Charleston: The Neutral Zone?

In our gripping continuation of Guest-Writer-A-Con, Elizabeth the Awesome returns to elaborate more on Charleston being the Neutral Zone that the Overlord tried to convince Tom to take the 2nd Mass to. As you know, I don’t totally subscribe to this theory, but maybe you do!

Is the 2nd Mass Done For?

We all know the 2nd Mass is going to Charleston, South Carolina and will arrive there, even though some fans are screaming “No!” or “Don’t go!” or “It’s a trap!” Well, I’m one of those fans.

When Miss Avery Churchill suspiciously flew in the sky and found the 2nd Mass and stared to talk of a paradise in Heaven, I knew it was a trap. I didn’t have to think twice if it was a trap or not. She said she flew low off the aliens radars, but the aliens can pick up the 2nd Mass’s vehicles, because of the heat it lets off and they cannot pick up the airplane? Plus the aliens rule the sky now and they are smart, they are not dumb, I think they would have picked up on her if she has been flying all over the United States to find other survival groups like she has said. She has to be working for the aliens!

Hot water and electricity sounds too good to be true. The 2nd Mass isn’t dumb, they are smart and I think if they could figure out a way to have hot water and electricity without using a generator they would have already done so by now. I think Charleston is a neutral zone that has been created by the Overlord and the leaders of the supposedly Continental Congress is working with the aliens. There probably isn’t hot water or electricity; I’m sure Miss Churchill just said that so she can get the 2nd Mass to come. Who doesn’t want a hot shower, electricity and hot delicious food during a post- apocalyptic alien war? I know I would! She sat the trap and has lured the 2nd Mass in because they are not stopping until they reach their doomed end… woops I meant Charleston.

If the neutral zone Tom Mason has described as a prison camp, similar to what happened during the Holocaust under Nazi Germany during World War II where genocide happened, then the 2nd Mass is doomed and done for! We have all had a history class and we all know all prisoner of war camps or concentration camps end bad. It’s clear the Overlord doesn’t want any more human survivors; it wants planet Earth and it won’t stop at nothing until it has it and every last human is gone off the face of the Earth.

Maybe there really is hot water and electricity. Maybe Charleston is a place to restart and rebuild civilization. Maybe Charleston is a place where all these remaining survivors come together to create a mega army and maybe join the Skitter Resistance and take out the Overlord to take back planet Earth. If this is the case, then Falling Skies would end after season three and I don’t think they are ready to end, just yet. From what I have read or listened to from interviews from the cast and writers and around the net when the 2nd Mass arrives to Charleston it’s nothing they were expecting at all.

I think it would be a very interesting story line if the writers did make Charleston a neutral zone or a secret neutral zone that did include some of the miss luxuries the 2nd Mass have been missing for almost a year now. We have all heard from the cast, writers and around the net that this season finale will be epic and mind blowing, better than last seasons, which makes me conclude something very BAD is going down in Charleston. Oh and if you haven’t found out yet, it’s another cliffhanger so we will all be shocked, mouths open and will die waiting a year for season three of Summer 2013 to find out what happens.

I’m waiting impatiently for the season finale, because I want to know if Charleston is really a trap or not.

Elizabeth can be reached and and should be followed on at @7sweetprincess7


~ by The Falling Skies Blog on July 31, 2012.

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