Tom Mason’s Life Changing News?

Guest-Writer-A-Con steams ahead! My hive-mind-member and internet großer Freund KidCarnival returns to bring us some theories about the “life changing news” Tom Mason purportedly receives in the Season 2 finale, “Less Perfect Union”

What news will change Tom’s life?‏

It has been hinted that Tom Mason will receive “life changing news” by the end of season 2. Now, his life may be in ruins anyway and there aren’t that many ways to make it worse, but it’s unlikely he’ll learn that the aliens will happily leave Earth alone if he only sings “La Cucaracha” under a full moon. [Editor’s note: That is NOT a ridiculous idea. I passed 11th grade math because the teach gave anybody who sang in front of the class on the last day 10 extra points on their final… -Greg] So what options do the writers have to make his life more miserable?

Should Moon Bloodgood’s pregnancy be responsible for Real Life Writes The Plot and Anne Glass will turn out to be pregnant, there’s the chance that this will be the news Tom gets. [Editor’s note: Moon Bloodgood and Noah Wyle have stated that if the pregnancy is written in, it will NOT be Tom’s baby! -Greg] It sure would be bad enough to have any pregnant people around while you try to fight alien overlords, but having your only doctor affected like that means you’re really screwed. This would not only be life changing for Tom, but the entire 2nd Mass. And it could dramatically be topped off by finding out that Anne’s husband and son aren’t dead, but well and alive in Charleston. At this point, I will take back anything I said in my article “Daryl Dixon vs. John Pope” and never ever say that it is ridiculous to compare The Walking Dead and Falling Skies.

Seriously, the “pregnant during apocalypse” story has been done to death and, pardon the pun, returned from the dead to torment viewers in TWD more than enough recently. Luckily, Falling Skies doesn’t feature a psychotic monster like Lori Grimes, which minimizes the risk for such a twist. But still, even if none of our ladies seems prone to such reckless endangerment of the group, it is a risk nonetheless. With the borderline-soapy emphasis on romantic relationships in season 2, it might be what the writers are building up to.

The reason I can still sleep at night in the face of such danger is the pregnant woman whose baby Weaver delivered in season 1. This might be the one thing that made the writers put the “been there, done that” label on the pregnancy subplot script and be done with it. By the way, what happened to that woman anyway?

Another (way more interesting) option would be news regarding Hal, Ben, or Matt. Whatever happens to them has a big impact on Tom and especially Ben is in a position to deliver all sorts of life changing news. Hal and Matt, not so much, unless Hal announces his marriage to Maggie or something. But that wouldn’t be “life changing” since most viewers are already used to banging their heads against desks, walls and other solid surfaces when it comes to “things Hal does”. And Matt being harnessed wouldn’t be the biggest surprise ever either; he’s already been damn close to it and this would, at best, lead to a reenactment of Ben’s storyline. So that would leave Ben with the duty to move the plot forward by bringing news about the skitter rebellion or finding other resistance groups with de-harnessed children or both.

Then, of course, the news could originate in Charleston. After all, we already know about two new characters the 2nd Mass will encounter near the end of the season: Tom’s old mentor and what appears to be the leader of humans in Charleston. It is likely Charleston will turn out to be a trap, for all the reasons others have listed in the past. My favorite theory is that one of the new guys will indeed be a collaborator and work for the overlords, or at least rule Charleston with an iron fist. And by iron fist, I mean a dictatorship, torture and slave labor. But my theory also says that the other guy runs his own resistance within the “resistance” and tries to stop whatever the dictator is doing. Finding out that Charleston isn’t the paradise the 2nd Mass hopes it will be? Not really shocking, life changing news; everyone (except the 2nd Mass) expects that. But secret allies nonetheless? That could turn the tide for the exhausted, disappointed, out-of-ideas 2nd Mass – and would be a way out of the trap. It would explain why the aliens left Charleston alone, but still ignite hope, introduce new enemies and allies alike and certainly add a new dimension to the plot: humans fighting humans. And that would be good, because the choice which side to take – if any – is a major deal. Characters would have to show their colors – yes, I’m looking at you, underused folks! It’s one thing to accept that characters just follow their leader, but a whole different story if there are two leaders with opposing goals. Even if my favorite extras, Anthony and Dai, still don’t get more lines, what side they take would say a lot about who they are, what they fight for, and what they believe in.

My very favorite – and hence most unlikely – option would be the news that Tom won’t be the sole focus of season 3 and instead, the narrative would shift to the views of characters that need the screen time to develop. An episode that puts Anthony and Pope and their motivations in the spotlight; an episode written from Dai’s point of view, the struggles of the 2nd Mass through the eyes of Tector – you name it, I take it. Yes, yes, I admit, this option also involves stunt horses, dynamite and cowboy hats, but I will save up the epic tales of my spaghetti western AU for the long, painful waiting between seasons.

