The Overlords: Shady Contractors?

Apparantly Beth heard my psychic cries of “Numbers are down! I can’t concentrate on anything lately! Somebody please save us!” Contributing Author BethTX brings us her critique of the initial invasion!

I’m trying to concentrate on work. I really am. The problem is, Falling Skies keeps running through my head, so I’m writing instead of creating the global client lists I should be doing. I’m doing the company a favor; I mean, they don’t want me making a mistake because I’m distracted, right? Yeah. I have not yet met a bad behavior I can’t justify.

WARNING: this article does not have to do with Ben, so Greg may decide to crumple it up and throw it away, but I promise to try to work him in somehow. Anyway, for my next few articles I’ll be concentrating on what the show hasn’t told us rather than analyzing what we’ve seen. In this one, I’m looking at the invasion and why it has yet to be successful.

The Overlords executed a planet wide blitz with superior technology and clearly expected a quick, decisive victory. They didn’t even consider us a threat until the end of the first season when the 2nd Mass stopped running and took the fight to them. Like our forces in Vietnam, they seem completely unprepared for the guerilla warfare that’s chipping away at them day by day. Guerilla warfare has caused this invasion to drag on and it’s got to be getting expensive. Skitters may be expendable, but they still require food, and any mechanical equipment needs maintenance and some fuel source. After all, the home planet is footing the bill for this invasion and I guarantee the planetary accountants are putting in daily calls to the Overlords saying, “Dude, you said one month on this Invasion Earth thing. Going on a year now and waaaay over budget. Mechs don’t grow on trees, you know, and have you seen the food bill for those harnessed kids??? Don’t make us send you a sternly-worded letter.”

Professor Mason and His Advanced History Degree of Death have singlehandedly caused so much trouble that the Overlords were desperate enough to try to negotiate with him directly. They suck at it. First, they tried to talk him into convincing the 2nd Mass to give up and live a life of peace on a reservation. Fail. Tom grabbed the zapstick away from Red Eye and gave the Overlord a world-class something to think about. Their next attempt at negotiation involved torturing Tom’s kid. Tom responded by busting a cap in some Overlord butt. Epic fail. I can just see the Overlord’s diary entry after that: “Note to self: this Mason guy does NOT react well when you play puppet master with one of his litter. Bullets hurt. Stupid Tom.”

Bottom line, they underestimated humans and are paying the price. The captive Overlord told Tom that humans’ main weakness is compassion, but maybe they should have Googled “humans” before deciding to invade. (Mention of Ben in 3…2…1…) The Masons’ love for Ben caused them to rescue him. Ben, in turn, became the invaders’ worst enemy and a huge asset to the 2nd Mass. He has super strength and senses, can pick up their radio transmissions (and figured out how to jam them), can hear the Overlord’s thoughts, and is now the unofficial human/Skitter ambassador. Without Ben there probably would be no alliance between Rebellion and humans. Tom only took the time to listen to Red Eye because his son convinced him. Tom himself endured torture, hunger, and a long journey from Michigan to Massachusetts because he had his boys to live for.

One side note about the invasion that’s been bothering me: Hal had a line in the first episode of the season where he mentions that the aliens keep dropping neutron bombs. Doubt it. I did a thesis on nuclear warfare in college and this is one scary bear of a bomb. A neutron bomb is designed to minimize structural damage and maximize personnel damage through extra-lethal bursts of radiation. Basically, it’s an anti-tank measure. If several of those were dropped over large urban areas they would become radioactive wastelands far too dangerous to live in or even to move through. We would have seen radiation sickness kill off large numbers of people either through direct contact or second hand contact with particles clinging to the clothing and bodies. Charleston would not be habitable, underground or not. The Skitters may be immune from radiation damage, but it would leave them damn few kids alive to harness and they seem to need them.


The invasion is not going well for Team Overlord. As Tom predicted in the first season, an inferior force is really making life difficult to the point that the Overlords are getting desperate. I wonder if Season 3 will find them stepping up the hunt for the troublesome 2nd Mass. Won’t be too hard to wipe out if they stay in a nice, big group in Charleston next season.

 BethTX is  a Contributing Author here on the Falling Skies Blog, just as sarcastic as me (not an easy accomplishment), and mentioned Ben just enough times to get this published!

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on August 28, 2012.

6 Responses to “The Overlords: Shady Contractors?”

  1. All I can say is, Beth you rock.

    And Looky you even managed a Ben reference. Although I’m a bit disappointed that Pope didn’t make mention since him and Matt figured out how to turn the super space metal against the tin cans. 🙂

    • Good point! Pope’s weapons lab was crucial, and I missed a chance to do a Matt Mason commercial. I also really liked the interaction between those two and how Pope kinda sorta took Matt in while Tom was busy elsewhere.

      • Well you know me, always one to plug the awesomeness that is Pope. 🙂

        And while we are on that, how is it that they were able to melt down that mech metal with just either a kiln or a bunser burner? I think the Overlords needs to rething the whole “Lowest Bidder” policy. 😀

  2. Wow, good catch on that one. Invincible metal that melts at room temperature…maybe they took turns lighting farts and holding the metal pieces? That seems like something the Berserkers would do for an afternoon’s entertainment.

    • Beth, you are totally reading my mind, actually saw this yesterday and was laughing so hard at work I couldn’t respond right away. Oh the stares that I got….

      TOTALLY worth it!

      • Okay, so once farts are mentioned the conversation is pretty much tanked, so I’m going to say Lyle for the loudest, Crazy Lee for the longest, and Pope for the most tuneful.

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