What’s the Deal with Maggie?

For Justin’s reaction to the “secret” actually revealed in the episode “Death March” check out: The (Not So?) Deep, Dark Secret of Maggie

In these latter days of Guest-Writer-A-Con, Justin Mathai returns to give us some theories on what Pope meant by who Maggie really is!

The Dirt on Maggie

Hey guys, so I’m back again and less…controversial in my opinions, I suppose. With Episode 2.08 “Death March” looming over us, I thought I’d take the chance to sit down and write about a character we’ve seen a lot of lately: Maggie. Fear not, I’m not here to defend or attack her, only to speculate. In the teaser, we see that Pope appears to have some sort of dark secret against her, something that may change the way Hal looks at her. For the most part, Maggie’s been guarded about her past and is therefore an enigma to viewers, and most characters as well. I’ve been chatting with some people who watch the show, taking opinions, etc. and decided I’d compile some theories as to what Maggie’s secret is, exactly. Bear in mind that all of this is speculative, just spit-balling here. What do you guys think of these possibilities? Do you have your own theories of our mystery woman?

Theory 1: Maggie is a criminal of some kind: murderer/kidnapper/armed robber/etc.
Okay, so we know that Maggie hung out with Pope and his crew of crooks, so it’s likely that she does have some sort of criminal background. What this criminal past is, exactly, is unknown. So what if she was a violent criminal, as in a murderer or kidnapper? That would certainly change Hal’s opinion on her. And it would be interesting to see how she struggles to overcome this. Perhaps it was by accident? Perhaps it was premeditated? We know her past was dark, shady, and probably pretty unpleasant. I think it’s entirely possible (I mean, she did kill Billy Pope and his crony after all).

Theory 2: Maggie’s brain tumors haven’t gone away entirely.
Another interesting theory to be sure, this one seems less likely to me as it isn’t a ‘dirty’ secret  necessarily, just a tragic one. And it isn’t likely Pope would try to leverage this against her. But still, it would explain why she keeps pushing Hal away. We know that she had cancer, but she never specifically states she’s cancer free. Is it an interesting plot device? Definitely. Is it her secret? Probably not.

Theory 3: Maggie had/has a husband/fiancé/significant other.
Well that would certainly put a damper on Hal’s pursuits, wouldn’t it? Maybe it was an abusive relationship, maybe she just wasn’t happy, and either way it would be a source of guilt. And maybe said significant other is in Charleston. Again, this one seems unlikely as her character’s age is twenty-one but this is speculation, so our imaginations are a bit free to run wild here.

Theory 4: Maggie and Pope had an intimate relationship at one point.
This was an interesting one that I’d never considered before. I mean, we know that Billy Pope was sexually abusive toward her, but what about John? What if he had a more…’loving’ relationship with her at one point or another. Pope doesn’t exactly strike me as the type to engage in activity like that but you never know. She might be ashamed to admit it, or maybe he thinks she still has feelings for him (unlikely), but that could also change Hal’s outlook on her given his disdain for the man. Again, I don’t think this one is highly probable.

Theory 5: Maggie and Pope are related.
This is interesting, for sure. What if they’re cousins or siblings or something? We don’t know her last name, after all. I can’t say that this is really a ‘dirty’ secret, i.e. one that Pope would want to leverage against her but it would certainly make Hal view her differently. It would also add a whole new level of ‘wrong’ regarding what Billy Pope did to her and that could make for some good, compelling scenes for the character as well. Again, not sure it’s likely as it isn’t THAT kind of show.

Theory 6: Maggie’s a lesbian.
Yes, that was included as a joke. Nothing she’s done would indicate this about her so I’m going to go ahead and shoot this theory out of the sky for you. Feel free to fight me about it on Twitter.

So there you have it, six theories on what Maggie’s dirty little secret is. I guess we’ll find out soon enough if any of these were accurate. Got your own theories? Why not mention them below! I’m sure there are plenty of great ones out there that I didn’t hear or consider. Until Sunday, keep that resistance strong! (Sorry I stole your bit, Greg!)

More of Justin’s stuff can be found at: http://justinmathai.wordpress.com/ and he can be followed on twitter at @JustoMathai

To be fair, I stole this from Wil Wheaton on 2nd Watch: Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on August 4, 2012.

7 Responses to “What’s the Deal with Maggie?”

  1. Re: 5. Maggie is a lesbian. To you, to me, probably to most somewhat sane people, it’s clear this is a joke. But to others, it certainly isn’t. On another forum, someone stated that (John) Pope is certainly gay, evidence: He didn’t rape Maggie. Yup. Following that logic, we are probably all gay, too. Never underestimate how weird people are.

    Anyway, I’m with you about the probabilities – a criminal background seems the most likely. I shall another rather unlikely idea: Pope knows that Maggie is lying about the cancer. The “holes” in her skull come from some other, rather harmless head injury (Hal sure hasn’t the medical knowledge to feel a difference, he has to take her word.) She never had cancer/brain tumors and made it up on the fly when she saw a chance to win the trust of the 2nd Mass with a sobby story; if only to make it very clear that she was really more a desperate captive than a willing gang member.
    Hence her fear of hospitals and the knowledge where the drugs were? She did something else in a hospital, maybe she was a nurse or frequently visiting a sick relative; and she did something she is ashamed of there. Maybe she stole from her dying mother, turned her brother’s life support off against his explicit will after he was in a coma for years or told her father on his deathbed that she found out she’s not really his daughter and her mother had an affair. Something she did out of desperation or spite and that seems a lot worse to her than cancer. To Hal, such a lie about her condition would be devestating.

    • That’s a profound theory that I never considered before. I personally like it a lot! The likelihood of it is uncertain but I agree it would add a whole other dimension to her character. Thanks for weighing in on that, it’s more food for thought as I anxiously await tomorrow evening!

      • Being my usual humble self, I’d say that would be the option that would do the most for her character. It would add more layers than a simple “yo, Hal, you know she once stole a car, right?” An elaborate lie, born out of shame and a moment of weakness that stays with you for the rest of your life, is different. It’s not only about Hal forgiving her, it’s also about her forgiving herself. And that’s the kind of character drama I’m a total sucker for.

  2. Re: 6., sorry.

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  5. […] over at fallingskiesblog came up with several ideas what Maggie’s dark secret might be; I added my own and we kinda agreed that a criminal past is the most likely option. We were totally […]

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