T-Shirts, If You Would Like to Help

Design work on the Blog shirts has begun! They will be professionally made and 100% free to anyone who wants one, even shipping and handling! If you have an artistic talent and would like to submit a design idea, feel free! The only requirement is that they cannot be offensive (as in anything that’s not TV-14) and cannot include any copyrighted images.

Update: As with article submissions, you can e-mail any ideas or submissions for the shirts to gh_schuster@hotmail.com, or comment right here!

Keep the Resistance Strong!


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 31, 2012.

9 Responses to “T-Shirts, If You Would Like to Help”

  1. does it have to be a certain theme?

  2. stupid question…….

  3. so since you cant use copyright images you wouldnt be able to use ones of the cast?

    • Not sure yet. Put a call into TNT, waiting to hear back. As far as I know, if I don’t want to pay for them, I can’t use any photos from the show. An original drawing based on a cast member shouldn’t be a problem.

  4. what about focusing more on the alien element? as in, shirts with harness designs on them! just think: it could LOOK like you’re harnessed from the back and the front can sort of look torn up (like you just stepped off a scene from the show) with the blog name and everything showing through…i’d do it myself but i’m totally not artistic when it comes to stuff like this so maybe i’ll just head back to my little corner now…

  5. its me again…… how would you like the designs done? on a T-shirt layout? and that’s a great idea but its already been done 😦

    • Did you mean the harness design has been done? Cause yes, it has. Also, I’m not any kind of designer is there a different way than a t-shirt layout to design a t-shirt?

  6. i ask yet another stupid question -_- haha

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