Is Charleston a Place of Southern Comfort and Hospitality or a Trap?

Hey y’all, it’s Tom fanatic Contributing Author Elizabeth here to help out Greg while he is working in Maryland. Here is my prediction article for “Price of Greatness”. Make sure to come back and read my review of “Price of Greatness” after the show has aired. I promise I won’t let you down Greg!

So the 2nd Mass made it to Charleston, South Carolina. The 2nd Mass will finally get to experience those missed luxuries of a hot shower, clean clothes, delicious food, electricity and a comfortable and safe place to sleep, but is all that Southern comfort and hospitality really worth the price they may face? We all have read somewhere either said by an actor or actress or a writer or producer that Charleston is not what the 2nd Mass was expecting it to be at all. So we all know it is a trap, but what kind of trap is it? *Coughs* It’s a neutral zone. *Coughs*. In what way(s) is Charleston working with the aliens? For this piece of paradise on Earth in a huge hell hole, those behind the Continental Congress are working with the aliens in some way to have these luxuries.

We have all seen the pictures and previews and the 2nd Mass will have a hot shower, have clean clothes and eat a hot delicious meal. Tom Mason will be giving a patriotic speech and he will also be reunited with an old friend and mentor, previous history Professor Arthur Manchester. Looks like this episode will be developing Tom’s character arc more. The questions are, why won’t Mr. Manchester agree to fighting back and trying to hit the aliens hard like Tom has suggested? Why is Mr. Manchester saying Tom can’t be trusted and is still working for the aliens? I believe Tom can be trusted, there have been no signs throughout the season that suggest Tom is a sleeper agent and can be activated at any time. If he was, I think they would have already activated him a long time ago.

I really believe Charleston is a neutral zone the Overlord has offered to Tom twice. How in the world are they able to have all these luxuries? And why haven’t the aliens picked up on them or tried to attack them? And what happened to Charleston? Where are the aliens at? I didn’t even see a Mother-Ship over the city like we all have seen in Boston. I believe the Continental Congress, and Charleston Army are working with the aliens and the person behind this all is Arthur Manchester. I believe this talk of a new America and democracy is a bunch of crap, I believe the government will be very military controlled and a dictatorship. Arthur Manchester is no friend to Tom and is a foe. If this is really a neutral zone, how bad will it be and what will happen to the 2nd Mass? Will Porter find out what Charleston really is and tell Tom and Weaver before it’s too late and safe the 2nd Mass?

According to the episode synopsis “The 2nd Mass meets new faces, while Tom comes across his former mentor and Professor Arthur Manchester (guest star Terry O’Quinn). But it’s difficult to know whom to trust. Maggie begins to realize that Pope may not be sticking with the group very long. And Tector embraces his military past.” It looks like Tector will be working a long side Weaver and Pope will attempt to leave again. Why is he leaving? Does he know what is really going on in Charleston? I agree with Pope, the whole 2nd Mass needs to get out of there!

Will Ben return? I hope he does by the end of this episode, if not we will see Ben again in the season finale. Ben, please save the 2nd Mass! And why are Anne, Lourdes and Matt along with other members of the 2nd Mass or Charleston showing fear? Is Charleston under attack? Do they know what Charleston really is? And why is Pope covered in blood and what is the Continental Army shooting at? Is it an alien or a person?

As a history major I can see a possible Civil War happening between the 2nd Mass and the people of Charleston due to their differences on handling the aliens. The Battle of Fort Sumter took place in Charleston, South Carolina and was the start of the Civil War. Something bad and bloody is going to go down in Charleston, like we have seen in past history. This may happen in the season finale or in season three, I think my wild imagination got the best of me there, but you never know, it may just happen.

“Price of Greatness” will be the episode that will set up the epic, mouth dropping, and shocking season finale. The 2nd Mass will enjoy these luxuries and they will soon see the truth of what Charleston really is. The many questions I have asked can be answered by watching this Sunday at 9EST/8C on TNT.



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One Response to “Is Charleston a Place of Southern Comfort and Hospitality or a Trap?”

  1. If I were to venture a guess, Pope leaves because he found out that Charleston, SC is keeping women behind the scenes and impregnating women and giving the children to the overlords. This may be far fetched, but it is obvious the guys at Charleston are working with the overlords in some way in exchange for the life they are currently enjoying.

    As for Ben showing up, to add greater tension I think he will show up and try and persuade the 2nd Mass that it’s best to stay at Charleston until there is a way to fight them efficiently. My guess is that Ben is with the aliens. Sorry but he is/was harnessed. I don’t like it either but it’s my guess.

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