Death March 2.5: Not That Bad?

To continue our internal blog disharmony on this polarizing episode “Death March”, Contributing Author Elizabeth returns to give her reactions to both the episode and to her previous predictions

To see the start of the debate read MY Death March: Matt Mason’s Reactive Attachment Disorder and Kidcarnival’s Falling Skies S02E08

I have to admit “Death March” was not that bad.

If any of you had a chance to read my prediction article, I would have to say it was a failure. [Hey, I had to admit MY MOTHER was right, and Red Eye was a rogue in this article! -Greg] I was somewhat right on some things. Scratch that! I won’t say it was a failure, I will just say I have a wild imagination. When it comes to predictions, we can allow our imagination get to us or we can be accurate on guessing what may happen next. Sometimes it’s very hard to predict, because the show is great at keeping secrets, so they can keep us surprised throughout the season.

As a fan of the show, I would have to say I liked this episode, but it was not one of my favorites like some of the previous episodes. The writers had to include this episode to set up the last two episodes for the season, even though some people did not like it for whatever your reasons may be, it had to be written and shown so we could all be ready for what is a head in the next two episodes. It also built up new and previous characters arch’s, that needed to take place before the end of the season.

So the 2nd Mass made it to Charleston, South Carolina or close to it, since Charleston is gone. I still believe Charleston is some kind of dictatorship and trap. I still believe the Continental Congress and army of Charleston is working for the Overlord. I really do believe this is some kind of neutral zone. Why have the aliens left Charleston alone even though it is destroyed? Come on people, it’s a trap! If you have seen the preview for “Price of Greatness” you will understand where I’m coming from. Charleston is bad I tell you! BAD! Now we have to wait until next Sunday to see what happens in Charleston.

Let’s back up now before the 2nd Mass made it to Charleston. I had many favorite scenes, but since I am a Noah Wyle fan and have been since E.R., I would have to say my favorite scenes was when Tom and Matt had their father and son moments. There were couple of them; one in the beginning after Matt wrote a will, giving it to his father just in case if something happens to him. After losing Jamil and Boone who else wouldn’t think they wouldn’t make it to Charleston or would be the next to die? I know I would! I also loved the happy ending when Tom, Hal and Matt hug. It would have been better if Ben was in the hug and all the Masons were reunited.

So next I’ll move onto Maggie’s dark secret. It wasn’t anything I was expecting. So Maggie had a criminal past and drug addiction. She broke into houses, did dugs, she was caught and was in prison. She soon finds out she was three months pregnant and after her son was born, she gave him up for adoption. I really felt sorry for Maggie. I wonder if she will ever be reunited with her son again (and no it’s not Hal, haha).

Next I’ll move onto Tector, I’m happy we got to learn more about Tector and his past, I really hope they do the same for Crazy Lee. It is important to develop the new characters as well as the previous ones. Speaking of previous ones, what about Dai and Anthony?! They NEED more lines! They need more character developments and more scenes in the show too! So Tector was keeping a secret from Weaver and the 2nd Mass of past military history. Tector suffers from grief; he was a former Marine and he lost three Marines under his command and he blames himself for their death and he blames himself after what happened to Boone. Like Robert from Three If By Space said it took Weaver to use reverse psychology to get Tector to talk. It was also great to see another side of Lourdes.

Next I will move onto the harness girl, Jenny who mysteriously appeared walking in the road and was hit by Tector after her and Weaver got into it. So her harness was damaged from being hit by the truck. The 2nd Mass allows her to come aboard for medical treatment. When she comes too, Matt makes a new friend. I don’t think Matt has attachment issues, I think he was just trying to help her. We do get to see more of the harness transformation; she had long fingernails and was turning green. I guess this answers the questions many of us have, the longer the harness is on, the more changes you go through. I don’t believe Ben or Karen will be growing multiple legs and will turn green during the end of season two or in season three. Also we learn the Skitters are more maternal.

If you have seen Greg Beeman’s blog, you will understand what I’m talking about with the harness transformation. Jenny’s brother Tyler is GREEN! So Jenny only stayed for a short time and left with her brother. I don’t believe we will ever see Jenny or Tyler again. I still don’t understand why the 2nd Mass allowed her to come along for a short time. Even though she was not a trap, it was clear after Tector hit her she would have be fine. Remember the harness children have super strength. Also her harness must have not been that damaged, because it started to glow again. What was the point behind this? I still don’t know, I guess it was to show us, if you still have the harness on, you will turn green. Was she there to replace Ben or fill a hole for Ben while Ben is gone?

Finally, when the 2nd Mass arrives at Charleston, there is no Charleston. To see the looks on everyone’s face, it showed they had little to no hope left and what each character was dreaming to have or take place in Charleston, you can see a complete let down for each of them. I agree with Kid on “I’m also glad we finally got to see a more desperate side of Tom.” To see Tom break down after Matt wrote his will, Hal was missing, Ben was gone and what he dreamed and hoped for at Charleston for him and his family, all hope was gone for him. Have I mentioned yet, that Noah is a fabulous actor? Weaver gave a moving speech to recreate hope. Soon, out of nowhere Porter comes out of some tall grass (yes, Porter is still alive if you didn’t see “Dale Dye” name credited in the credits) with other soldiers speaking of Charleston, the new capital of the United Stated of America. We all saw excitement and surprises in each characters face, and it recreated hope for them all. All I can say is: they are in a rude awaking!

Overall it was not that bad of an episode.

Elizabeth is Contributing Author on The Falling Skies Blog, a Tom Mason fanatic, and dog lover.

She can be reached and and should be followed on at @7sweetprincess7

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2 Responses to “Death March 2.5: Not That Bad?”

  1. I’m a sucker for character development. Maggie’s “dark secret” was a let down, but Tector getting such an upgrade in character depth made up for it TWICE. This didn’t feel like a filler to me, if anything, it was filling me in on things I needed to know for what’s to come. That’s a hell of a lot more than the filler centered around Weaver’s daughter did. And I even sorta excuse the Maggie let down, because I have a feeling her criminal past will play a role in Charleston (but then, I too have a vivid imagination).

  2. Crazy Lee does seem like a potentially cool character. The only female Berserker has to be a little off in a fun way and I’d like to see more of her.

    I’m a Mason family fanatic, so I don’t want to writers to spend a whole lot of time away form them and their story line, but occasionally featuring background characters that the audience cares about will enrich the whole show.

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