Ben Mason’s Dramatic Return?

Just to confirm for you guys, Elizabeth is writing the initial review of tonight’s episode while I am out of town. I will put up my own sometime tomorrow, after I get the chance to watch the episode whenever it is posted on

So I wrote this on the bus, on the way to Maryland, with people shouting around me. So if it is not up to my usual standards (just kidding, I have no standards), that is why. That is also why it is super short. Just some musings on the where when and why of Ben’s return this season.

As I have stated many (many many) times on Twitter, I cannot be held responsible for my actions if we do not see Ben Mason again until the last 15 minutes of the finale, “Less Perfect Union”. But, I am afraid that is exactly what is going to happen. Even though, from a fan perspective, this makes me angry just thinking about it, from an objective standpoint it makes sense. I want to hurt myself just for typing that.

It has become a bit of a joke at the blog to make the “Ben returning at the head of Skitter Army” just in the nick of time to save both the 2nd Mass and Charleston from the Overlords or just the 2nd Mass from Charleston prediction. But that is exactly what I think is going to happen. Now, by it makes sense, I should explain what I actually mean. Because the writers appear to be running some kind of cruel and unusual experiment where they try to determine how long they can withhold Ben before I freak out, they might as well make his return as dramatic as they can.

Ben’s return needs to make an impact, as big a one as possible.

Ben’s return is NOT going to be him at the head Overlord’s army, re-harnessed and holding hands with Karen. I think they have finished the Ben being tempted with re-harnessing in “Young Bloods” and the beginning of “Molon Labe”. It’s over and done with, at least until the end of season 3. From “Sanctuary Pt. 1” on, starting with Rick, Ben has pretty much made his entire identity as “the Previously-Harnessed-North-American who doesn’t want to be re-harnessed”.

With all that being said, if you could make it at least half-way through the finale instead of the last 15 minutes, I promise to remain (relatively) calm. 

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on August 12, 2012.

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