More Perfect Union Pt.1 : Quit Playing Games with My Heart (Falling Skies)

***WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 2 Finale “More Perfect Union” it is intended ONLY for people who have seen the episode.***

Sorry this is so short. This will be the first part of the review. I am planning on at least two parts, maybe three.

Seriously? Shut up Tom. You have been living under martial law the entire time. Porter, Weaver, the entire 2nd Mass has been living under military rule since the invasion.

I really liked you Breseler, I supported your policies. And this is how you repay me? Betraying Ben? This will not stand!

Oh Great. Anne is pregnant. Thanks, now we get the Lori of Falling Skies. Anne being pregnant is pedestrian, predictable, and frankly unworthy of the great writing of this show. I have endured two seasons of awkward Hal/Maggie dialogue. I am NOT going to listen to Tom and Anne talking about what kind of world they should create for their child for all of season 3.

Even when he is trying to be nice, Hal is a jerk. Ben has obviously put a lot of thought into this. He has never felt comfortable around Mark I human beings since being harnessed, he finally found somewhere he can belong. And all you can do is call him a doofus and tell him to come home? You know what, I gave up on you a long time ago Hal, and you never make me regret that decision.

OK. Good stuff. Good stuff. Deep breaths. Connor Jessup’s return as Ben was awesome. So we were partially right all along. He DID return at the head of a skitter army. Just not in the last 15 minutes. And his skitter army was promptly decimated. Tom made the right decision to not stay in Charleston. Not only is the Farm part of what ruined S2 of TWD, but this show is so much more dynamic on the road.

So. There ends part one. Part two and/or three will expand on Karen, the Overlord’s death, the mysterious visitor, Ben’s return, Tector and Pope, etc. It will be posted either late tonight or tomorrow morning.

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on August 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “More Perfect Union Pt.1 : Quit Playing Games with My Heart (Falling Skies)”

  1. All true. Very unrealistic and predictable episode on all fronts. Gee, who could have seen that there would be a new alien showing up at the end? Only anyone who paid attention when Ben told Tom the Overlord’s weapon was not for humans.

    I think it’s well-established that Anne got her medical degree from a cereal box, but common sense would tell you not to leave a possibly head-injured patient like Hal alone. Her “Yeah…not sure what’s wrong with him, but let’s just wait and see instead of running tests or something. Okay! Everyone out so that my boyfriend and I can simper at each other.” What about Tom’s cavalier reaction to his son’s injury? When Manchester said he was sorry abotu Hal, Tom pretty much responded, “Who? Oh, him. Yeah, I sure hope he recovers, but if not I already have a replacement for him, so don’t lose any sleep, Arthur dude.”

  2. I said last night that someone should have been watching Hal, if only to make sure he didn’t choke on his own vomit. Then again, maybe he isn’t being controlled. Hal probably stares and grins himself in the mirror every morning and every night before bed. Right before he styles his hair with his jealously guarded stash of hair gel.

    • Okay, so that was the first laugh I’ve gotten–good one! Post-apocalyptic hair gel makes as much sense as Karen finding peroxide for her hair. I guess the Overlord likes his secretary looking good.

      Seriously, I like Hal well enough, if only because he’s so loyal to his family. I also like Maggie well enough, but not the two of them together. Given their history, I fully expected another discussion of feelings during the attack on the structure. We almost got it, too.

      When Ben had his harness removed in Season 1 the whole family sat by his bedside until he woke up. I guess Tom remembered how boring that was and decided against doing it for Hal.

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