More Perfect Union: So, What Do We Do Now?

Contributing Author Elizabeth returns to give us her take on the Season 2 finale.

Falling Skies 2×10 Review:

Falling Skies season two is over, I hope being back in school, finding out what is going on in season three and re-watching the episodes will get me through the long hiatus, it seemed to work last year. I’m here to bring some positivity to the season two finale, but I will not lie, there were a couple of things I did not like about this episode. I will start with the negativity and get that out of the way before moving into what I thought was positive about the season finale.

So ANNE IS PREGNANT! Even though I’m a Tom Mason and Noah Wyle fanatic, I have no problem with Tom and Anne having a baby, I think it would have been a better choice to write in a pregnancy closer to the end of the series when the aliens are gone and everyone is now rebuilding the new American and having a new generation of children born to re-populate the Earth. I just don’t see how this pregnancy is going to fit into season three or the rest of the seasons. I feel like the baby will just get in the way. The writers could have hid Moon’s pregnancy or put her in the background a little more. Even though I don’t agree with the pregnancy, I am interested in finding out in season three where the writers will take this storyline.

The next thing I hated was the writers killing of Dai. At first I thought Dai was badly injured and when the 2nd Mass was bringing him back to the Charleston compound I thought he was knocked out and would have received medical treatment. When Weaver said “We lost Dai.” I looked at my Mom is shock and said what did Weaver say? Did he say Dai was dead? And she said Yes, Dai is gone. I said no, you’re lying. She said no she wasn’t. I cried, just like I did during Jimmy’s death. I really liked Dai and Jimmy. I wish the writers never killed them off. If they really wanted to kill someone off, they could have killed the EVIL Karen for all I care. I hope the writers aren’t thinking of killing anymore major characters off in season three, to me it looks like the 2nd Mass is getting smaller and smaller in each episode. R.I.P Dai! Peter Shinkoda you will be missed!

Now I will move into the positive points of the episode. To see Ben back with the Skitter Rebellion Army as a leader, I really enjoyed it. I hope to see Ben continue to gather de-harnessed children and Skitters to continue the rebellion. I hope to continue to see the 2nd Mass and Skitter Rebellion working together in season three. I loved when the 2nd Mass took a risk going on the suicide mission to kill the Overlord. I loved when Tom bludgeoned the Overlord to death and I thought it was interesting how the Overlord tried to go all Wolverine on Tom. Just because the Overlord is dead, there was one mentioned controlling the western part of the United States, so there are more out there, I wonder if they will seek revenge for the loss of one of their kind during season three. Even though Red Eye is dead, I really want to know what Red Eye said to Ben before dying, hopefully we find out in season three.

I do enjoy Karen adding a twist to the show with the good vs. evil, the writers had to make one character the evil one and they picked the right character to fill this role. Since Jessy Schram is starting a new show soon, I don’t think we will be seeing much of Karen until Jessy is done with the show she is doing. I feel like Hal will take Karen’s place as the evil one. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen to Hal; I really thought the kiss was some kind of poison or sedative. The same parasite that came out of Tom’s eye came out of Hal’s and then it crawled into his brain and Hal turned all evil given an evil grin in the mirror. If the parasite would have gone into Tom’s brain would that happened to him as well? We now know what the parasite does to humans somewhat. Hopefully those questions we have about the parasite will be answered in season three. I’m looking forward to seeing how evil Hal affects the 2nd Mass. I kind of think Hal is a sleeper agent. I wonder who will notice first something is wrong with him and how changed Hal will be. I’m looking forward to seeing this storyline in season three.

I really thought the lights falling from the sky were some kind of alien weapon. I really wasn’t expecting a new alien race to appear in front of the 2nd Mass, Charleston Army and Charleston compound. Even though it looked friendly, the way it is suited up in armor, I feel like if they gave us one more minute of the season finale the new aliens face would have turned evil like Hal’s. I believe this new alien is an enemy until I find out more if it can be trusted or not. I think this alien is the new Overlord, or was the leader of the Overlord, or the actual alien in charge and the Overlords were just placed in its spot. I think it will be interesting to find out if this alien can be trusted or not and why it is here and more about its species.

