. (I can hear the countdown ticking in my head). There’s a huge beemer patrol on it’s way and you all have to get the heck out of here now.




    We get rid of Karen AND Anne at the same time, Pope doesn’t have to be a jerk and Beth can come back to watching the show.

    It’s PERFECT!


    Wow, I should really start working on my script submission…

  3. If you’d been a writer the whole pregnancy c;iche would never have happened. Sigh. Oh well, you bring some ideas for our Virtual Season or fanfic, right?

  4. Absolutely…

    Hmmmm, perhaps I should start working on that.

    I’m sure Greg wouldn’t mind if you and I took over the blog a bit to keep the interest up?



    • You are both threats to my power and must be removed from Charleston…err..the Blog.

      • Busted. 😦

        I’ll be good, I promise. You promise Beth?

      • If you really wanted to punish us you’d send us TO Charleston. Either that or make Tammy read a Pope/Lourdes fic.

      • Nooooooo, not Charlescrater, anything but that….

        Actually, forcing me to WRITE a Pope/Lourdes fic would be even more punishing.


      • Here’s something to start you out:

        Pope sighed happily as he gazed into the soulful chocolate eyes of the young med student. “I’ve never met a girl like you,” he said softly, stroking one hand up and down her velvety cheek. “All my life I’ve been an outcast, a criminal living on society’s seedy edge. Now, when I look at you, all I want to do is win this war so we can settle down here in Charleston and raise a family side by side with Tom and Anne.”

        Lourdes fluttered her eyes. “And Ben. He just found out he’s pregnant with Red Eye’s baby.”

        Pope grinned. “How wonderful!

      • I am utterly scared of Beth now. I think the “soulful eyes” are what scorged a part of my soul, leaving it cold and empty like the battlefield of a long forgotten war. On the moon. Of another planet. A cold, distant, life-hating planet. In a dimension of devestation. So here is my contribution to the Lourdes/Pope fanfic:

        Pope grinned. “How wonderful!

        He turned around, walking through the beautiful inner city of Charleston, in search of a house with a white fence where he and his future wife could settle down.

        Suddenly, bright rays of light cut the serene atmosphere of the late afternoon. Beamers! All over the city! Pope quickly reached for his gun and ran for cover behind his future white Sedan.

        “They are everyone!” he heard Anne Glass scream from afar. “We need to get out of here! All hope for a perfect future is lost! No 9 to 5 job for my hubby Tom, and I will never be a soccer mom as the soccer field has just been destroyed by mechs!”

        Bombs and lethal rays of light kept hailing down on the streets, crying and screaming survivors tried to find shelter in the picturesque neighborhood, but it seemed it was already too late. Mechs marched down the main road, clearly heading for the Happy Days Family Recreation and Golf Club in the city center.


        A strong, clear voice tore apart the noises and screams and suddenly, there was perfect silence. The mechs froze in their movements and if Pope hadn’t known better, he had sworn they looked afraid.

        “This is where I draw the line”, the voice said. It sounded familiar, Pope thought. Slowly, he peeked around his future white Sedan and to his surprise, it was Lourdes standing in front of the mechs. Somewhere on the other side of the road, Tom Mason noticed an uncanny resemblance to a famous photograph from Tienanmen Square, where a single unarmed man stopped the tanks. Except, this was no sungle unarmed man It was a happily engaged, heavily armed young woman.

        Time seemed to stand still on the main road; only the coat Lourdes wore moving slowly in the wind was proof the clocks were still ticking. It was clearly made from the skin of a dead overlord; carefully crafted for maximum comfort and badass looks.
        Lourdes also had indeed drawn a line: the skinned body of the overlord was stretched out across the street to her feet.

        “I can offer you two options”, Lourdes calmy said, her eyes fixed firmly on the lead mech. “One, we can finish this quick and painlessly”, she continued. “Two, well, let’s just say I’m in the mood to play…” She grinned a cold, emotionless grin when she pointed her biomechanic rifle at the lead mech.

  5. Doh. “They are everyWHERE” is what Anne screamed.

  6. The Mechs raised their arms in submission and slowly backed away, heads lowered, down the street where they had come from, never to be seen again.

