More Perfect Union: Game Over?

I really struggled with posting this. Contributing Author BethTX gives us her take on the finale, and possibly her resignation.

Please don’t read this if you’re looking for my usual humor, but if you find any in this article, feel free to laugh; you’ll have gotten more enjoyment out of it than I did from writing it.

 I’m finished with Falling Skies. After 19 amazing episodes they’ve finally gone down the soap opera road that I saw coming from the first episode. The writers, who up until now have provided us with very credible storylines, have flushed all credibility down the toilet by tossing in the clichéd pregnancy plot. When it first came up I almost turned off the TV but figured I would wait and see; after all, there was plenty of time to throw us a twist like Anne being killed or revealing that the baby isn’t Tom’s. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and we’re stuck with the soap opera to follow. I should say YOU’RE stuck because I’ve watched my last episode.

 I’ve written time and again about why the whole Tom/Anne farce doesn’t make sense, but as long as it was in the background it was an annoyance and nothing more. Now it’s shoved into the forefront with no way to break it off or downplay it.

 Do a doctor and a college professor honestly not know how babies are made or are they simply so stupid that they figured “it wouldn’t happen to them”? That may fly with a teenage couple, but the writers are now asking us to suspend too much disbelief. Tom and Anne have acted like a pair of giggly kids from the first episode, but to disregard safety and reason by having unprotected sex is beyond ridiculous.

 As soon as the pregnancy was introduced I knew Anne was going to whine about “bringing a baby into the world the way it is” and I wasn’t disappointed (at least something didn’t disappoint me). They pretty much copied the dialogue between Lori and Rick in The Walking Dead. You should have thought about that before you did the deed, lady. Actions have consequences.

 It’s too bad that Falling Skies writers effectively ruined the series because it looks like there might be some decent stuff coming up with Hal, plus my favorite characters Ben and Matt are back together. Unfortunately, I have no more faith in the writing and bad, lazy writing makes for a boring series no matter how good the actors are. In my first article here I predicted a few clichés; namely, the Tom/Anne spawn, a love interest for Ben (seems ten times more likely now that Lourdes is back to her normal disgusting self and Ben has lost his Skitter litter, although I’d also watch out for Jean Weaver as a possibility), and the return of Maggie’s cancer. All are boring and have been done to death, but why let that stop them?

 Weren’t Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood quoted as saying the pregnancy thing wouldn’t happen and if it did it wouldn’t be Tom’s? I wonder if they thought that was cute (fail) or if they were ordered to say that by the powers that be.

 Sad to say, I’ve watched my last episode of Falling Skies. I’ll gladly watch anything else Maxim Knight and Connor Jessup do, as I they made the series for me. If anyone has any inside information that things are not as they seem and the pregnancy will be terminated or Anne killed, now’s the time to tell me. I love spoilers.

BethTX is (hopefully still) a Contributing Author here on the Falling Skies Blog, just as sarcastic as me (not an easy accomplishment), and I am trying to find out if she would be willing to stay on as a CA and still write between seasons even if she won’t watch Season 3

I feel kind of stupid writing this part: Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on August 20, 2012.

13 Responses to “More Perfect Union: Game Over?”

  1. I share Beth’s bottomless disappointment about this stupid, done to death, beyond boring and annoying pregnancy plot. Can’t there EVER be ANY end of the world fiction that does stress the stereotype off the shelf plots of “looking for lost child” (oh hell did we chew that) and “pregnant in apocalypse” (approaching target now)? Is there really nothing else to tell in such a scenario? I’m angry, yes. I’m not giving up, but I certaintly need some time to swallow that crap. Also, that’s what Anne should have done.

    • *doesn’t stress… bleh, see how angry I am?

    • “That’s what Anne should have done”—Kid Carnival FOR THE WIN! Hey, at least I know I can come here for a larff or two!

      Okay, I get why the writers feel the need to rehash overdone plots: they’re catering to the lowest common denominator, the squealing fangirls who think action and scifi are icky-poo but go weak in the knees over romance wether it makes sense or not. Fine. Give them some of that, but don’t forget that most of us have brains and are tuning in for something more.

      • But the writers learned absolutely nothing from TWD – people were bored out of their minds by Where’s Waldo/Sophia and people started to truly hate the main characters, mainly Lori, when the pregnancy plot came up. I just don’t understand why writers don’t consider the option that repeating the same thing over and over again bores the viewers because they’ve seen it on EVERY other show on air.

  2. I think that the perfect moment to terminate her pregnancy would be when everyone was tied up under the weapon. She should have been hit with the torture weapon and then lost the baby, to me it would have kept me interested. I do agree, the pregnancy path wasn’t their best option. Although I am not going to stop watching falling skies over this season final (and the magical disappearance of mech bullets), I hope that the season 3 premier will be spectacular.

    Even during hard times, keep the resistance strong!

    • See, that’s what I thought would happen. Karen hits her with the weapon, game over. The writers keep their dignity while allowing for some Tom angst. Not that he needs another reason. I mean, it is the apocalypse, he has a half-Skitter son, and he’s leading a group of expendable survivors (RIP, Dai).

  3. I too HATE the concept that Anne is preggo with Tom’s baby. Now I am even sadder in the fact that this may be Beth’s last write up. I hope you re-consider and at least give S3 a chance. *gulp*


  4. Must….change….Beth’s…..mind.

    My rommate and I (and my supervisor, one of the other gals at work, are you listening writers?) are totally on board with the WTF train about the pregnancy.

    And we were waiting WAITING for Karen to hit Anne with the tick tick boom glowy stick. (or is that tick tick Zap). I don’t hate Anne (much) but I do think there would have been a better way to handle this that the way they did.

    I seriously want to see new Bug Dude take Anne away on his ship and so we can just go on with killing stuff.

    • I would settle for Anne being abducted/kidnapped/taken by ANY alien and have them alter her baby, so she at least gives birth to a monster. That’s a scifi classic I haven’t seen in a while, unlike Pregnant in Apocalypse. SEE, WRITERS, THERE IS A WAY OUT OF THIS!

    • Honestly, they’ve written themselves into a corner if they continue with the pregnancy. At this point, does anyone with half a brain NOT know that the baby will be mutated in some way? They made such a point of us not knowing what was done to Tom’s body when he was aboard the alien ship. But here’s the bigger problem with that: if the baby is a mutant the viewers yawn and say, “Yeah. Expected that. Next.” and if the baby is normal it’s just a cheat. Unfortunately, I think they’re going to spend most of S3 on Tom and Anne angst about this plot point. One more reason not to watch.

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