“Death March”: Oh, the Possibilities

As Guest-Writer-A-Con enters its final hours, Elizabeth returns to bring us some predictions on “Death March”

What may or may not happen in Death March

Just in time before Sunday, here is a prediction article of what may happen in the all new episode that will be shown at 9PMEST/8C on TNT called “Death March”. Make sure to tune in or set your DVR’s. For anyone reading this, this is really a prediction article of what I think may happen after watching the three previews released from TNT. I do not have the episodes in advance like some of the other writers on different websites have, so if something I say happens, it was all predictions, not advance viewing of the season. It would be awesome if I could view the season in advance, I’m sure Greg thinks so too.

According to Peter Shinkoda who plays Dai, in a recent interview said “Death March” will set up what will come in the next two episodes, so this is a very important episode for all of us to watch, so we will be somewhat prepared for what will happen in this epic and mind blowing season finale that will top season ones. Here is the episode synopsis: “The 2nd Mass pushes on to Charleston, but some are still grieving the group’s recent losses. Weaver learns more about Tector’s background before the invasion. And Matt begins to bond with a harnessed girl who was found recently.”

I will start with the harness girl. So this harness girl is mysteriously walking around in the street the 2nd Mass is traveling on, and when Captain Weaver and Tector lose site of the road in front of them, and hit what they believe is a deer but soon find out after looking was really a harness girl. I saw no Skitter around, and I saw no other children walking as if maybe a Skitter decided to take a walk and cross the street to the other side. After Weaver and Tector look to see what they hit, the harness stops glowing, did you all see that?

So whoever is controlling her; maybe it’s the Overlord, Karen, Red Eye or another Skitter had her walk into the street and get hit. I believe this harness girl was supposed to find the 2nd Mass, and after she does, whoever may be controlling her stopped controlling her. A lot of fans believe she is a trap, and as a fan, I’m not certain if I can say she is a trap or not. I am not disagreeing, the harness girl may in fact be a trap, and I just don’t know if I can say she is until I see with my own eyes. Maybe she is not a trap; maybe she will give warning to the 2nd Mass when she senses the enemy coming, like we all saw when she is sitting next to Matt.

Whatever happens to her, I believe it looks like some kind of transformation going on. It will probably help answer those burning questions fans have about the harness process and the different effects the harness children go through. This will probably lead to more questions, and probably make us all wonder will this happen to Ben? I’m sure after Matt, Hal and Tom and the whole 2nd Mass sees what happens, they will all wonder if this will happen to Ben too. I don’t believe she will grow six legs and turn into a Skitter.

Maybe she really is a trap, and is a sleeper agent since her harness is off. Maybe when whoever is controlling her is ready they give her harness power and she goes all attack mode on the 2nd Mass. Or maybe she is there as a spy to see where the 2nd Mass is going or what they have planned. Maybe she is like a GPS so the enemy knows where the 2nd Mass is at all times, and when the enemy is ready to attack, they will attack the 2nd Mass. It’s very interesting on what direction this harness girl’s storyline may take. She may or may not be a trap, we will all just have to wait and see what happens.

Speaking of Tector earlier, it looks like we will get to see more of Ryan Robbins character in this episode, and learn more about his character’s past. I really hope they will do the same for Crazy Lee. So Tector has a past military history he has been hiding from Weaver and the 2nd Mass. Why is he hiding it? It could be for several reasons, but I believe why he is hiding it, is because he lost a very close friend, maybe his whole unit died; maybe he killed someone innocent, like a child. I’m sure we have had a family member or friend in the military that have gone off to war, and when they come back a lot of them suffer from a mild to severe form of PTSD, and don’t want to talk about what happened. I think this is why Tector is hiding his military past; I don’t believe he wants to re-live whatever happened.

Speaking of the past, Maggie also has a dark secret she has not told that Pope will bring up. It looks like the truck Hal is driving and Maggie and Pope is riding along in has some trouble and it looks like they are separate from the 2nd Mass for a little while, while Pope fixes the truck. So what is this dark secret Maggie is hiding? If you have not had a chance to read Justin’s article on the many predictions of what maybe Maggie’s dark secret is, I believe you should. I believe it has something to do with Pope and his gang or it has something to do with a criminal past, maybe she was arrested for drug procession or using drugs. She did have cancer and she spoke of smoking weed to help with the sign effects of the chemotherapy. Whatever it may be, all fans, including I, are dying to know what her dark secret is. Whatever this dark secret she has been hiding form Hal, I wonder if it will affect Hal’s feelings for her and possibly end their relationship. It looks like after Pope fixes the truck, I’m thinking Hal, Maggie and Pope catch up with the rest of the 2nd Mass and see whatever is happening to this harness girl or whatever may happen to the 2nd Mass.

The 2nd Mass will also find someone or something else along the side of the road. Who is it or what is it? Is it Ben? Maybe, but I don’t see Ben returning until the season finale. Is it Red Eye? Is it Karen? Whoever or whatever it is, the 2nd Mass lowers their guns and shows trust.

In the most recent preview we see a father and son moment while on the medic bus between Tom and Matt. Matt hands Tom a piece of paper, looks to be his will if something would happen to him. After losing Jamil and Boone, I can see why the 2nd Mass and even Matt believes they may not make it to Charleston or live to see the future after the aliens are gone. Will more people die this season? Who is the next character to go? I don’t believe anyone will die in “Death March” even though in the title it says “Death” in it.

Also the bridge is out and it looks like the 2nd Mass will have a challenge to get across. Will this put set backs on the 2nd Mass getting to Charleston? Will they find another way across or around? Was the bridge already blown out or was it blown out before they got there to stop them from continuing on their way to Charleston? Very interesting to see what happens, and we can all find out what prediction I have made or what other fans are saying come true tomorrow.

What do you think is going to happen? You can comment here or find all of us on Twitter to share your thoughts and theories.

 Elizabeth can be reached and and should be followed on at @7sweetprincess7

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