    “You were brilliant!” Ben gushed, rushing to Lourdes’ side and giving her a simpering grin.

    “Hey there,” Crazy Lee warned, strolling over to take Ben’s hand, “No simpering at anyone but me, love.”

    “Of course.” Ben redirected his simper from Lourdes to Crazy Lee. “By the way, we’re together now.”

    “So are we!” Maggie said, rushing over to simper at Hal. “I mean, for now. Again. Until I reveal another shocking, non-shocking secret and he wigs out on me.”

    “So are we!” cried Tector, dragging that chick from the first season who had the baby during a bad time exactly as the writers have planned for Anne, thus erasing all faith intelligent fans have.

    “So are we!” yelled Weaver, dragging Manchester out of the closet by the hand.

    “U R all awesome!” Beth giggled, totally, like, writing herself into the story as a 16-year-old with long, raven hair and vivid jade eyes, except she totally, like, renamed herself Raven Jade because of her eyes and hair and stuff and her friends loved it. She slung her AK assault rifle over her shoulder like the sniper she totally was and strode down the street, like, you know, a badass, and Hal, Pope, Weaver, Tom, and Ben abandoned their mates and followed with their tongues hanging out to do a Fight Club-style thingie over who totally got her for the night.

    OMG I m totally finished and junk. Please read and review my frends say im totally a great riter-lol. no negtive fedback pls or i will totaly cry so by for now.

    • I would say I don’t like where this is going, but I didn’t like where it started. You are all terrible people. 😛

      • What’s wrong with what we wrote???? It follows the official TV and Fanfic Writers’ List of Approved Plots: everyone’s paired up with someone regardless of logic, surprise pregnancy, diversity, and someone desperate enough to write herself into the story. Plus, I mentioned Ben, so you should be happy. Granted, he’s pregnant by Red Eye and with Crazy Lee, but, you know, still a mention. Jeez, everyone’s a critic.

      • That’s my biggest problem. There are few things I hate more than mpreg fanfics.

      • But they always make so much sense! Actually, as terrible as it sounds, mpreg would make sense in this fandom. Skitters helping repopulate the Earth after the Rebellion. Scary. I hope no one reading this is easily influenced.

    • Oh no worries, Greg, we will find the few things you hate more than mpreg fanfics…

      As the drooling group followed Raven Jade down the street, Ben suddenly stopped and turned to Hal. His brother also stopped, first returning the glance with confusion, then revelation. When the group was out of sight, Hal stepped closer to Ben. “We can’t”, he just said. “You are my brother. It would be wrong.” Ben nodded. “Yes, it would. But… wouldn’t it be… you know… the right kind of wrong?” Hal thought about it for a moment, staring into the clear nightsky, a 1000 yards stare hardened soldiers like him got on occasion. “You are right, my beloved brother”, he slowly said. “But…” He looked to Ben again. “…no-one must ever know. We need to pretend that everything is normal at the wedding of Lyle and that pilot chick next Sunday.” Lovingly, Ben nodded. “No-one will ever know. It will forever be our secret.”

      Then the couple rode off on the back of a white unicorn with a flowing, rainbow-colored mane and the wind carried the chorus of “One Moment In Time” across the city.

      • That’s just wrong.

      • What’s wrong is that he brought Churchill into it. I was writing a perfectly nice fanfic about Ben’s pregnancy (SPOILER ALERT: it wasn’t Red Eye’s, it actually turns out to be Jimmy’s because he’s not dead, but harnessed) and my own—er, I mean RavenJade’s hold on all Falling Skies men.

      • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo, you guys got it all wrong lolololol! It’s not THAT pilot chick Lyle marries! It’s my OC’s sister and she’s a badass combat pilot! She’s been in the Korean War, is a decorated Vietnam veteran and singlehandedly defeated Ghengis Khan! YOU JUST DON’T SEE THE GENIUS IN MY FORESHADOWING. After the marriage, the fanfic will entirely focus on her timetravel adventures with her even more badass brother, my OC Carnival Kid (he is really a dragon).

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