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6 Responses to “Tom Mason’s Life Changing News?”

  1. Oh man, thanks for editing all my typos; I wasn’t fully awake when I mailed. Also, I stand corrected about La Cacuracha and vote for that as my very option.

  2. Reblogged this on circusofscars and commented:
    Because I’m too lazy to write a second article for my own blog.

  3. First of all, thankyouthankyouthankyou for squashing the pregnancy crapola! You have no idea how that relieves me. At least we’re safe for Season 2 and 3.

    So if pregnancy isn’t on the horizon, we still have Tom finding out something the Skitters did to him aboard ship or something to do with Ben. My money’s on capture and/or reharnessing. I addressed this in my own guest article, but I don’t see news about Hal or Matt, since Ben is the Mason boy most in danger.

    I do have to disagree about spotlighting the background characters. I like them, but I’m a diehard Mason family fan, so the more Mason the better for me.

    Looking forward to this Sunday!

  4. Oh ya, some filling in on the memory loss is an option, but it would have to have major consequences. That arc was on ice for so long, if they bring it up in the finale, it better be really good. But seeing there’s no foreshadowing – i.e. Tom talking about missing parts of his memory, black outs, doubting to be trustworthy – I don’t have that on my radar.

    My money is on both Ben returning with important developments in the skitter rebellion, and the two new characters in Charleston as ally-enemy between which Tom must choose. It would make a nice cliffhanger to present two options that sound equally good/bad. Could go either way – leaving the choice open and answering in season 3 what Tom says, or ending the season with him making the choice no-one expects and have us viewers analyze his reasons for a year to make sense of it.

    Background characters… I’m not applying that term to anyone on my “development, please” wishlist (at this point: Pope, Anthony, Lourdes, Tector, Dai, not neccessarily in that order). They are billed as main cast (except Tector, but from the new preview, he seems to get a bigger role), so they should be developed as such. A hero is only as good as his antagonist; and a leader is only worth something if people follow him for good reasons. With an army of yes men, he won’t keep me interested. It doesn’t matter if they agree or disagree with him, but there needs to be reflection of his choices.

  5. Eagerly awaiting the spaghetti western because it sounds badass. I thought you, Kid Carnival, might be excited to learn that, according to Sarah Carter, the season 3 writers asked her if she knew how to ride horses…

    On another note, I think the concept of an alien collaborator at Charleston is the most likely route they plan to go, though also a used one since the ‘Sanctuary’ episodes of season 1. I love the idea that Charleston could have a dictator and a secret resistance movement. It’s sort of a 1984-esque concept and I hope and pray that’s the route they go. It would make a compelling storyline to be sure. I’m starting to think maybe Kid should go become a staff writer for the show. Between this, Lourdes Sartana, and Pope and Anthony becoming two gunslinging cowboys dealing old west skitter justice, we could have a whole new spin-off series!

  6. OH MY! What did she say, can she do horse stunts? If so, she’s got a spot in my spaghetti western cast!
    What I hope for in Charleston wouldn’t be very similar to Sanctuary. Those people were secretive about their deal. In Charleston, they’d be very upfront about it and enforce their choice that it is the “right/neccessary” thing to collaborate by any means. Including a “either you’re with us, or we shoot you/leave you without weapons/food” way, forcing the exhausted 2nd Mass to stay and try to find a way out of this mess without endangering their lives. This would be where the secret ally reveals himself to Tom; with a plan, but tied hands because he’s alone/in a very small group and can’t act without raising suspicion/risk his life. So they have to hold out, play along and work toward the chance to change the situation by overthrowing the people in charge.
    From here, they have new allies as well as new enemies, and the loyalties of 2nd Mass members could have become a wildcard. While some may have found the “safe haven” that’s good enough for them (i.e. people without children who have nothing to lose/no-one else to look out for), others are even more terrified and willing to fight after seeing of what humans are capable.

    Once the season is over and we all struggle with withdrawl for a year, I shall fill the gap with my spaghetti western. Not only with Lourdes Sartana, Sheriff Anthony and Sundance Pope (by the way, Pope, we gotta talk about that name… because, y’know, I like my Sundance KidCarnival… we can be mature about this and I change yours to Trinity, Nobody or Shanghai Joe… OR ELSE. And trust me, I have the better hand, because I write the AU and you’re not even real. Ohwait… it’s time for my medicine…) – but also with the planned debut of “Rawhide” Ben Mason and, depending on how Pope and I solve the nickname issue, Dai (I’m leaning toward Trinity for him).

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