Charlestrap: All Hail Glorious Leader!

So, there is only one day left before “Price of Greatness” graces us with its presence.

Just a heads up: I will be out of town, with limited access to internet, Sunday afternoon through Thursday, so the initial review will be by a Contributing Author.

It is pretty obvious from the previews that Charlestrap will not be exactly what they expected (SHOCK FACE!).

At first it seems Arthur Manchester (most obvious villain name EVER!) is glad to see Tom and wants him on the government. Then he appears to be informed of Tom’s time on the spaceship, and the removal of the eye-bug…and his entire reaction turns to one of suspicion. In one preview, Manchester refers to himself as “Majority Leader” and says “we are still a work in progress around here” I believe that with this whole Continental Congress nonsense, Charlestrap is ostensibly a democracy, but Manchester is wielding Supreme Executive Power for “the duration of the emergency” (funny how those emergencies always seems to have an infinite duration…).  He is going to feel like Tom’s dedication to democratic principles threatens his position as Glorious Leader, and the 2nd Mass’ devotion to taking the fight to the enemy as a threat to his apparent “wait and hide” strategy.

There have been a lot of accusations slung at Porter for being there, that he is part of the trap at Charlestrap. I do not agree. If you watch the standard preview, Porter is having a secret meeting with Tom and others when soldier bust in. I think Porter discovered the seedy underbelly of Charleston and is determined to help the 2nd Mass lead the charge to take the fight back to the aliens. Since in several photos that have been released, it looks like Hal is locked up and Pope is covered in blood, I would say that initially this plan doesn’t work out so well. 

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on August 11, 2012.

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