I really hate cliffhangers, but I feel like season one’s cliffhanger toped season two’s, I know a lot of people are going to say it’s because I’m a Tom fanatic, but I was more on the edge on my seat with Tom going on the ship then looking at this new alien. Don’t get me wrong the lights falling out of the sky and the alien capsule coming down and when the alien came out strong and in all of this armor did have me on the edge of my seat. But when it showed me its face and it looked friendly. I was just like wait a minute, back up. Have the new alien ask Tom Mason to come with him or say something that would really leave us in shock for season three… well that didn’t happen, kind of disappointed about the cliffhanger a little. But I am interested in seeing how the writers will write themselves out of this one.

Overall I enjoyed the episode and look forward to seeing season three.

 Elizabeth is Contributing Author on The Falling Skies Blog, a Tom Mason fanatic, and dog lover.

She can be reached and and should be followed on at @7sweetprincess7


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4 Responses to “More Perfect Union: So, What Do We Do Now?”

  1. This is my take on the finale:

    Just like I thought The Price of Greatness was rushed, I thought this episode was as well. I loved the whole season from episodes 1-8, but when they got to Charleston, that’s when the show slipped up a bit for me. No, I’m not going to stop watching because overall, I’d give the season a solid B+ but the last two episodes didn’t match the feel of the previous 8. The show is better on the road and I think that’s why the writers made Charleston a pit stop or at least made it so that in season 3, the Second Mass wouldn’t be stuck in Charleston all season long.

    In Charleston, there was too many things going on which definitely created a problem with the last two episodes. All of the storylines felt rushed, and I felt a bit cheated that the Red Eye and Skitter Rebellion storyline got wrapped up so quickly when that had been a major plot point of season 2. Of course, they could still continue it with Ben so I’ll withhold my judgment on that.

    Then there was the problem of all of the characters doing 180’s. Like Tector. Goes to the military side, to betraying the military to back with the Beserkers. Uh, what? Ben’s storyline too went from, “no i belong with the skitters to going back with his family again.” Which I totally blame the writers for this inconsistency not the actors or the characters. But it was just too fast.

    And yes, I hated that they killed Dai and I rolled my eyes at the pregnancy storyline but I knew it had to be coming since I knew Moon Bloodgood was pregnant. Man, Falling Skies. Can’t you just get creative with camera angles and other stuff to hide that without going to a pregnancy storyline? Ugh. And Hal and Maggie’s scenes continued to bore me (caveat: I actually liked them when they were first starting out up until about episode 7. Then I just got annoyed with them). But now that Hal is “evil” (I put the quotes because we don’t know), at least it will put a twist on their relationship. Still don’t like that they used yet another Mason alien connection storyline though. Also, who else thought the “creepy Hal” was actually extremely cheesy? Because I did.

    Finally writers, can you please develop Anthony and some of the other characters? Ben is my favorite character, but there was a reason Lost was my favorite show and I never minded in Lost when it wasn’t one of my favorite character(s) episode. I enjoyed the episode regardless. It sounds like I’m totally bashing the show, but I’m really not. I absolutely LOVED episodes 1-8. The gritty, one heartbeat away from death is the Falling Skies I liked seeing. Not the one that gets bogged down by introducing too many characters and throws in a lot of political nonsense along with characters doing 180’s at the drop of a hat.

    Yes, this comment is extra long. But I had something to say.

  2. I agree with you about the pregnancy: inevitable, but poorly-timed. Falling Skies is over when the 2nd Mass finds safety (presumably after beating the aliens)and settles down. The last shot of the last episode of the series could be Tom and Anne standing around simpering at each other and holding a baby. There. That makes sense.

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