More Perfect Union: The Right Stuff

Contributing Author BethTX returns to give us a look at what she liked about the season finale, with some really vivid imagery in the beginning…

A friend of mine is fond of telling people, “I’ve just wiped a booger on your opinion” when he’s arguing with idiots. Why he argues with idiots is another article entirely. Anyway, after I hung greenos all over “A More Perfect Union” I started to feel like The Grinch swiping Cindy Lou Who’s roast beast. The finale wasn’t ALL bad, was it? No. Nothing is ALL bad, except maybe for Hitler and this blog is not about him, so let’s move on.

If you’re still able to see after I blistered your eyes with my last article, I’d like to toss around a few things that worked in “A More Perfect Union”. To do that I have to avoid mention of the certain plot turd that refused to flush and admit that I might have overreacted a little to that aspect. I’d like to be positive for a few minutes and focus on the good. I make no promises, but here’s my attempt.

Of course I can’t do that without mentioning Ben (I can hear Greg cheering wildly and Kid Carnival muttering, “Shut UP about freakin’ BEN already! Get a ROOM! Move IN with him! Pick out bloody CHINA PATTERNS!”). Ben’s back with his father and brothers where he belongs and that’s a good thing. Ben’s moments with Matt melt my heart (yes, I have one. It’s been medically verified by a doctor who presumably knows how to use birth control…never mind…) and I got two great payoffs in this episode. When Ben popped up from behind Red Eye and Matt ran to hug him was an “Awwww” moment par excellence. At the end when Tom started to explain to Matt that Ben would be leaving again and Ben broke in to suggest a Mason Monopoly game I almost cheered. It’s been a long, hard road for my favorite hybrid this season, and that moment felt like he finally came full-circle and realized that his true place is with his family. Maybe he’s finally starting to get comfortable in his own skin.

When Hal and Ben collide I normally want to bite Hal on the leg (we’ll say “leg” because this is a family blog). When he walked into the Skitter’s nest to try to convince Ben to come home, it was awkward, yes, but I think that was intended and it went over well for me. Hal and Ben are always a little awkward together because both of them have grown up so quickly after a lifetime of sniping back and forth and spitting in each other’s milk. Before the invasion they had the luxury of being able to do that; now, the dynamic has changed and their lives literally depend on each other. I think the awkwardness played well as they tried to express their feelings but didn’t quite know how. When Ben said, “I’m a little brother and that’s what we do” and Hal replied, “But you’re so good at it” I heard “I love you and I hope you get that.”

The Mason family as a whole always strikes a great chord with me. The actors have incredible chemistry. That’s to be expected from a seasoned actor like Noah Wyle, but he

couldn’t hold those ensemble scenes on his own. Drew Roy, Connor Jessup, and Maxim Knight are exceptional in their own right. Although for obvious reasons Tom Mason is no longer a favorite of mine and has been dismissed as a serious character, I still love his interactions with his sons.

Hated that Dai was killed (I can’t seriously type “Dai died” because that would lead to “Why don’t we ask Dale Dye why Dai died” and that’s just a whole bag of wrong) but it makes sense. He was a background character in an already large cast and had never been developed. They can’t kill off main characters so early in the series, but to keep a sense of realism they have to show that people will die under these conditions. I’m waiting for the flu or some other illness to hit and wipe out more. Poor diet + poor sanitation = you’re up the creek without a paddle.

Hal and the Eye Booger (that’d be a great name for a band, by the way) look promising. His smile was Jack Nicholson creepy and the way the light played over his face made it look like he was changing. My theory is based on Ben telling Tom that the Overlords don’t need computers, that all of the information is in their heads. I think the Eye Boogers are those knowledge storage units and Karen implanted part of the Overlord in Hal when she kissed him. It brings up some good question: why did Red Eye implant one in Tom? Why did it cause him to convulse?

Special bonus props to Weaver for his 80’s action hero-style line, “That all you got??” as Karen was poking him with the zapstick. Poor Karen. She just fell in with a bad crowd and…nah, I pretty much want to kick her in the shin, too. It’d be great if Maggie is the one to kill her, but Ben would be a good choice, too.

So there were a few things I liked about the episode. Go figure. Still nothing to bring me back for a third painfully boring season, but good to remember that not everything sucked eggs in the finale.

 BethTX is (hopefully still) a Contributing Author here on the Falling Skies Blog, just as sarcastic as me (not an easy accomplishment), and I hope I can crash with her and Ben and help pick out the china patterns. I don’t eat much and I clean up after myself.

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on August 21, 2012.

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