Charleston is no Mayberry- “The Price of Greatness” Review, SPOILERS

***WARNING: The following review contains MAJOR spoilers for the current episode “Price of Greatness”, you have been spoiler warned***


Hey y’all, it’s Contributing Author Elizabeth here to bring you a review of the recent episode that was shown tonight. I believe I hit all of the high points of what happened in the episode, if I missed anything, feel free to submit your own review of the episode. “The Price of Greatness” was the episode that set up the season finale. Who is looking forward to the season finale? I know I am after seeing that preview! I have to also say this episode will go down on my list of favorites. I hope I did not let you down Greg!

Ok, I’ll admit, I was wrong about Charleston being a neutral zone… Charleston was a cult of people who lived life as if the aliens left; they were a group of people who believed if they hid and did not take the fight to the aliens they had a chance of survival. What looked like a perfect society where everyone had a place to sleep, a job, a kitchen with warm delicious food, a dining hall, a hospital with doctors and nurses to take care of them when they are sick or injured, a school for the children so they can continue their education, a prison for those who break a law or order in the society, and an army where most of the soldiers had never seen combat was there for protection. Talk about a perfect paradise, but the truths is, it really was imperfect and would have fallen apart anyways or probably not make it through an attack, even if the 2nd Mass was not there.

The 2nd Mass got a standing welcoming from the people of Charleston; they got a bedroom, had a hot shower, were given new clothes, a job, and enjoyed a hot delicious meal. What they thought was a place of paradise; they soon realized it was far from that.

When we all thought Weaver’s daughter was possibly dead or never coming back, there was a homecoming; Weaver and Jeanne were reunited. I hope they stay together; Weaver needs a small piece of happiness in his life. Speaking of homecomings, we all thought Ben was back, come on now, confess it! You all believed that de-harnessed boy was Ben with a message for his Dad. I’ll confess, I really believed that was Ben back and I got so happy. What a total let down! Looks like Ben will be returning and be a part of the whole season finale! Awesome!

Some more of Tom Mason’s past was reveled in this episode. Tom was reunited with an old friend, mentor and previous History Professor Arthur Manchester, who would later turn into a foe. As a Tom fanatic and History major you all know I enjoyed all the Tom scenes, the history that was included, and the powerful moving speech he gave to get the people of Charleston and Mr. Manchester to agree with him with taking the fight to the aliens.

Tector embraced his military past and became a part of the Charleston army with Weaver. When some of us possibly thought Tector was a traitor, he proved to us all his loyalty to the 2nd Mass. I’m really happy the writers have developed Tector’s character arc and I really hope they will do the same for Crazy Lee.

Matt got a punch in! Matt was being bullied and he broke the bully’s tooth when he punched him in the face. You go Matt!

Going back to the de-harness boy with the message for Tom; looks like the Skitter Rebellion is really happening and there are more de-harnessed children that will be joining the fight and it looks like the Skitter Rebellion and the Overlords will be coming to Charleston in the season finale.

A place for everyone to restart and to have a normal life; a new America and democracy that was all dreamed up and put into reality by Arthur Manchester is now coming to an end because now Mr. Manchester has lost his power to his dream and has been put imprisoned where he belongs, where he is out of the 2nd Mass’s way so they do what they need to do.

Overall it was a great episode! 

As Greg says “Keep the resistance strong!” 


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on August 13, 2012.

4 Responses to “Charleston is no Mayberry- “The Price of Greatness” Review, SPOILERS”

  1. You could still be right about the neutral zone. Who’s to say Manchester isn’t collaborating with the aliens, hence his not wanting to fight them, and his strong effort to get rid of the 2nd mass?

    • He’d be a pretty stupid collaborateur. I don’t think he works for the overlords because if he did, he’d want all the intelligence he can get about the skitter resistance, not shut Tom up about it. He’d let him go talk to Red Eye, claim he’d in on the rebellion and then give their plans to the overlords.

  2. Frankly, I expected the de-harnessed boy to be someone other than Ben. But I did expect him to be in contact with Ben instead of a “nope, sir, never met that guy you’re talking about”.

    Anyway, I’m very much with you about several points:

    The finale looks damn promising.
    I’m glad to see Tector’s development (and it amuses me greatly how much it resembles that of Ladon Radim in Stargate Atlantis).
    I’m very much hoping for Crazy Lee to also get a bigger role – the Berzerkers are kinda down to three; there’s room for more personality.

    Full review is on Circus of Scars as usual.

  3. Mad praise to the writers for having the 2nd Mass recognize Charlestrap for what it is early in the game. I was afraid this would be a filler episode with 30-40 minutes of scenes of bliss before someone finally got suspicious, but Weaver quickly got that narrow-eyed scowl when dealing with Matt Frewer’s “General”. Who appointed him general, anyway? The janitor? Homeboy doesn’t seem to be conducting military training or anything.

    Anne, as Anne often does, proved that she’s there simply to say, “Yeah, we’ve got a doc and Tom’s got a chew toy”. She’s a pediatrician, NOT a combat surgeon. She’s taught herself a few tricks along the way similar to how I’ve learned to fix a toilet and unclog a sink with hot water and dish detergent. I would not run through the streets of South Texas screaming, ‘I’M A PLUMBER!!!!!” I don’t see one thing she adds to the show.

    Extra special mention to my man Matt who handled bidness with the bigger kid. Loved the look on Tom’s face as he was trying to decide how to react. “Do I lecture the kid, ’cause I’m a non-punching kind of guy unless it’s Pope. Nah, screw ’em. Good for you, son.”

    Speaking of Pope, he knew it was too good to be true from the get-go. As much as he may dislike Tom, he can’t be bought.

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