We Have Met the Enemy and it is Creepy

Tammy returns to keep Guest-Writer-A-Con rolling. She pretty much explains the article in the article (helpful, that), so let’s get to it!

Falling Skies Aliens: a brief taxonomy

Ok, for those of you that follow me on Twitter, you already know that today is a very silly day for me. So I just had to do something tongue in cheek, yet Falling Skies related and scholarly (hey, I majored in Paleontology for crying out loud, I love taxonomies).

So Greg wanted a rundown of major characters? How about a rundown of the major villains? I have chosen the Genus for this taxonomy to my bad approximation for Cootie in Latin for obvious reasons (I LIKE Pope).

Mechs (Cooticus Mechanicus tankus) Mechs are large, bipedal aliens. Their skin appears fashioned out of a very durable metal (commonly terms “mech metal”) which is resistant to damage by most common human ammunition. They are well armed with both rockets and bullets. They have a sophisticated laser targeting systems, which make them a formidable enemy. Examination by members of the 2nd Mass (POPE!) had determined that the Mechs are totally mechanical in nature, leading this researcher to speculate that the classification for these aliens might be updated in the future.

Skitters (Cooticus Arachnidae major) Skitters are large, spider-like aliens. They have six-legs and appear to be in charge of care of children “liberated” from their human families. They have their own language which is unintelligible to human ears. They however appear to be able to communicate through “assistance” of the children in their care. Skitters are very susceptible to massive injuries, especially from bullets encased in “Mech Metal”. Socially, they appear to be fragmenting into factions, some who wish to continue to their work, and others that wish to change their fate.

Harnesses (Cooticus parisiticus gross) Harnesses appear to be some sort of parasitic worm with an articulated exoskeleton. Not much is known about this species, except that the parasitic relationship allows the host to speak for the aliens. The harness also allows the host to perform feats beyond the limits of normal strength and endurance levels. It is now known that the Skitters were previously harnessed individuals. The harnesses are very mobile creatures before attaching to their hosts and while aquatic, are able to survive outside of an aquatic environment for an indeterminate period of time. It is also know known that theses suckers can bite and their bite appears to be toxic.

Beamers (Cooticus transportidae coolus) while not strictly an alien sub-type, the alien’s airships are just cool. Much like the Mechs, Beamers appear to be 100% mechanical with no living organism piloting or controlling the ships. Beamers appear to be attacked to heat signatures or possibly light sources as they have been known to target on flares and really awesome Harley motorcycles (Not the Harley!).

Overlords (Cooticus Piscosuscapitoinos major) Overlords are tall, slender mostly humanoid aliens. Very little is known of these about these creatures except as the common name would suggest, they seem to be in charge of the invaders. They have grey skin and a slightly fish like shaped heads which is where they have earned their other common name “Fish-Heads”. They have the ability to speak through the vocal cord of creatures that are hosts for the harnesses.

Crawlies (Cooticus Arachnidae minor) Crawlies are the newest (and I would say the creepiest) species of aliens. These are about the size of a large tarantula and are very hardy for their size (you can’t squish them like a bug). They are also spider-like. They have a very…. Unique(?) method of gestation, but I’m not going to spoil anyone dinner describing it, suffice to say that it’s by far one of the images from this series that will be burned into my retina for a good long time.

That’s it for now.

Signing off from Texas.

Viva La Resistance, ya’ll!

Tammy can be found on Twitter, @laughing_coyote, where links to her blog can be found in her Twitter bio.

As Tammy mentioned, I am still looking for that intro and rundown on the major characters!

Keep the Resistance Strong!


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