Season 2 Finale: Who Knows?

So, the season 2 finale, “More Perfect Union” is 2 days away. I am terrified. Literally, I am scared out of my mind. I didn’t even want to write predictions because I am afraid to jinx it, and of course there is the nervousness of where to take the blog in the TEN MONTHS between seasons.

On to the finale: It has been confirmed that Ben will be getting a full episode’s worth of screen time, so we can expect him to play a significant part in this finale.

Haven’t seen too much of Manchester in the previews, except one scene where he is asking Tom if he really wants to go on a suicide mission, so I can only hope nobody sprang him and restored him to the throne. A safe assumption is that this suicide attack is a coordinated strike with the Skitter Rebellion against the Overlords. I am expecting to see some changes in Ben this episode. Based on the previews, Breseler is against this teaming up, which is odd considering one of the reasons he instigated his (overdue) coup against Glorious Leader was so Tom could make his meeting with Red Eye.

I am expecting to see some changes in Ben this episode.  He was becoming increasingly uncomfortable in the company of humans who do not understand him or what he was going through, which made him easy prey for Karen and her master’s manipulation. What will the consequences be of his spending so much time in the company of Skitters and other Previously-Harnessed-North-Americans? Will he have relaxed, will he be less human (emotionally) than he was before, or will he be totally unable to relate to Mark I humans now?

I have no idea what those lights falling from the sky (HA! Falling Skies!) in the last five minutes will be.

OK, this was super short. But I am sure I will have more predictions later tonight and tomorrow!

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on August 17, 2012.

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