Dan Weaver: A Simple Man for Simpler Times?

Long time Twitter supporter Jennifer joins us with a Guest Article on Dan Weaver, our first look at him since my prehistoric Dan Weaver: One Dimensional Stock Character, or Diamond in the Rough article!

The Simple Complexity of Dan Weaver

I must first start by saying that Ben Mason is my favorite Falling Skies character, although that didn’t start until season 2, but when I’m presented with a major decision I can’t help but mumble to myself, “WWWD”. What does WWWD mean? It stands for What Would Weaver Do, a “catch” phrase my local Falling Skies groupies and I came up with.

I chose to write about Weaver because I really do identify with the man or at least what he stands for. Having been born into a military family and living all to over the world one does get a great sense of pride and protectiveness for their country. Being the daughter of an Air Force GI I have learned great respect, the ability to cope with separation and how to defend the underdog.

These same things drive GI’s and is what makes Dan Weaver such a complex man who lives by the simplest rules. Those rules are just this orders and love.

In season one we could debate that he was such a hard-ass when he would argue with Anne about why his soldiers deserved to sleep in beds and the civilians in tents. We heard him state many times he found the civilians a liability and slowed the 2nd Mass down, but despite his talking he was always there when anyone, fighter or civilian, need help.

I will be the first to admit that his strong military stubbornness can sometimes be on the infuriating side of the coin, especially when it comes to his interactions with our favorite characters, but it is the way he is conditioned being a GI. No matter how much he talks his actions is what we appreciate about this man.

Let’s talk about his actions for a moment. His military side caused him to treat Jimmy like soldier at Thirteen years old, but his father side always made sure to show Jimmy that he was doing a good job and that he was trusted. When Jimmy was allowed back on duty, after the armory fiasco in season one, the Mech’s attacked and Weaver was very aware that Jimmy was in the line of fire and ran out to protect him, and we all know that he did so when he killed the Skitter that was hovering over a defenseless Jimmy.

We should talk about babies for a moment. When Sarah was in labor Weaver huffed and puffed that she needed to be able to be on her feet and move if they needed to evacuate, but when he found out what was wrong with the baby his conditioning was overtaken by his humanness and paternal instinct and since he and his wife had done a home birth with the same complications he stepped up and helped deliver a beautiful baby girl.

In season two we find Weaver just slightly altered after the three month period lapse from the Boston attack. He seems just slightly less hard and a little less uniformed. This is because he believes his chain of command is gone and now he has to come up with orders. When one has been regimented for as long as Weaver has been, a new role can be difficult to take on. He is now working through his own logic and wits instead of relying on those who outrank him to tell him what to do. I am sure it is both disabling and freeing for Captain Weaver. This is part of the reason I think he finally decided to take his people to Charleston.

In season 2 we see more of his conflict between his military side and his parental side. We see how Jimmy’s death affects him and let’s not forget that as he and Ben stood by the grave of their list friend that he allowed Ben to cry on this shoulder. I don’t think he would have done anything like that in season one. We see how elated he was that his daughter Jean was returned to him, but once he was up against a threat to the 2nd Mass he got controlling and military again.

As I come close to ending this piece on Dan Weaver I want to quickly talk about this past week’s episode, Death March. We saw two great sides of him that I want to mention. The first was on behalf of his parental side. They hit a little harnessed girl and even though he didn’t trust having her there he couldn’t bring himself to order her killed or left behind so instead he had her restrained on the bus. I am sure that part of him was thinking what if that had been Jean.

The second was near the end when he gave that great motivating speech. It showed his great leadership skills and his determination to make a new life for the 2nd mass.

All these things I have written about shows how complex Dan Weaver is as a person, but in the very simplest form.

No matter what happens during the next two episodes I for one have faith that Dan Weaver won’t let us down and will do the right thing for the 2nd Mass.

Jennifer can be found on Twitter, @JenniferRux

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on August 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “Dan Weaver: A Simple Man for Simpler Times?”

  1. Great article! I really miss the Weaver and Jimmy dynamic.

  2. I do as well. Thank you so much Lauren.

  3. I come from a military family, as well, and proud of it, but I didn’t like Weaver much at first. I don’t think we were meant to. His kneejerk reactions were supposed to make Tom look more reasonable and highlight that his decisions were soundly based on history.

    Weaver grew on me at the end of season 1 when he admitted to mistakes and altered his view a bit. not entirely; he’s still a military man and should remain so, but he and Tom got to understand and respect each other. The show is better for it.

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